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TSA Diagnostic Test Teaser:

What type of questions will be asked?

Sample 1: You will be asked to find various types of weapons buried in luggage that has passed through an x-ray machine. To accurately discern the weapon it is important to be familiar with the parts of different weaponry and understand how the colors of the x-ray image can help you identify it.


Sample 2: Another question will be antonyms, you will be given a word and asked to find the opposite word from among several options.

For example:

IMPERIOUS is the opposite of...






The correct answer is subservient.

Imperious means "domineering in a haughty manner; dictatorial; overbearing," so the antonym is subservient. Arrogant is a similar word but not a synonym. Quiet and stormy are not related. Therefore, the correct answer is subservient.



Sample 3: Fill in the blank: In these types of questions you will be provided with a sentence and asked to fill in the blanks. The twist is that you will be provided with a list of word pairs, some will be appropriate for the blanks but with spelling errors, while other pairs will not be the correct at all.

For example:

By ________ the fossil remains of animals, paleontologists can learn much about their ______ .

A. exxamining, apearence

B. examining, appearance

C. examinning, appearing

D. examination, appearances

E. None of these

The correct answer B.

By examining the fossil remains of animals, palaeontologists can learn much about their appearance.



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