Amazon SDE Online Assessment '22: Coding & Workstyle Prep

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What Is the Amazon SDE Online Assessment?

The Amazon SDE Online Assessment is an initial screening step that any Amazon candidate applying to Intern, New Grad, SDE I, SDE II, and SDET positions must pass. It includes a coding assessment, a Work Simulation, and a Work Style Assessment.

Below we go over each of the assessment’s sections in detail:

Amazon Coding Assessment

The Amazon SDE Coding assessment is a timed section with two coding problems that take 90 minutes to complete.

Five Things that Amazon Is Measuring Using the Online Coding Test

  • Problem Statement Retention: can you read a coding problem and understand what it’s asking?
  • Coding Ability: can you understand the problem, figure out an efficient solution, and then translate the solution into an accurate code?
  • Data Structure Application: can you take a problem and apply an appropriate data structure to solve the problem in the simplest way? Do you know when to use a list/map/set/etc.?
  • Runtime Complexity: can you go over your own code and assess what runtime complexity and major issues it might have?
  • Simplification: can you create a simple solution to a complicated problem, in a way that most people would understand?

Two Things That Amazon Is NOT Testing On This Online Coding Round

  1. Deep Knowledge of a Specific Language: you can code in any language that you feel comfortable with and Amazon won’t be testing your expertise in specific languages.
  2. Purposefully Confusing or Tricky Questions: the coding problems are straightforward and are not intended to trick you in any way.

Amazon is interested in your demonstration of problem-solving, writing correct code, applying patterns, data structures and algorithms, and optimizing for algorithmic performance on the tests.

*Note: As of 2022, Amazon removed the coding approach questionnaire and debugging questions parts.

How to Prepare for the Amazon Coding Assessment?

When preparing for the online coding test, focus on these four areas:

  • Algorithms: Basic Searching, Basic Sorting, Tree Traversal, Graph Traversal.
  • Data Structures: Heaps, linked lists, arrays, trees (especially binary trees), hash tables, stacks, and recursion.
  • Fundamentals: Go back and re-educate yourself on all data structures and data structure algorithms. Understand all time and space complexity. Make sure you even get into more unique things, like hashmaps, b+trees (and variants), and caches (and associated algorithms).
  • Understand high-scale architecture: Go look at how other big sites are structured.


JobTestPrep's complete practice course covers these topics thoroughly and offers hands-on practice with hundreds of Amazon-style coding questions.


Can you Cheat or Use Google During the Amazon Online Coding Test?

The Amazon online assessment is taken through HackerRank, which is a proctored platform. The coding assessment records everything you do on your browsers once you begin. If you copy and paste code from outside the platform (such as from Google) it will be recorded and dishonest behavior will be caught.

Which Coding Languages Can be Used on the Amazon Coding Assessment?

You can use any of these multiple languages: Java, C, C++, C#, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, Swift, Clojure, Erlang, Go, Julia, Kotlin, Lua, Objective-C, Perl, PHP, R, Ruby, Scala.

How to Navigate the Amazon Online Assessment Platform

Watch this 2-minute video to understand how HackerRank’s platform looks and how to use it properly:

Play Video preview image
Video preview image

Amazon SDE Work Simulation

In the SDE Work Simulation section (previously named 'technical problem solving'), Amazon wants to see your system design and problem-solving skills applied to various work-related scenarios with simulated peers, managers, and stakeholders.

When responding to these scenarios, put your system design hat on, and employ system design concepts like designing for maintainability, determining tradeoffs, and dealing with ambiguity.

The test includes 3 different modules – all of which are examples of real-life work of Amazon software development engineers. They are comprised of different backgrounds, data, and tasks that are all relevant to the questions.

You are required to rate each response according to the options given. The assessment should take 15-20 minutes to complete.

Here's an example of a scenario that resembles a question from the real test:

Your team has been assigned a new task to develop a real-time voting system for a new Amazon Prime show. The final show is scheduled to take place 5 weeks from now. When the show ends, a 5-minute voting window will take place where all votes will be tabulated.

