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Are you hoping to succeed on your upcoming test? Prepare with JobTestPrep's full practice packages, which includes practice tests, answer explanations, study guides, and tips, for your best shot at getting hired. Below are some free sample questions, similar to the questions seen on a typical Microsoft Word exam, on the following topics:
Basic, Interactive and Intermediate-Advanced Questions.

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Interactive Test Questions

In order to properly practice the following tasks, you must copy and paste the text on the left to a clean Word document (left click, hold and drag to mark the text, right click – choose "copy", at the Word document, right click – choose paste.)

Attendance list


Zack Col
Sandra Cooper
Don Miller
Stacey Cobos
Dana Garsen


John Dennis
Linda Gross
Mellisa Little
Jeff Silano

When you start, your Word page should look like this:

Multiple Choice Test Questions

Basic Level Questions

Which of the following methods you CANNOT use to zoom in?

1. Holding Ctrl key and scrolling the mouse wheel
2. Using the zoom tool in the “view” tab
3. Ctrl+Shift+z
4. Using the zoom slider at the bottom right corner

I want to create a second copy of an opened document under a different name. What should I do?

1. Copy and paste the text in a new document

2. Use “Save As”

3. Press Ctrl+S

4. Open the file again

The following ribbon is:

1. Insert tab

2. References tab

3. Review tab

4. View tab


Intermediate-Advanced Level Questions

What does a blue “wavy” underline appearing under a word mean? 

1. The word is out of context

2. The word is misspelled

3. There is a grammar issue with the word

4. The word appears twice in succession

In the following picture, what do the numbers stand for?

1. 1-Full-screen 2-bookmark 3-paragraph

2. 1-Print layout 2-Full screen 3-Outline

3. 1-Web layout 2-Bookmark 3-Outline

4. 1-Full screen 2-Print layout 3-Paragraph

The Thesaurus feature:

1. Suggests other words with a similar meaning

2. Enables you to edit text according to a similar template

3. Offers a translation to a second language

4. Counts the number of words in a sentence

The answers to the interactive questions and the multiple choice questions appear in this PDF file.


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