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Interested in taking the 911 dispatcher test, also known as the 911 operator exam?

This customized preparation package covers: reasoning, speech recognition, written communication, information ordering, priority checking, and so much more!

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Dispatcher Exams

There are many different dispatcher exams; each state, city, or country can choose the exam you'll be required to take. Below is a list of dispatcher exams and their providers:

Dispatcher Test Content

The 911 dispatcher test is comprised of a written test and occasionally a typing test. The written test contains a variety of questions and topics. To help prepare you, JobTestPrep has created a customized preparation package which covers: spatial orientation, data entry, inductive and deductive reasoning, memory and accuracy, reading comprehension, and a personality test. Read on to learn more about each topic.
  • Memory - There is a lot of memorization involved when being a dispatcher. You need to be able to remember codes and the emergencies they correlate to, while additionally keeping in mind who you're speaking with, as this varies depending on the caller (victim, police units, medical responders, etc.).
  • Spatial Orientation - You need to be able to understand where the caller is calling from, know which units are available and closest. Additionally, you need to be able to read a map.
  • Personality Test - The personality test will assess how you interact with callers and how you manage the stress of emergency situations. During such times, it is important to stay calm and collected, despite the circumstances, as you are viewed as the lifeline between callers and emergency responders.
  • Data Entry - You will be inputting a lot of data during your time as a dispatcher. Some entries might include: the caller’s name, location of the incident, and the type and severity of emergency.
  • Attention to Accuracy - Being detail-oriented is such a crucial aspect of this job. If you enter data incorrectly, it could send emergency responders to the wrong location, and with every minute being so crucial, it could have devastating results.
  • Inductive/Deductive Reasoning - In this field, there is no such thing as a "standard emergency." 911 dispatchers need to have excellent inductive and deductive reasoning skills in order to make quick and calculated decisions to help save people's lives.
  • Reading Comprehension - During your training period, there will be a lot of reading that you will need to be able to understand in order to do well on your 911 dispatcher exam. Additionally, on the job, you will need to be able to read reports in the form of notes, data entry, and other sources to obtain information.
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Dispatcher Job Description

The most important thing to realize is that the 911 Dispatcher job title has numerous names, some of which are: 911 Operator, Public Safety Telecommunicator, and Emergency Dispatcher. However, the title Public Safety Dispatcher encompasses the following terms: police dispatcher, fire dispatcher, and emergency medical dispatcher. Even though the job titles are different, they share similar responsibilities.

While working at a 911 dispatch call center, you will be receiving calls and forwarding them to the correct public safety branch. In addition, you will be giving advice and helping those who call you.

Difference Between Dispatcher and Call Taker

A dispatcher and a call taker have similar jobs but different responsibilities.

A dispatcher is responsible for receiving and transmitting messages, tracking vehicles, recording other important information, and relaying messages and information to the necessary emergency units.

A call taker is primarily responsible for making sure that the information received and sent is clearly relayed to the appropriate emergency unit(s). Despite the slight differences in the job titles, in order to become a dispatcher or call taker you must take the same exam.


What is a public safety dispatcher?
A public safety dispatcher is a police dispatcher, a fire dispatcher, or an emergency medical dispatcher.

Is the exam the same for a police dispatcher and an emergency medical dispatcher?
The police dispatcher test is similar to an emergency medical dispatcher test. The only difference is on the police dispatcher test the questions may have more police terms, whereas the emergency medical dispatcher test will have more medical terms.

Do Public Safety Telecommunicators need to take different tests?
The public safety telecommunicator is also referred to as a public safety dispatcher, which means the exam will be the same.

What’s the difference between an emergency dispatcher and a public safety dispatcher?
There is no difference between an emergency dispatcher and a public safety dispatcher, as sometimes emergency dispatchers are also referred to as an emergency medical dispatchers.

Dispatcher Exam Prep with JobTestPrep

Our customized 911 dispatcher test questions, preparation, and practice will help you on the Public Safety Dispatcher Test and put you on the top of the candidates list. With detailed explanations, you're sure to not only learn but understand and comprehend the skills you'll need to pass the 911 operator exam. Try our unique Dispatcher Practice Pack which includes over 10 different topics and personality profiling. It is guaranteed to help prepare for the 911 operator exam.

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