Free Firefighter Practice Test Questions and Answers [2023]

Numerical Reasoning

Numerical reasoningis the ability to understand and interpret numerical information often presented in tables, charts, graphs, and figures. Firefighting requires making critical decisions under pressure involving numerical data.

1. Arithmetic - Sample Question

Solve the problem below and then answer the question.

6.5 x 2.1 =

Which of the numbers below are closest to the correct answer?

A. 1.6

B. 69

C. 13.5

D. 7.9


The correct answer is C. 13.5

6.5 can be rounded up to 7 and 2.1 can be rounded to 2, therefore 7 x 2 = 14. The closest number is 13.5.


2. Tables & Charts - Sample Question

A store sells widgets. The number of widgets sold per customer on a particular day is in the table below.

Number of

Number of

1 37
2 13
3 18
4 9

According to the table, how many widgets were sold on this day?

A. 77.
B. 87.
C. 153.
D. 770.


The correct answer is C. 153.

According to the table, 37 customers bought 1 widget each for a total of 37 × 1 = 37 widgets.

13 customers bought 2 widgets each for a total of 13 × 2 = 26 widgets.

18 customers bought 3 widgets each for a total of 18 × 3 = 54 widgets.

9 customers bought 4 widgets each for a total of 9 × 4 = 36 widgets.

The total number of widgets sold was:

37 + 26 + 54 + 36 = 153 widgets.

💡Tip: When solving Table and Graph questions look for patterns and trends in the data. Are there any outliers or unusual values? Are there any trends that are evident in the data? This will help you to draw conclusions and find the best solution.


This section includes questions on basic math arithmetic, math word problems, graph interpretation, and equations related to firefighting operations. The challenge is to overcome the time limitations of the firefighter exam. To succeed you should practice your mental math skills, familiarize yourself with the types of questions, and develop answering strategies to manage your time properly. Our PrepPacks offer precise practice, detailed explanations and comprehensive guides to help you overcome these challenges. 

You can find more Numerical Reasoning Firefighter test questions in the FACT Test, the CPS Firefighter Test, and the Gledhill Shaw Firefighter Exam PrepPacks.

Have any questions or are not sure which test is relevant for your position? please contact us, and we will do our best to ensure you get the most accurate preparation for your upcoming assessment.

Verbal Reasoning

Verbal Reasoning is a cognitive ability that involves the understanding, analyzing, and interpreting of written information. It assesses your ability to comprehend written passages, draw logical conclusions, identify relationships between ideas, and make inferences based on the information provided in the text. 

3. Reading Comprehension - Sample Question

Read the following passage to answer the question. 

Since the mid-1990s, about four men out of 10, and nearly a third of the women population, have been overweight, and the proportion of people with normal weight has declined. Female obesity is inversely correlated with social class and income – obesity is highest among low-income women in unskilled occupations – whereas socioeconomic factors make rather less difference to male weight.

Females are more likely to be obese if they:

A. Have low income.

B. Have high social status.

C. Are older. 

D. Are married. 


The correct answer is (A).

According to the passage, "obesity is highest among low-income women." (B) is incorrect since it notes that social class is inversely correlated with obesity – i.e. the higher the class, the less likely women are to be obese. Age and marital status are not mentioned in the passage at all.


4. Tue/False/Cannot Say - Sample Question

The production of organic food products supplied in food stores continues to increase considerably with demand particularly high in Europe and North America. Health awareness and higher standards of living are both enhancing consumption and the market is likely to triple over the next decade. The organic food industry is facing the challenge of how it will cope with the forecasted future demand.

Organic food production is the fastest-growing field in the food industry.

Based on the passage above, the statement is:

A. True.

B. False.

C. Cannot say.



The correct answer is C. Cannot say.

According to the text, "The production of organic food products… continues to increase considerably" and "is likely to triple over the next decade". However, the text never mentions that it’s the fastest-growing field in the food industry.

💡Tip: To determine the truth value of the statement, pay close attention to the information provided about the proportion of women and men who will experience urinary tract infections at some point in their lives. Consider whether there is enough information to make a conclusion about the entire population.


Verbal Reasoning questions can be specially tough since they require several critical and logical abilities. It can be challenging to extract essential details from written passages and apply them effectively in dynamic scenarios, especially with the time limitations of the test. We recommend you dedicate time to develop strong vocabulary skills, effective communication, and interpretation of written texts. 

You can find more Reading Comprehension Firefighter Civil Service exam practice test questions in the National Fire Select Test, LAFD Firefighter Exam, and the Firefighter CWH Exam PrepPacks.

How to Ace the Firefighter Test?

