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Preparation for US Police Civil Service Exams

Want to take the police written exam, but not sure where to begin? JobTestPrep can help you find what you are looking for. Find out which police test your state provides to make it easier to know where to start. We can prepare you with practice tests and sample questions so you will successfully pass the exam.
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Police Entry-Level Exam

Becoming a police officer is a highly competitive process. Getting to know everything about the recruitment process will help you succeed. One of the first steps to the police hiring process is to take an entry-level exam. This exam may consist of two parts; a written exam and a physical exam. The police written exam tests basic abilities such as reading comprehension, math, grammar, and spelling. It also has components that more closely relate to the job such as memory and spatial orientation.

Choose Your State Police Exam

The state police written exam is chosen by a committee referred to as the POST. Each state POST either designs their own exam or selects an exam provided by an assessment company. Each department may also choose their own exam. Some popular police exams that the POST and departments may choose as a written exam can be found in the assessment company table. Each State or City/department may choose which exam is required to become a police officer.

Click on your state to find out which police exams your state has to offer.

JobTestPrep's Customized Prep Packs

We can prepare you for popular police exams in the United States and Canada that are provided by assessment companies, as well as local exams, with our practice packs. Our packs are customized to make it feel like you are taking the exam and to better prepare you for it. We prepare you by providing police exam practice tests so that you can be familiar with the exam. Learn how to prepare for Canada Police Exams.
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Police Written Exam vs. Civil Service Exam

The police written exam is, in fact, the police civil service exam. The difference between the police exam and civil service exams is that each police department has a recruitment process on top of the exam. Prepare with our Police Civil Service Exam Practice Test.

Entry Level Law Enforcement Occupations

Police exams administered by local departments and authorities include positions such as Deputy Sheriff, Park Patrol Officer Trainee, University Police Officer, and other entry-level police occupations. The police test is sometimes referred to as the State Trooper Exam, as it is administered by certain state governments for positions such as State Trooper or Highway Patrol Officer.

How to Become a Police Officer

The police entry-level exam is just one part of the process of becoming a police officer. Before taking the exam and submitting an application, you must meet certain requirements. If you meet all of the requirements you can then start to prepare for the police recruitment process. Another major part of the recruitment process is the psychological exam. Prepare for the police psychological exam here.
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Police Exams by Assessment Company

Here's a list of popular assessment companies that created police exams to measure your skills required for the job.

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Can't find the exam for you? Try our Police Premium Practice Pack, which includes over 1,500 questions, answers and detailed explanations for cognitive ability and personality tests, geared toward police civil service exams.

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