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PA State Police Hiring Process

Qualified candidates submitting a State Police Cadet (PSP Cadet) application will be required to take the EB Jacobs Law Enforcement Aptitude Battery (LEAB.)

It should be noted, however, that this exam is not administered by all law enforcement agencies within the state.

It is important to note that Pennsylvania police jobs are in demand, and the Pennsylvania police test is highly competitive. The Cadet Eligibility Ranking depends upon your exam results.

The better prepared you arrive, the higher the chances of leaving your competitors trailing behind.  

PA State Trooper/Police Test

The EB Jacobs Law Enforcement Aptitude Battery is comprised of three primary sections:

The ability test – Divided into 6 subcategories totaling 48 multiple choice questions this section includes topics, such as; written expression and comprehension, deductive and inductive reasoning, problem sensitivity and information order.

The work style questionnaire – This section is styled as a personality test and will include 74-102 statements. It will be your job to choose the degree to which the statement most applies to you.

Life Experience Survey – This section will contain anywhere between 47 and 96 questions. You will have to choose the response, which most reflects you.

*It is important to note that for both the work style questionnaire and Life Experience Survey, it is critical to answering every single question. Those who fail to answer all questions in those questions will be automatically disqualified. 

The Ability Test Sections:

This section of the test will consist of 48 multiple-choice questions spanning six varied topics.

  • Written Expression- concerns more than grammar and vocabulary. You will find questions that require you to pick the most appropriate statement that reflects an idea. There are two facets that are highlighted: Accuracy and clarity of written communication. All exam scenarios and questions concern law enforcement. A second question type that you will encounter on this portion of the Ability Test consists of the sequencing of statements. The usual scenario is comprised of a police incident. The task is to place into order a series of events that arise from the given scenario.
  • Written Comprehension- tests the ability to understand law enforcement scenarios.
  • Problem Sensitivity- requires the identification of a problematic witness whose description of the perpetrator of crime differs from that of other witnesses. Another set of questions consists of the identity or the mishandling of a crime scene, contrary to given rules and procedures.
  • Deductive Reasoning- requires the application of a general rule or principle to identify specific cases.
  • Inductive Reasoning- consists of an identification of the rule that fits the specifics of a situation.
  • Information Ordering-is simply placing informational statements in the correct sequence or determining the course of action according to already-ordered regulations.

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Other Department Police Exams

To become a police officer in Derry, Harrisburg, Highspire, Hummelstown, Lower Swatara, Middletown, Paxtang, Penbrook, Scranton, Steelton, and Swatara Township you need to take the NPOST exam by Stanard and Associates

This exam has four sections: Math, Reading Comprehension, Grammar, and Incident Report Writing. Each department may have a different passing score.


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