The difficulty of passing an entry-level firefighter exam can vary depending on a few factors, including the content of the exam and the unique questions you will encounter in the Situational Judgement section, your preparation and background, and the competition among other candidates.

Tests usually feature 100-150 multiple-choice questions, lasting around 2 hours, sometimes are video-based.

JobTestPrep has PrepPacks and study guides to various Firefighter Exams tailored to the specific test you have to take. If you are still not sure what department you will apply to, we also offer a general Firefighter Practice PrepPack that includes:

  • Full cognitive diagnostic test.
  • Accurate questions and answers of the different cognitive sections.
  • Test simulations to measure your progress. 
  • Personality Test Assessment and Situational Judgement preparation.

If you fail the test, most Fire Departments will allow you to retake the written exam only after a certain amount of time. The waiting period could be a few months or, in some cases up to 2 years. The best way to ensure you ace the test is to study and familiarize yourself with the test sections and questions.


Mechanical Reasoning

Mechanical Reasoning questions typically involve scenarios related to gears, levers, pulleys, tools, machinery, and other mechanical components. Candidates are presented with diagrams, illustrations, or descriptions of mechanical situations and asked to analyze, predict, or troubleshoot how these systems work.


5. Tools - Sample Question

Which of the tools above is used for holding objects in place?

mechanical reasoning q5

 Please mark the most relevant answer.

A. 2

B. 5

C. 6

D. 2, 3 & 6


The correct answer is B. 5.

The tool presented in image 5 is a C-clamp, which consists of a metal C-shaped frame that holds two work pieces, and an adjustable screw that tightens them together.

The tools presented in image 2, 3, and 6 are a wrench and two sets of pliers, respectively. These tools are designed to tighten or hold objects momentarily.


6. Cogwheels - Sample Question

Look at the image below to answer the question.

In which way do you need to turn the RED star, to make the GRAY star move in the GREEN arrow direction? 

1. A

2. B


The correct answer is 2. A.

Spinning the red star to the right will spin the black star to the left, which will spin the grey star to the right.

Mechanical Reasoning questions assess your ability to understand basic mechanical principles, applying them to firefighting equipment and situations, as well as your knowledge in specific tools and how to operate them. The biggest challenge you will face is demonstrating solid grasp of mechanical concepts, their practical applications, and potential issues. JobTestPrep offers complete and comprehensive study guides and practice tests that include all of the different tools and principles that are included in the Firefighter Exam. 

You can find more Mechanical Reasoning questions in the FCTC Written Practice Test, FireTEAM Test, and the National Fire Select Test PrepPacks.

Memory Skills

Memory questions are used to assess a candidate's ability to retain and recall information accurately. These questions typically require candidates to remember and manipulate visual or auditory information, such as patterns, sequences, directions, or instructions.

Similar to the Police Memory Skills Test, this section of the test will present you with an image followed by a series of questions about details within the image.

Memory Skills

Study the following image and then answer the questions below without looking back at the picture. 

police exam memory section image


7. Memory Skills - Sample Question

To which city do the police car and jacket belong?

A. Sunnyvale.

B. Jacksonville.

C. Omaha

D. Oakland


The correct answer is A. Sunnyvale.

The jacket on the ground, as well as the police car itself, read "Sunnyvale".

8. Memory Skills - Sample Question

Which of the following is not a part of the young woman’s apparel?

A. Glasses. 

B. Handbag.

C. Dark shirt. 

D. Hat.


The correct answer is D. Hat. 

The young woman is wearing glasses and a dark shirt, as well as a handbag, but she is not wearing a hat.

💡Tip: For image memory questions, focus on details pertaining to clothes, written information, actions of individuals, and other things a Firefighter would focus on.


Developing the ability to recall information and details quickly and accurately is vital for effective firefighting operations, especially when under stressful situations. The biggest challenge of this section is to manage the high-pressure from the timed exam. You will be more likely to excel if you practice beforehand with similar questions to test and develop your memory. 

You can find more Memory Skills questions on the FCTC Test, and the Morris & McDaniel Firefighter PrepPacks and Firefighter practice test.

Taking the CPS Firefighter Exam?

The CPS Firefighter Test is a cognitive and behavioral test that includes five sections: Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Skills, Maps & Diagrams, Mechanical Aptitude, and a Behavioral section. The complexity of most questions and tight time limit of under a minute per question on average, makes it a challenging and competitive assessment. Check firefighter jobs and test dates through the official CPS website. 

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Spatial Orientation

In the context of firefighter exams, Spatial Orientation is used to assess a candidate's ability to interpret maps and understand and navigate through complex and dynamic environments, which is crucial for effective firefighting and emergency response.


