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About Aptitude Tests

Many employers use aptitude tests as part of their recruitment process. Therefore, preparation for these tests is essential. Aptitude tests provide employers with the opportunity to gain insight into a job applicant by measuring things such as their intellectual skills and their ability to handle the job and work with others.

Our Aptitude Practice Tests

Aptitude tests are designed to evaluate intellectual skills such as numerical, verbal, and mechanical reasoning. We offer various practice aptitude tests:

Clerical Reasoning Tests Figural Reasoning Tests In-Basket Tests
Math Aptitude Tests Mechanical Aptitude Tests Raven Matrices Tests
  Spatial Reasoning Tests  

Keep in mind that although aptitude tests are very important in the selection process, there are other aspects in the process that are crucial as well. Other essential steps include application submission, resume, and job interview performance. Employers will consider all these aspects in addition to selection tests.

Try Some of Our Free Sample Questions

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Why JobTestPrep?

As leaders in the field of online test preparation, JobTestPrep helps you achieve top-level scores on aptitude tests to help you get the job you want. Our team of experts developed the ideal aptitude test preparation:

  • We offer affordable preparation packages are available for immediate access, 24/7.
  • JobTestPrep provides the most comprehensive online test preparation accessible from any smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • Our realistic practice aptitude tests to prepare you for the actual exam.
  • The detailed explanations and personalized score report will allow you to keep track of your performance. You can also choose different practice modes, timed and step-by-step, to allow you to study at your own pace.
  • There is no limit on the amount of times you may redo the practice aptitude test and review the expansive study guides.

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