Indeed Assessments Practice [2022]- The Ultimate Guide

What are Indeed Assessments?

Indeed Assessments are a group of over 150 short tests that evaluate different professional skills. These skill-based tests may be taken either at the behest of a potential employer, or just to showcase specific skills on your profile.


Do Employers Look at Indeed Assessments?

Indeed assessment results help employers filter applicants for interviews. Some employers compare test results to those of high-performing employees at the company, while others just require a minimum passing score. However, the higher your score, the greater your chances of advancing to the next stage of the hiring process.  

For those using the tests on their profiles, Indeed’s algorithm pushes profiles with the highest scores to the top of the search engine. This means that recruiters will see your profile before others. In turn, you will get better job opportunities quicker.


How to Access Indeed Tests & Results

If you wish to take Indeed assessments independently and display the scores on your profile, go to the “skills tests” on your profile and select tests that evaluate skills listed in the job description in question.

Can’t find Your Indeed Assessment?

Every Indeed assessment you take, including the ones required when submitting a job application, should appear on your page under “certifications and license”. Out of those, you can choose which assessment will be displayed for employers. This is what it looks like:


*Source - Indeed Official Site

  • Note: this possibility exists only for applicants located in the U.S.

Can You Retake Indeed Assessments?

Once you take an Indeed Test, you cannot retake it for at least six months unless the same test is requested for a job application. So, it is highly recommended to take Indeed Tests only when you feel well prepared.

Indeed Assessment Score – What Does It Mean?

Indeed tests have several score categories. The Indeed Assessment score levels from high to low are: Expert, Highly Proficient, Proficient, Familiar, and Completed. The scores of assessments you have started without completing will be marked as N/A.The “completed” score is the lowest, meaning you failed the assessment. The next score, “familiar”, means you show some understanding but are still not proficient in the skills. To show you are skillful and competent in the evaluated skill, you should only display a “proficient” score.

How do You Practice Indeed Assessments?

The best way to ensure you get a proficient-expert score on an Indeed assessment is by practicing similar questions on pre-exams.  

Our team of experts has developed practice tests for the Indeed Customer Situations Assessment, Mechanical Knowledge Assessment, and Typing Test. Designed to improve the skills required to succeed on each test, you will find questions mirroring the ones you’ll see on the real exam.

We are currently developing several more practice tests for common Indeed Assessments, including: The Indeed Excel Test, Attention to detail test, and sales skills assessment.

If you are interested in preparing for another assessment, or if you have any questions about your upcoming test, please email us, and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.


Indeed Phone Interview Assessment

Some hiring managers send out an automated Indeed phone interview, which can be completed via computer or mobile. In this interview, candidates are asked several pre-recorded questions and are required to record a 2-minutes-long answer for each of the questions.

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