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What Are The New York Police Exams?

Regardless if you want to become a state trooper in New York or become part of the Nassau County Police, one of the first steps to become a police officer in the state New York is passing a challenging assessment, and while there are common test subjects across all these exams, each one includes some unique topics.

Common Sections of All 3 New York Test Formats:

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Information Ordering
  • Writing Abilities (Grammar, Spelling, Vocabulary)
  • Incident Report Writing
  • Visualization (Maps, Floorplans, Orientation, Faces, etc.)

Note: Depending on where you want to become a police officer will determine which test you need to take.  

  Let's go over each NY Police Exam in detail.

The New York Police Department Exam (NYPD)

The NYPD Exam is a comprehensive test designed to assess candidates' suitability for roles within the New York Police Department

The test is composed of 10 sections. These sections are memory, spatial orientation, written comprehension, written expression, information ordering, inductive reasoning, visualization, deductive reasoning, problem sensitivity, and mathematical reasoning.

The NYPD written exam is a crucial step in the recruitment process, designed to assess the cognitive abilities relevant to police work in New York City. This timed, computer-based test comprises around 85 multiple-choice questions to be completed in 2.5 hours, reflecting the real-life tasks of NYC police officers.


The NYPD is one of the oldest and largest police forces in the US, thus it implements a comprehensive testing process to guarantee that only the most qualified individuals are chosen to become police officers.

Preparation is key! Access our NYPD Free Practice Page and start your tailored practice.

The New York State Police Trooper Exam

The New York State Police Trooper Exam is typically designed to test and evaluate candidates that want to become a New York State Trooper.

The NYSP Entrance Exam is a 120-minute assessment that includes 150 multiple-choice questions aimed at evaluating cognitive skills, as well as behavioral traits and perspectives. The State Police offer a detailed study guide for this examination that you can access here

The test usually assess similar competencies as the NYPD Exam but might include additional elements relevant to state-level law enforcement duties, such as highway patrol and statewide criminal investigations. 

Note: The Trooper Entrance Exam applications will be available in the following dates: 03/25/24 – 06/03/24.

Additional well-known police exams in NY are the Nassau County ExamMTA Exam, and the Suffolk County Police Test. 

The NYS Civil Service Police Officer Exam

The New York Department of Civil Service requires that potential candidates take the NYS Entry-Level Police/Deputy Sheriff Exam and is generally scheduled for September of each year.

The New York State police exam contains 7 sections: language fluency; information ordering, problem sensitivity, selective attention, visualization, spatial orientation and situational judgement in specific police settings.

This examination is structured as a timed, written test, featuring a series of questions that mirror the practical responsibilities and scenarios faced by police officers. The overall assessment aims to filter applicants that possess the right on-the-job skills.

This exam is given the majority of New York State Police departments.

Note: The NYS Police Exam is part of the broader New York State Civil Service system, which aims to ensure that hiring for public positions is merit-based and standardized. For more information visit the Official New York State Website

Additional NY State Police Department Exams

Some departments may require you to take a different exam than the ones listed above. For example, to become a police officer in Buffalo you need to take the Buffalo Entry-Level Police Examination (BELPE) provided by I/O Solutions.

Each NY County chooses the exam in which you need to take to become a police officer. For example, the exam in New Jersey is different than the exam in Westchester County

Applying to any county police department is highly competitive. The exams only happen every few years. Some of the common civil service exams that include Math police questions are the CPCA Test (Connecticut) and the NPOST (Alabama, Arkansas, Iowa, Montana and Utah and other police departments and law enforcement agencies).

Note: We highly suggest you contact your local department to discover which exam you need to prepare for to become a police officer. Using our study guides will help you prepare for these exams.


How Long Is a NY State Police Exam Score Valid?

Your test scores are valid for 4 years. 

To pass the exam you need to get a 70 or above on both the NYPD and New York State police exam.

What Qualifications Are Needed for a NY State Police Officer/Deputy Sheriff Exam?

Qualifications vary by location, so check each agency's exam announcement for specific requirements. Key qualifications include:

  • Age: Minimum 20 by appointment, maximum 35 by exam date, recommended to be at least 19 on exam day.
  • Education: High school diploma or equivalent.
  • Health: Meet medical and physical standards set by the New York State Municipal Police Training Council.
  • Additional qualifications may be required by local civil service agencies; review the exam announcement for details.
What's The Age Limit for Police Officer/Deputy Sheriff Roles?

In New York State, a law established in April 1999 caps the age for Police Officer or Deputy Sheriff positions at 35 years.

According to Section 58 of the Civil Service Law, candidates must be under 35 on the day of the written exam for provisional or permanent competitive class appointments.


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