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What Are Integrity Tests

An integrity test assesses attitudes and experiences related to a person's tendency to be honest, trustworthy, and dependable. It may also serve as part of a personality test. An integrit test may also be referred to as a reliability test or an honesty test.

Integrity tests are used to identify individuals who are likely to engage in inappropriate, dishonest, and antisocial behavior at work.

When Are Integrity Tests Used?

Employers usually use integrity tests at some point during the hiring process. Integrity tests may be accompanied by personality tests, cognitive ability tests, background checks, credit records, reference checks, handwriting analysis, and personal interviews.

Being able to identify unsuitable candidates can save an employer from problems that may arise during employment. Integrity tests do not eliminate dishonesty or theft at work. However, they show that those who score poorly on the test tend to be less suitable and less productive employees.

Integrity Test Questions

The types of questions typically asked on integrity tests are about previous experiences related to ethics and integrity. The questions may also be about preferences and interests from which inferences are drawn about future behavior in these areas.

The questions assess an individual’s attitude toward theft and other deviant or illegal acts, along with questions about an individual’s prior involvement in such behavior. Employers will look at the answers to make inferences about an applicant’s likeliness to commit workplace theft and/or other counterproductive acts.

An integrity test involves two types of questions: overt integrity questions and veiled-purpose questions.

Overt integrity questions are designed to ask applicants about their attitudes towards specific manifestations of dishonesty, particularly theft, and their past involvement in such behavior.

Examples of Overt Integrity Questions

  • Do you think that you are too honest to take something that is not yours?
  • How much do you dislike doing what someone tells you to do?
  • Do you think it is stealing to take small items home from work?
  • Do you believe that taking paper or pens without permission from a place where you work is stealing?
  • Do you believe most employers take advantage of the people who work for them?

Examples of Veiled-Purpose Questions

  • True or False: I like to take chances.
  • On average, how often during the week do you go to parties?
  • True or False: I am usually confident about myself.
  • I feel lonely even when I am with other people {all of the time, most of the time, sometimes, almost never, never}.
  • How often do you make your bed (everyday, never, etc.)?

Other Types of Questions

You may also be asked to choose the statement that describes you best.

  • I always try to follow the rules.
  • I mostly try to follow the rules.
  • I may or may not try to follow the rules.
  • I rarely try to follow the rules.
  • I almost never try to follow the rules.

How Are Integrity Tests Different from Personality Tests?

Personality tests measure a person's characteristics and traits. They typically measure traits related to behavior at work, interpersonal interactions, and satisfaction with different aspects of work. Personality tests are often used to assess whether individuals have the potential to be successful in jobs where performance requires a great deal of interpersonal interaction or work in team settings.

Integrity tests, on the other hand, focus more on honesty and integrity. They tend to ask questions that include various types of counterproductive behavior as well as outright theft of money, property, or merchandise.

Personality tests do, however, include questions related to honesty and integrity, but this is not their sole purpose. Still, some argue that there is no difference between integrity tests and personality tests.

Understanding Integrity with JobTestPrep

When completing an integrity test, make sure to answer questions in a consistent manner. The test may reword questions to make you think differently. It is important to pay attention to the questions and how you answer them. JobTestPrep offers a practice personality test that contains questions similar to those found on an integrity test. Start preparing today.

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