You will rate each action given below for its effectiveness as if it would be your next step.

  1. Not at all Effective
  2. Slightly Effective
  3. Moderately Effective
  4. Very Effective
  5. Extremely Effective

A. Create a proof of concept to test the system
B. Ask stakeholders about their specific requirements and clarify them
C. Approach the problem with a fundamental library code
D. Develop a Database schema.
E. Schedule a meeting to take the design team on board

JobTestPrep’s prep package includes two SDE Work Simulation practice tests:

Amazon SDE Work Simulation Practice JobTestPrep

The practice simulations resemble the actual test and come with full explanations and solving tips on how to approach and solve each question

Amazon SDE Work Style Assessment

The SDE Work Style Assessment is an untimed personality test, which focuses on the work environment, decision-making, and preferences - in light of Amazon’s culture and Leadership Principles.

Amazon seeks to understand your work style as expressed through your work personality. Each of the personality questions represents a different dilemma, task, or preference that an Amazon SDE employee may encounter.

You will be asked to choose the answer which is most suitable to your understanding, taking Amazon’s Leadership Principles into deep consideration.

The Amazon Workstyle Assessment for SDEs is divided into two surveys:

SDE Work Style Survey

Evaluates how you approach software development engineer work.

Here’s an example from the practice pack:

When you're brought into a project midway through, which of the following methods are you most inclined to take?

  1. Create my own project plan so that I’m able to comprehend the next steps.
  2. Consult with end-users on a regular basis to ensure that product requirements are fully understood.
  3. To catch up, complete as much work as you can on your own.
  4. Look for areas where my personal abilities may contribute value to the process

Amazon Work Style Survey

Evaluates how you approach work in general.

See the following example from the prep package:

Amazon Work Style Assessment Sample Question

JobTestPrep’s prep package includes two practice tests for the SDE Work Style Survey and one for the Amazon Work Style Survey:

Amazon SDE Work Style Assessment Practice JobTestPrep

Each practice test comes with full explanations so that you know which Leadership Principle to choose and what are the most favorable responses for an SDE.

What to Expect on the Rest of the Amazon SDE Hiring Process?

Interviewing for an Amazon Software Development Engineer role usually takes four to five weeks overall. Here’s a breakdown of the recruitment process:

  • Submit a job application
  • Complete the Amazon SDE online assessment (you’re here now)
  • Submit questionnaire to match team and locations - the questionnaire is designed to collect your preferences for job location, item or product domain, tech stack, work environment and career goals.
  • Talk with a recruiter - to learn about the rest of the interview process.
  • Attend the interviews.
  • Interview outcome
  • Discuss matched teams - based on your preferences in step #3
  • Speak with leaders from matched teams
  • Choose your new team

Amazon SDE Interview Preparation

We’ve teamed up with a leading interview prep platform that offers the following services for Amazon SDE candidates:

  • Technical interview prep
  • Behavioral interview prep
  • System design practice
  • Mock interviews
  • Offer negotiation

The coaching and prep services are given by former Amazon hiring managers who know Amazon’s unique culture inside out.

FAQs By Amazon SDE Candidates

Is Amazon coding assessment hard?

The Amazon coding test is challenging. It’s designed to be hard so that Amazon could shortlist candidates that not only have solid coding skills, but are also able to come up with simple solutions to complicated problems while applying appropriate data structures.

Do I have to complete both questions in the Amazon coding challenge?

You're expected to complete both problems. Manage your time effectively by checking the on- screen timer regularly during the coding challenge. Don't get stuck on one question. Move on to the next one and return to it later if you need to.

Can I take a break during the SDE Online assessment?

You can take a break after the coding challenge and before you advance to the Work Simulation and Work Style Survey sections. You don’t need to log out to take a quick break. If for some reason you do need to log out, you can click on the ‘Start My Assessment’ link to log back in.


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