Darany and Associates Police Exam Preparation

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  • Full personality test
  • Guide to personality test theory 
  • Personality test single-trait practice drills
  • Full professional personality profile for law enforcement
  • 3 police picture-based memory tests
  • Police memory test study guide
  • 3 Police forms tests
  • 10 Reading comprehension tests and 5 practice drills
  • Reading comprehension study guide
  • 2 Written communication tests
  • 4 sentence completion tests
  • Comprehensive explanations and solving tips for all questions
  • Immediate online access, Practice 24/7 
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Darany and Associates is a California based company that provides tests for entry level hiring and promotions for police officers, deputies, and dispatchers. The Darany and Associates police exam is called Darany Entry Level Police Officer Examination (DELPOE). This exam is used for entry level police officers and entry level deputies. The exam was designed to assess how well you observe things and how well you remember what you observed, your basic writing and reading skills and how your work and experiences are similar to those of a successful law officer.

Test Format and Content

The Darany Police Exam measures skills needed to be a successful police officer. You will have two hours to complete the exam. The exam consists of 169 multiple choice questions divided into 4 sections.

Accuracy of Observation: In this section you will presented with a photo. You will have two minutes to study the picture. You will not be allowed to take notes during that time. After the two minutes are up you will be asked 40 questions based on the picture you studied.

Written Communication Skills: You will be asked whether or not the sentence you are presented is grammatically correct or not. There are 40 questions in this section.

Reading with Understanding: You will be given a set of policies or procedures. You will be allowed to look back at the information to answer the questions. This part of the exam is not a memory test. There will be 35 questions in this sections.

Biodata: This section of the test is about you. You will be asked questions about you and your background. The types of questions are typical of one in an interview. They are job related questions. There will be 54 questions in this section.

DELPOE Preparation with JobTestPrep

We provide you with the test format and content to prepare you for the exam. Please note that while we do not provide an exact test simulation, our PrepPack™ is customized in a way that provides excellent comprehensive practice for every type of question that may appear on the actual test.

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