USA Hire Assessment Test Preparation & Study Guides

By replacing the old format of the Federal Civil Service Exams with USA Hire Competency-Based Assessments, the Federal Government has tapped into the ability of assessments to predict job performance. USA Hire is a timed, multiple-choice assessment battery. There are three stages of the application process established in USA Hire: application, cognitive exams, and general exams.

USA Hire Application

Your USA Hire will include the following sections

  • Occupational/Assessment Questionnaire – The items on this questionnaire are designed to establish the minimum qualifications of those who proceed to take USA Hire. Answers will be checked for accuracy. Expect to see items containing actual workplace tasks. The five choices following each statement have to do with the extent of your prior experience with the particular task. 
  • Biographical Data Questionnaire – The Biodata assessment includes questions concerning employment-related past behaviors and events that have predictive value as to job performance. You can expect to find statements involving your workplace and educational history, each followed by five alternatives that reflect your prior academic achievements, as well as actions and exhibited traits at work.

USA Hire Cognitive Exams

The cognitive exams on the USA Hire test are also known as occupational assessment exams. They consist of the following subjects:

  • Occupational Math Assessment - The USA Hire math test measures your basic math reasoning skills and arithmetic. Many other basic math functions will be tested as well, such as decimals, probability, fractions, percentages, and math word problems. All of the information you need to answer the question will be provided on the exam. You will be allowed to use a calculator, as well as scratch paper in order to answer the questions. There is no option to review or change your answer after submission.
  • Occupational Judgment Assessment - The judgment section of the exam is a situational judgment test. It is a video-based exam where you will be asked to provide the most and least effective responses to the said scenario that played out on the screen. The question will also instruct you as to who's perspective you should take. For those with hearing issues, there is also a closed caption option to read the text.
  • Occupational Interaction Assessment - The interaction test section of the USA Hire is based on a personality exam, in which you will be provided with a statement and will need to mark how you feel about the statement. You need to choose the answer you believe best describes your attributes.
  • Occupational Reasoning Assessment - The occupational reasoning test is a multiple choice exam in which you will be asked to provide logical answers based on your analyses of the given situation. You do not need to know any rules and regulations before the exam. 
  • Occupational Reading Assessment - The reading portion of the USA Hire exam is another multiple-choice exam. You will be provided with a paragraph or table in which you must answer a question given the information provided to you. You do not need any previous knowledge to answer this section of the exam. You will be asked to choose the best answer, which may not always be what you assume to be the correct answer.

USA Hire General Exams

You may also be asked to take none, some, or all of the following exams depending on the position for which you are applying.

  • Job Knowledge Test – For positions that require specialized or technical training, a Job Knowledge Test is administered to assess the extent of job-specific knowledge each candidate possesses.
  • Writing Assessment – This portion of the exam measures the applicant’s ability to produce writings such as those required on an everyday basis at work. The items and multiple-choice responses include the sequencing of facts and grammatical issues.
  • Work Simulation – You may be asked to go to an assessment center and undergo a work simulation. The simulation will assess your reaction and skills as they related to scenarios you may encounter on the job.
  • Accomplishment Record – In this section of the exam, you will be asked about your general accomplishments and work accomplishments. This includes going over specifics of why you are proud of accomplishments, what you did, and why it worked.
  • Structured Interview – This is an interview in which candidates for a position are ranked according to the rating scales which USA Hire uses. Candidates are asked similar questions as they relate to the job.

USA Hire Test Scores

The USA hire assessment test results are organized into three categories:

  • Best Qualified
  • Highly Qualified
  • Qualified

The threshold for each category is determined by the governmental agency that is seeking to hire employees. Unless there is a low ratio of candidates to job openings, only the best qualified are certified for the position. Exam preparation is an essential step to successfully completing USA Hire Competency Assessments.

Prepare for the USA Hire Assessments

JobTestPrep USA Hire Assessment PrepPack™ can help you prepare for the exam. By practicing with sample tests, you will become familiar with the types of questions found on the U.S. federal government civil service exam. That familiarity will produce a more comfortable and successful testing experience. Practice tests, study guide, and exam tips are all geared to faster and more accurate answers. 

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