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The Transportation Security Administration Tests

The Transportation Security Administration Exam (TSA Exam), is required when applying to become an inspector, manager, or security officer. This exam includes a variety of questions which measure one’s general English language, object recognition, screening awareness, and customer service skills.


Start Practicing with our Free TSA Test to Succeed:

The TSA online assessments may seem like a challenge, but with JobTestPrep’s free TSA test prep, you will receive a taste of the real TSA application test, along with a score reports and answer explanations. If you are interested in a specific TSA test, such as the TSA CBT, TSA English Proficiency, and the TSA Image Interpretation tests, check out our comprehensive TSA PrepPacks™ and find the preparation materials that you need.


The Transportation Security Administration Computer-Based Test (CBT), includes two components: the TSA Writing Skills Assessment and the TSA X-Ray Exam.

The TSA Writing Skills Assessment test can be taken online. It times how much time you take when answering the multiple-choice questions, and evaluates your comprehension of English grammar, syntax, word usage, sentence organization, and paragraph structure.

The TSA X-Ray Exam is thought to be the more difficult of the two tests, presenting you with images that need to be interpreted and determined as passable or not. You will only be given several seconds to identify an item.

Why Should You Prepare for the TSA Test Process?

Preparing for the TSA tests is essential when hoping to pass each step of the recruitment process to land your dream career. With our exclusive PrepPacks™, you will receive simulated practice tests and study guides to familiarize yourself with the test format, improve your overall score, and elevate your chance of being hired.

How Can You Prepare for the TSA Test Process?

JobTestPrep provides a free TSA test to help you get acquainted with the TSA test prep that we offer in our extensive TSA PrepPacks™.  When preparing to enhance your performance, we highly recommend choosing our comprehensive practice materials, which includes:

  • TSA Writing Skills Assessment: Includes 18 practice tests with vocabulary, writing, and grammar drills.
  • TSA X-Ray Exam: Includes 13 practice tests, timing your ability to select the correct objects.
  • Study Guide: Includes answer explanations and covers several methods for interpreting x-ray images.

TSA Test Tips:

Regardless of what position you are applying for, make sure to bring your A-game if you want to achieve a high score on the TSA application test. Check out our TSA test advice below to help you prepare for the TSA CBT exam: 

  1. Read the instructions carefully before answering questions.
  2. Ignore answer patterns; the answer placements are random and are not based on a pattern.
  3. Read all of the questions and answer options thoroughly before choosing your answer.
  4. Eliminate the answers you know are incorrect to narrow down your options.
  5. Take educated guesses and don’t leave any answers blank, since you aren’t penalized for the questions answered incorrectly.
  6. Always review your answers.
  7. Get a proper night’s rest before the day of the test.
  8. Prepare with our all-inclusive TSA PrepPacks™ before the test to feel ready!