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What Is the McQuig Word Survey?

The McQuaig Word Survey is a personality test published by The McQuaig Institute. It is used in the hiring process of various firms and organizations to assess candidates' fit for the role. It is often accompanied by the McQuaig Mental Agility Test, a cognitive assessment by the same publisher.

The test takes 10-20 minutes to complete and comprises two sections. The first requires you to drag-and-drop four traits to arrange them in order according to how others perceive you. The second asks you to do the same in order of how you really are.

  • Is the Mcquaig Word Survey Timed?

The McQuaig Word Survey is timed, but there is no requirement to complete the assessment in under a specific time. The clock is there to encourage candidates to answer intuitively and not to overthink any of the questions.

  • How do I pass the McQuaig Word Survey Test?

There is no pass or fail on the McQuaig personality assessment, as there are no wrong answers. Instead, your potential employer will receive a report of your character and will make a decision using this report. To increase your chances, consider the context: answer based on the position you are trying to achieve, as different roles require different personality profiles. Stay true to yourself to avoid a mismatch.

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McQuaig Word Survey Examples

  • Sample Question #1

 Rank these words or statements according to how you think other people see you in your current role:

will to win

liking people

safety first


  • Sample Question #2

 Rank these words or statements according to what you are really like

plenty of drive

fluent talker


easy on others

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TIP: to really ace your McQuaig Word Survey test, always try to balance truthfulness with strategy. Highlight the personality traits that could help you in your desired role, and play down personality traits that aren't relevant.

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Though there are no right or wrong answers, skill is required to avoid common pitfalls and to highlight the right aspects of your personality. Earn the optimal test results for you by learning how to match your answers with what your recruiter is looking for.

The McQuaig Personality Reports

Similarly to the Predictive Index Personality Types and Caliper Personality Profile, McQuaig uses the Word survey Assessment to create comprehensive reports of your character and core personality traits. These are the McQuaig Word Survey profiles.

Your recruiting company can request 10 reports, depending on their needs. Some are more suited for candidates about to assume leadership responsibilities, while others are to learn the team approach of a candidate needed to join a crew.

The Profile

This general purpose report summarizes your traits and work-related behaviors, with a focus on adjustments you are likely to make to fit the role.

Interpretation Report

This report focuses on your strengths, listing areas for potential promotion and advancement. Recruiters looking to gain insight into your long-term career projection will ask for the Interpretation Report.

Leadership Profile

This report assesses how you are likely to behave if given a managerial or leadership position.

Selling Style

Your employer will use this report to better understand your likely behavior in a sales position, particularly your persuasion styles. Your selling style can be aggressive or soft, and this is of interest to your employers.

Interviewing Questions

Your employer may use this to get an idea of what interview questions will be most efficient in probing your skill set and occupational past.

Management Overview

A short-form version of your personality profile was made for review after you started working as a reminder for your manager about how you function and what motivates you. Your employer will use the Management Overview for reference on a regular basis.

Motivating Factors

A good employee is one who feels motivated and fulfilled. The Motivating Factors Report summarizes your needs to remain an asset to the business.

Strategies for Coaching and Development

As the name implies, this report suggests the most effective ways to coach and help new hires in their new positions.

Developmental Learning Style

If your new job requires unique training, your employer may use this report to inform your training approach and strategies.

Team Approach

This report focuses on your behavior as part of a team to help your recruiter understand your team dynamics with your future coworkers.

In summation, The Word Survey Test, though short and unassuming, can end up being crucial to your career. Its predictive capabilities are fairly well established, and even if they weren't, employers need a way to shortlist their applicants. They may as well go for candidates whose natural style and behavior in a leadership role are likely to match the organization's needs.

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