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About Career Aptitude Tests

Many employers use aptitude tests as part of the hiring process because they provide employers with the opportunity to gain insight about your intellectual skills, work compatibility, and cooperation and interaction with others. Therefore, preparation for these tests is essential to get one step closer to the job you desire.

Popular Aptitude Assessments

Aptitude tests are designed to evaluate intellectual skills, such as numerical, verbal, and mechanical reasoning. We offer various practice aptitude tests:

Abstract Reasoning Tests In-Basket Tests Mechanical Aptitude Tests Spatial Reasoning Tests
Clerical Reasoning Tests Math Aptitude Tests Raven Matrices Test Logical Reasoning Test

Keep in mind that although aptitude tests are very important in the selection process, there are other aspects of the process that are crucial as well. Other essential steps include application submission, resume, and job interview performance. Employers will consider all these aspects in addition to selection tests.

What Are the Different Types of Aptitude Tests?

Verbal Reasoning Test

  • Measures the ability to comprehend complex written materials and deduct relevant information and conclusions.
  • Includes spelling, grammar, logic, and vocabulary tests.
  • Tests vary by professions.

Numerical Reasoning Test

  • Includes a wide range of aptitude tests, varying from basic arithmetic tests to "estimation tests" and advanced numerical reasoning tests.
  • "Estimation tests" measure a candidate's speed in making educated mathematical estimations, while advanced numerical reasoning tests measure a candidate's ability to interpret complex data presented in various graphic forms and to deduce information and conclusions.

Logical Reasoning Test

  • Also known as non-verbal reasoning tests, they measure logical reasoning and perceptual reasoning skills.
  • They do not rely on acquired linguistic or numeric abilities, but on innate abilities.
  • Other popular tests in this category include abstract reasoning, inductive reasoning, deductive reasoning, and the Watson-Glaser.

Aptitude Test Structure

There is not a single common aptitude test structure. Rather, the format and content of aptitude tests can vary greatly between test providers, companies, job levels, and positions.

However, an aptitude test is usually comprised of 3–5 test sections (verbal section, numerical section, etc.). Each section includes 10–30 questions, depending on the complexity of each question (the more complex the test, the fewer questions asked) and the knowledge level required of the candidate for that specific skill (the higher the job level, the more questions asked).

Completing a series of aptitude tests normally takes at least an hour but usually no more than three hours (there might be breaks in between sections).

Do Certain Jobs Require Specific Aptitude Tests?

Certain professions and positions require an aptitude test that measures specific skills. Some of which are:

Police Officers Supervisors Air Force Officers Clerical Agents 
Firefighters Call Center Agents Sales Agents Bankers

Free Online Aptitude Sample Questions

Get a feel for what we offer by trying our free aptitude sample questions.

ASVAB Tests Firefighter Exams Police Exams
Cognitive Ability Test-Criteria Cognitive Ability Test-Wonderlic Mechanical Tests

If you want more practice and study materials, then get the Aptitude PrepPack™ today.

Tips for Aptitude Test

Before the Test

  • Refine your logical thinking skills with various puzzles and pattern games.
  • Refine your numerical reasoning skills with a general math review. (Be sure to review graphs, charts, and statistics interpretations according to the tests you were asked to take.)
  • Refine your verbal reasoning skills by reading news items or newspapers. Think about the different ways a story can be interpreted, and be sure to look out for commonly misspelled words or grammatical errors.
  • Take the time to prepare, review, and obtain as much information about the test as possible. By familiarizing yourself with the test content and question types, you will feel more confident about the exam. 

During the Test

  • Be sure to listen and carefully read any instructions that you are given as they may be crucial to completing the test correctly.
  • If you are provided with a few practice questions, take the opportunity to complete them.
  • If there is anything that you don’t understand (regarding directions or time limits), this is the time to ask for clarification.

Prepare for Aptitude Assessments with JobTestPrep

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