 9. Map Interpretation - Sample Question

The map below is a scheme of subway lines in the city.

Each line is marked by a different color and is associated with a different letter. Stations are numbered by their location on the line(s). The numbering of the stations progresses from the beginning of the line to its end. Lines always begin at the northernmost station, except for lines G and M which begin at the westernmost station. Codes associated with some of the stations have been written below them.

A station can have more than one code associated with it, as some stations have more than one line passing through them.

Police Exam Sample Questioin
Use the map above to answer the following question:

Ms. Sol Aroches needs to commute from station M3 to station O3. Which of the following routes would be the least efficient (passes through the most stations)?

A. M3 → M2 → B8 → C3 → O3

B. M3 → C4 → O4 → O3

C. M3 → B10 → B5 → O3

D. M3 → M5 → O3


The correct answer is A. M3 → M2 → B8 → C3 → O3. 

Note that you are asked to find the least efficient route- this means you must look for the answer with the most stations passed through.

The route that gets you from M3 to O3 in the most steps is route A.


 10. Spatial Reasoning - Sample Question

 A few reports came in about a suspicious-looking van parked outside a public playground. Upon arriving at the scene you discover that the van has moved and a passerby lets you know that “it was heading eastbound, and then turned right and I saw it turning left over there at the intersection”.

 What should you report on your radio?
 “The suspicious van is heading..” 

 A. South.

 B. West.

 C. East. 

 D. North.


The correct answer is C.
If the van was heading east and then turned right it means it was first going south, but then the second turn to the left had him facing east again.


💡Tip: The best way to track compass directions is to memorize how each action changes the direction (for example, turning left when facing North turns you towards West). If you are allowed to use a pen and paper, sketching also helps.



The Spatial Orientation section of the Firefighter Exam will evaluate your ability to understand and navigate physical spaces accurately. These questions are specially challenging if you are not familiar with the format. Studying with our PrepPack will help you develop the skills relevant to answering quickly and accurately, it's a matter of practice!

You can practice more Spatial Orientation questions on the FACT Test, the CPS Firefighter Test, and the FST Exam PrepPacks.

Situational Judgement

Firefighter Situational Judgment Test questions aim to assess your decision-making and teamwork abilities in a fire service job, during various stressful situations. Similar to a Firefighter Personality Test — you will be presented with hypothetical firefighter-related scenarios and practices. Some Departments will have a Situational Judgement Test section within the Written Exam, while others might require a separate exam for these questions.

11. Situational Judgement - Sample Question

Read the following text to anwer the question below. 

You are sitting with several of your team members discussing the topic of religion. A fellow firefighter makes a disrespectful remark regarding your religious beliefs. This is not the first time this has occurred. You feel that he deliberately disrespects you and your beliefs.
What would you do?

A. Talk to him in private and explain your feelings. 

B. Tell him that you will no longer tolerate his disrispectful remarks, and threaten to take action against him. 

C. Request a transfer as you can no longer work for this individual.

D. Immediately go discuss this incident with your supervisor. 


Best response: A
Competency: Interpersonal skills (teamwork).
Explanation: In this scenario, you feel that a team member is deliberately disrespecting you. You need to decide on the best course of action.

The best response in this situation is to talk to your fellow firefighter and explain to him how you feel about his comments regarding your religion (response A). This response shows good social problem solving skills as well as the ability to use communication skills to resolve conflicts.

Response B is not a good response. Threatening or being hostile toward your team member will not solve the situation and may cause it to escalate.

Response C is not recommended. It is an extreme response that demonstrates a hasty decision and a lack of problem-solving skills.

Response D is not a good response as it demonstrates an inability to maturely discuss and resolve the issue independently. It would be a good response if you had already attempted to resolve the problem with your colleague. As a firefighter, you are in close proximity to your team members, and you are often dependent on them, as well as they on you. It is crucial that you be able to resolve conflicts with team members.


12. Personality Test - Sample Question

Read the statement below and then choose the option that best describes you. 

If I feel my mind starting to drift off into daydreams, I usually get busy and start concentrating on some work or activity instead.

A. Strongly disagree.

B. Disagree.

C. Neutral.

D. Agree.

E. Strongly Agree. 


Personality test don't have one correct answer.

To successfully pass a personality test, your profile must be compatible with the position you are applying to. Before taking the test, think about the demands and personality traits a firefighter needs during the job. These features are probably the ones your employer is searching for. Our PrepPack includes study guides with detailed explanations on the personality traits a firefighter needs as well as test simulations with explanations. 


