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Firefighter Exam Sample Questions


Numerical Reasoning

Numerical reasoning questions have you looking for information in graphs and tables, among others, to look for answers to questions using math and reading ability.

Try this numerical reasoning sample question:

Brewery Operational Costs (M. Dollars) Marketing & Development (M. Dollars) Monthly Output (Thou. liters) Total Output as % of 2004 Revenues (M. Dollars)
Richmond, CA 3.6 12 12000 120% 25
Malmo, Sweden 0.3 2.2 1200 90% 3
Torino, Italy 2.8 3.5 8000 70% 14
Ottawa, Canada 0.28 8 1000 80% 3
Canberra, Australia 0.3 7 4500 110% 8
1 liter is sold for 1.5 dollars

If production for the brewery in Ottawa, Canada was expected to increase by 40% in 2006, by how many thousands of liters would its monthly output differ in 2006 compared with the output in 2004?

80 less
The same
150 more
400 more
Cannot say
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is 150 more.

First, determine the expected monthly output of the Canadian brewery in 2006:
Monthly output for 2006 = [monthly output for 2005 x (100 + expected increase in %)] / 100 =
(1,000K x 140) / 100 = 1,400K litres

Next, calculate the monthly output of the Canadian brewery in 2004:
Monthly output for 2004 = monthly output for 2005 / total output as a percentage for 2004 = 1,000K / 80% = 1,250K litres

Finally, calculate the difference between the output in 2006 and in 2004:
Monthly output for 2006 – monthly output for 2004 = 1,400K – 1,250K = 150K litres

Thus, 150 more litres of beer were produced per month in 2006 compared with 2004.


Verbal Reasoning

In this test, you will be asked questions that assess your ability to comprehend written information and draw conclusions from it.

Try this verbal reasoning sample question:

About half of all women and many men will experience urinary tract infections at some point in their lives. They are usually caused by Escherichia Coli (E. coli) bacteria.
It is common knowledge that E. coli can grip human cells using appendages with tiny protein hooks on their tips, but this protein's structure, or how it interacts with human cells, is less-known.
The hooks consist of interlinking chains of this protein, called FimH, which are difficult to pull apart into separate molecules. Researchers in Switzerland have recently managed to isolate individual FimH molecules for the first time.
They found that when FimH is pulled by tensile forces – as during urination – the protein grips tightly to the sugar molecules that coat the surface of human cells, making it very hard to flush out. When urination stops, the force disappears, the protein can release its grip, and the bacteria now move to the bladder.

Statement: Half of the population will suffer from a UTI during their lifetime.

​What is the truth value of the statement?

Cannot Say
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is Cannot say.

The passage states that half of all women will suffer from UTIs in their lifetime – that's one-quarter of the population. It also states that men get them too, but the number of men who will suffer from them is not mentioned; one cannot conclude that this is the same number as women (also half) or less.


Deductive Reasoning

This test is designed to assess your ability to apply general rules to specific situations and come to logical conclusions.

You will be presented with multiple-choice questions usually offering 4 answer options, of which only one is correct.

Try this deductive reasoning sample question:


Mental Health – Security Officer – Functions

During admissions to the psychiatric hospital, the officer must ensure new patients are restrained if they should become abusive to personnel.

The officer is required to monitor visitors’ behavior and ensure proper conduct. Specifically, the officer must ensure that visitors neither physically harm nor threaten to physically harm personnel or patients nor assist a patient in escaping from the facility. Any visitor exhibiting such conduct, or any unauthorized visitors, must be escorted out of the facility by the officer.

Assume the role of a Security Officer in the Mental Health institution in the following situation.


At the reception, a wife is admitting her husband to the hospital. The husband appears to gradually become aggravated, shouting and cursing at the receptionist. The wife is trying to calm him down.


Restrain the husband
Escort the woman out of the hospital
Try to calm the man down
Do nothing
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is to Restrain the husband.

“During admissions to the psychiatric hospital, the officer must ensure new patients are restrained if they should become abusive to personnel.” – The husband is cursing at the receptionist, which is clearly abusive behavior.


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