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Interactive Test Questions

In order to properly practice the following tasks, copy and paste the text on the left to a clean Word document (left click, hold and drag to mark the text, right click – choose "copy", at the Word document, right click – choose paste.)

Attendance list


Zack Col
Sandra Cooper
Don Miller
Stacey Cobos
Dana Garsen


John Dennis
Linda Gross
Mellisa Little
Jeff Silano

When you start, your Word page should look like this:

Page preview for interactive questions

Basic Level Questions

  1. Change the Page Margins to Narrow
  2. Sort the students' names alphabetically in ascending order
  3. Add numbering to the "Students" and "Teachers" lists separately
  4. Change the layout of the "Students" list into two columns
  5. Create an Annual style Header

Advanced Level Questions

  1. Add the Developer tab to the Ribbon
  2. Record a Macro that will apply a yellow highlighting. Name the macro: "Approved" and assign it the shortcut "Alt+k"
  3. Insert a Bookmark next to the "Attendance List" title. Name it "Title"
  4. At the word "Back" below the list and make it a Hyperlink to the "Attendance List" title
  5. Change the document settings to show Readability Statistics

Multiple-Choice Test Questions

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