Bryq Assessment: Tips, Sample Questions and Answers (2024)

What Is the Bryq Assessment?

The Bryq Assessment is a pre-hire assessment online test where, as a candidate, you face an immersive work experience scenario. While chatting with fictional personas through what resembles a work messaging app, you select and categorize short statements based on how accurately they describe the given situation.

After being invited to take the test, you will have a limited time window (3 days) to complete it, as specified in your invitation email. The test consists of two sections.

The Cognitive questions section of the Bryq test relies on time constraints, and you will have a limited amount of time for each question. This part of the test is designed to be quick, urging you to answer intuitively and without overthinking.

The Personality questions section comes without a time constraint, emphasizing no definitively correct or incorrect responses. The optimal selection between "cooperative" and "assertive" depends on the specific company and job requirements while highlighting how much of a good fit you are through your individual traits.

There are two versions of the test: it can take either 20 minutes or 45 minutes to complete, depending on the one you receive. Additionally, you as a candidate should be aware that there is an optional choice to activate your webcam for verification, ensuring that it is indeed you who is seated in front of the computer.

It would be a misconception to assert that this type of evaluation needs no preparation. With JobTestPrep's Bryq Assessment Preparation Pack, you get all the necessary tools to handle the cognitive skills section and ample preparation for the personality section to ace the actual test!

Bryq Assessment Sample Questions

In everyday situations, you typically encounter both cognitive domains and psychometric inquiries. Accordingly, the evaluation mirrors how your mind naturally navigates various contexts throughout your work day.

Explore the diverse question types from each section:


Verbal Reasoning
Sample Question


💡Tip: These questions evaluate your comprehension of written text and short passages. Attempt to identify details within the passage, such as language or information, that directly answer the question.


Logical Reasoning Sample Question


💡Tip: These questions assess your thinking process, logical reasoning, and ability to draw correct conclusions. Analyze the shared characteristics or relationships among the shapes. Identify patterns, symmetries, or consistent arrangements to determine logical connections.


Numerical Reasoning Sample Question


💡Tip: These questions measure your attributes and logical thinking through numerical data. Be mindful of potential decimals or negative signs, ensuring a comprehensive assessment to identify the numerically superior option.


 Attention To Detail Sample Question


💡Tip:These questions confirm your ability to recognize, gather, and classify information swiftly. Look for anomalies, misspellings, or inconsistent data that may indicate an error.

Bryq Assessment Report

Upon completion, Bryq provides you with a candidate assessment report and a profile, offering unlimited access to your test results data.

Your results are presented through a user-friendly design framework to make it easy for you to understand what your strengths are and determine where room for potential growth lies. In particular, your candidate assessment report profile emphasizes traits that make you an optimal match.

The report is straightforward and does not delve deep into extensive details, working as a concise summary of your performance. For your potential future employer, it offers a more detailed report, including a comprehensive description of your skills and personality.

Bryq takes pride in providing valuable information to shape your potential employer's approach during the hiring process. With an innovative data-driven decision-making hiring process, Bryq ensures a higher accuracy rate, offering a comprehensive talent assessment experience.

In focusing their evaluation efforts on a candidate's suitability for the role, the test, coupled with regular application details like resumes, successfully assists recruiters in compiling an accurate shortlist of candidates while, at the same time, minimizing bias in the recruitment process through objective data.

To learn, in more detail, the exact reasoning behind Bryq's personality profiles, you can visit their guide to their 15 different Bryq Types.

Practice Makes Perfect!

Sharpen your cognitive skills and master the art of quick answers under time pressure with our Bryq Assessment Prep Pack

While we do not provide you with an identical test, our preparation will teach you fundamental and often overlooked principles to achieve success on the Bryq test.


What Is The Bryq Assessment?

Bryq is a visionary tool for talent evaluation, utilizing sophisticated algorithms and psychometric assessments to evaluate potential job candidates through an analysis of a candidate's personality traits and cognitive skills.

This data-driven approach enables companies to make well-informed decisions, providing organizations with valuable insights into the candidate's suitability for a particular role and lowering the likelihood of mismatched hires.

What Is a Good Bryq Score?

There is no passing or failing grade for the Bryq assessment. Their evaluation process encompasses a broad spectrum of attributes pertinent to the job you want to apply so there is not an inherently good score for this test in the traditional sense.

Bryq examines your responses, employing artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms and then produces a detailed profile for each candidate. Your profile reflects your suitableness for the role, emphasizing your strengths and denoting areas for future improvement.

What Are The Benefits of Taking a Bryq Test?

A straightforward benefit is that it attempts to eliminate subjective biases by performing a highly objective evaluation through its data-driven approach.

Furthermore, by not relying as much on potentially misleading self-reported information, like traditional hiring processes, any candidate can accurately portray their skills and abilities instead of relying on or being taken aback because of demographic factors.

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