Firefighter Personality Test
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Firefighter Personality Test

During the recruitment process you may be asked to take a firefighter personality test, also referred to as a firefighter psychological test. The personality test assesses the personal traits of an individual in order to expose individual characteristics. Many fire departments utilize personality profiling and/or psychological evaluations as part of the firefighter recruitment process. The test's main goal is to identify traits required to become a firefighter.

Personality profiling reveals which candidates are truly motivated and have a rescue personality, a term coined by psychologists for those who feel the need to help and rescue others. 

A psychological evaluation is more in-depth. It frequently includes a personality test and an interview with a psychologist. Such evaluations are intended to ascertain the candidate’s ability to cope with the intense stress levels and other emotionally difficult elements of firefighting.

The rescue personality and fundamental firefighter personality type includes:

  • Being able to stay calm and cope with stress
  • Maintaining a positive attitude
  • Maintaining control over emotions
  • Flexibility
  • Decisiveness
  • Resourcefulness
  • Ability to determine priorities
  • Caring for critically injured/ill people
  • Making critical decisions under life-threatening conditions
  • Performing complicated tasks under life-threatening conditions
  • Working with little to no supervision
  • Accepting constructive criticism
  • Taking charge when necessary
  • Counsel, support, and empathy
  • Performing tasks which need long and intense concentration
  • Working under short time frames

How to Pass the Firefighter Personality Test

When answering questions on the firefighter personality test you want to make sure to answer honestly. However, being too honest can be harmful to your score. JobTestPrep offers a firefighter personality study guide which describes traits that are most desirable for a firefighter. After you have taken out personality test you will be able to see how you rank in comparison with the desired traits. It is important to learn about the different traits to gain a better understanding of what is being looked for when taking the actual test.

Other Parts of the Recruitment Process

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Preparing for the Firefighter Personality Test

Learn how to take and successfully pass the firefighter personality test with JobTestPrep’s personality test practice™. Gain the skills, confidence, and thoroughness you need in order to succeed and begin your career as a firefighter.

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