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Microsoft Office Assessment Tests

Microsoft Office tests are among the most commonly used pre-employment assessments tests. The tests can be taken separately, but are usually taken together (in some cases as part of a larger set of tests that might also include personality tests, a typing test or other assessments).

Tests usually come in three levels: basic, intermediate and advanced. The level depends on the nature of the position and the assessment company providing the test.

Three Kinds of Tests

  • Interactice: The most common of the three. You are required to complete a set of actions while editing a document or a workbook (for example, in excel you might be asked to create a chart based on a table). The test is performed on a software simulating the Microsoft Office environment. There are usually between 25 – 30 questions constructed in a logical order.

  • Multiple Choice Questions: The multiple choice tests are usually around 20-30 questions long. On these tests, familiarity with the software's terminology and interface is crucial.

  • Adaptive Test: Usually a multiple choice questions test that begins with intermediate level questions followed by harder or easier questions, according to your success on previews questions. These tests are relatively hard, and aren't common.

Microsoft ExcelMicrosoft Word

JTP's Practice Packs Advantages

JobTestPrep offers you the opportunity to prepare for your Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word assessment tests. Preparation is the key to Success - Start practicing today and increase your chances of scoring high on your test!
  • Full length tests simulating actual Microsoft Word and Excel Assessment tests

  • Hundreds of practice questions, including interactive and multiple choice questions

  • Complete step by step walkthroughs and explanations for all the questions

  • Simulating real test-like environment

Still unsure? Why don't you start with our free Excel test or free Word test.

What Our Clients Have to Say

 Helpful product, passed 93% „
benefit analyst, consulting company, intermediate-advanced Excel July 2015

“ Thank you. Missed 1 on the test. Could not have done it without you „
V, Florida, intermediate-advanced Excel June 2015

 Very comprehensive, the full length tests are similar to the real thing „
Business analyst, Virginia, intermediate-advanced excel July 2015

Kenexa ProveIt! Microsoft Tests

Kenexa ProveIt! is one of the leading companies offering Microsoft Office assessment tests. They offer employers interactive simulation tests for Microsoft Excel, Word, Power Point and many more.

JobTestPrep offers exclusive practice packs for ProveIt! MS Excel and Word assessment tests, designed to match Kenexa's test topics.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which tests can I practice for?
  2. We currently offer practice packs for Excel 2007/2010/2013 and Word 2010/2013 as well as Excel+Word bundle packs for the 2010 and 2013 versions.

  3. Will I be able to use the preparation kit again if I need it in the future?
  4. Yes, once you have purchased the kit, it is available for 1 year or 100 uses (whichever comes first).

  5. Can I practice Excel and Word as part of my JobTestPrep premium pack?
  6. No, These practice packs are not part of the premium pack.

  7. Which version of Excel/Word should I purchase?
  8. In most cases, the assessment company will inform you as to which version you will be tested on. However, you can only practice the version installed on your computer. In the case that the version you'll be tested on is different than the one you have on your computer, you have 2 options:
    a. Try and use another device;
    b. Practice the version you have on your computer -Though there will be some differences between the versions, the logic behind the questions will not change. 

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