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ECOMM National Exam Info & Content

The ECOMM (Emergency Communications) National is an Ergometrics exam. Ergometrics has produced four main public safety exams, but the ECOMM is specifically used for emergency communications operators.

Unlike the Criticall Exam, which has five test topics, there are three tests that comprise the ECOMM exam, and each section covers different topics and contains multiple types of questions.

These are the three tests:

  1. CallTaker Video Test
  2. Recording Pertinent Information Test
  3. Dispatcher Test

ECOMM National CallTaker Video Test

This section is set up so that candidates hear simulated calls that are designed to lead to critical decision-making moments. Candidates must then decide on the best course of action. Emergency communications technicians encounter many moments where quick, but significant, decisions must be made, so it is important that these skills are not overlooked. Several topics are covered:

  • Computer Simulations: Information Processing        
    • Data Entry
    • Information Processing and Active Listening
  • Listening and Communication Skills
  • Public, Internal, and Team Relations
  • Prioritization, Analysis, and Problem Solving
  • Responsibility for Officer Safety
  • Stress Management

ECOMM National Recording Pertinent Information Test

This section is designed to assess how well candidates can record vital information. This section is important because being an emergency communications technician requires multitasking in addition to completing tasks with a high level of accuracy and attention to detail. As every moment is crucial in emergency situations, there is no time for errors. Several topics are covered:

  • Multi-Tasking
  • Attention to Detail
  • Recording Accuracy

ECOMM National Dispatcher Test

This section is designed to assess a candidate's job-related skills. This job requires dispatchers, 911 operators and dispatchers, and public safety operators to multitask while problem solving, analyzing, prioritizing emergencies, and following directions. Several topics are covered:

  • Problem Solving and Analysis
  • Following Directions and Prioritization
  • Multi-Tasking

Job Description

As the first point of contact in an emergency situation, emergency communications technicians handle a great deal of responsibility. Not only are they responsible for talking to callers, taking down information, and entering data, but they also have to efficiently transfer calls to the appropriate units, ensuring that the right help is on its way. These tasks are meant to be done simultaneously, accurately, and in a timely manner, as each moment is crucial in an emergency situation.

With so many important responsibilities it is clear why there are multiple rounds of testing that candidates must go through.

Prepare for the ECOMM Exam

If you are looking to become an emergency communications technician, JobTestPrep will soon offer an ECOMM PrepPack™ that will help you excel on the ECOMM exam. This pack will help you succeed by providing practice tests and a study guide. There will be 15 different study sections within the PrepPack™. Some of which will be information ordering, multitasking, priority setting, assigning field units, and coding. Additional test information and content will be covered in the study guide. 

However, in the meantime, JobTestPrep provides a general dispatcher package which includes similar topics (coding and decoding, map reading, information ordering, personality tests, and practice tests, information checking, etc.) in addition to job information, tips, a study guide, and more. Start preparing today and ensure your success as a dispatcher. 

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