Situational Judgement Test and Personality questions can be the most challenging sections of a Firefighter Exam. They assess your ability to make decisions in complex scenarios, as well as to predict how suitable you will be for the role based on your interpersonal skills, ethical reasoning and teamwork qualities. JobTestPrep offers study guides that explain to detail the characteristics that departments are looking for, as well as practice tests to help you get familiar to the questions and test format. 

You can find more Situational Judgement questions in the CPS Firefighter, and the Firefighter CWH Exam PrepPacks.

Want to Ace the FireTEAM Exam?

The NTN FireTEAM Exam is a challenging cognitive and behavioral assessment for entry-level firefighting positions. It takes around two hours to complete and includes four sections: Teamwork & Human Relations, Mechanical Reasoning, Mathematics Skills, and Reading. The questions are multiple-choice and video-based.  

Each Fire Department establishes their passing score, usually relative to past candidates' results. This makes the exam a highly competitive and demanding firefighter test. The best way to beat the competition is to practice and familiarize yourself with each section. Check firefighter jobs and available test dates for the FireTEAM Exam. 

Our PrepPack was developed by experts and tailored to the specific exam with practice tests for each section, study guides, and detailed explanations. 
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List of Firefighter Written Exams

  • CPS Firefighter: There are five sections to the CPS Firefighter test: Reading Comprehension, Mathematical Ability, Numerical Skills, Maps and Diagrams, and Mechanical Aptitude. Some candidates that take the CPS firefighter test also take an EMS EMT test
  • Firefighter FACT: The Firefighter Aptitude and Character test (FACT) examines aptitudes such as Reading Comprehension, Written Communication, Map Reading, and Math. Additionally, the Personality Inventory section evaluates attributes such as honesty, integrity, teamwork, and interpersonal skills.
  • NFSI Test: The National Firefighter Selection Inventory Test is an assessment by test providers I/O solutions, that measures cognitive and behavioral abilities. 
  • FST Exam: The IOS Firefighter Selection Tool exam was created by Talogy (PSI) and is comprised of two parts—ability and personality—which are both predictive of job performance.
  • NTN FireTEAM Test: Developed by Ergometrics, the FireTEAM National Exam is the entrance exam for Firefighter officer positions administered by The National Testing Network (NTN).
  • CWH Firefighter Test: The CWH Firefighter test, also known as the Next Generation Entry-Level Firefighter Aptitude test, combines a straightforward cognitive ability measure with multiple situational judgment measures and mechanical aptitude measures. 
  • FSAB Test: EB Jacobs Fire Service Aptitude assessments test your cognitive and personality traits to determine whether you would make an effective firefighter. These include a cognitive ability test, a Work Style Questionnaire, and a Life Experience Survey.
  • McCann Firefighter Test: The McCann Firefighter test is a cognitive aptitude assessment that includes 4 subtopics: interpreting Text Material, Reasoning Ability, Observation, and Map Reading questions.
  • NFST: The National Fire Select Test is a written exam created by the Fire & Police Selection Inc. It is a multiple-choice test that consists of six sections. These are Reading Ability, Mathematica Reasoning, Map Reading, Writing Ability, Human Relations, and Reasoning Skills. 
  • Gledhill Shaw Firefighter Test: This test is a series of questions, divided into sections to gauge your understanding of written and oral information, arithmetic reasoning, maps, diagrams, and mechanical drawings.
  • FCTC Written Exam: The California FCTC Written exam is an entry-level screening test that typically consists of questions covering Math, Reading Comprehension, and Mechanical Aptitude. Candidates will have 2.5 hours to complete 100 multiple-choice questions. While this test is administered in the state of California, the Los Angeles Fire Department has its own (LAFD FCA Test).
  • Morris & McDaniel Firefighter Test: The Morris & McDaniel Firefighter S.H.I.E.L.D. test was designed to help employers select the most capable entry-level firefighters.


If you want to explore Firefighter Practice Tests by location, take a look at our pages on various Fire Departments across the United States. You can learn more about what to expect for each test and prepare with our comprehensive study guides and Prep Packs. JobTestPrep will help you study for Firefighter Tests in California, Ohio, Virginia, Washington StateOklahoma, Texas, NY State, Louisiana and more. 


The Written Exam is an essential step in the hiring process to becoming a firefighter. However, you will face more challenges such as completing a Candidate Physical Ability Test, a professional interview, a Personality Test, and in some cases a separate Situational Judgement Test. Make sure to contact the specific department you are applying to and ask about the requirement and process. JobTestPrep will help you every step of the way, with tailored PrepPacks and comprehensive study guides. 

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