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What is the HireVue Platform?

HireVue is one of the leading video interview and online assessment platforms in the market, providing services for the top companies and organizations, including the most significant investment banks, such as Morgan Stanley, Boeing, State Farm, and JP Morgan, and other prime corporations such as Coca-Cola, Point72, and Delta Airlines.

The recruiting company customizes the assessments for the specific job you've applied for to assess both 'hard skills' – the competencies relevant to the job, and 'soft skills' – personal traits and behavioral patterns. Therefore, the tasks and interview questions you receive will relate to the skills necessary for the position you seek. For instance, in a customer service role, qualities such as empathy, politeness, and persuasive ability are evaluated, whereas in a managerial role, attributes like leadership, decisiveness, and problem-solving skills are assessed.

HireVue offers three types of assessments: coding, game-based, and the most popular one – pre-recorded interviews. Depending on the hiring company and position, you may be required to take more than one of these assessments.

The type of assessment you need to take will be noted in the invitation email you received from your recruiter.

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Types of HireVue Assessments

 HireVue offers a variety of pre-employment assessments, falling into three major categories, any of which you might be faced with during the course of your recruitment process:

HireVue Interview Assessments

The HireVue interview, which is a blend of a skills assessment and a preliminary screening, involves responding to pre-recorded questions. You'll have a maximum of three minutes to answer each question. Typically, these interviews consist of 5 to 8 questions and require approximately 20 minutes to finish.

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HireVue Game-Based Assessments

Like Arctic Shores and Pymetrics, which use gamified evaluations, HireVue also offers game-based psychometric tests. These tests are designed to assess various skills such as reasoning, cognitive and numerical abilities, problem-solving, attention span, memory, and emotional intelligence.

HireVue's platform includes a suite of 20 different games. Recruiters typically select between 3 to 9 of these games, choosing those that are most relevant for assessing the skills needed for the specific role you're applying for.

Each game in HireVue's arsenal is timed, with a duration ranging from 3 to 7 minutes.

HireVue Coding Assessment

The HireVue coding assessment aims to assess the competencies required for roles involving development and coding, including software programming, data science, and database programming. Participants will receive a coding task tailored to their area of expertise in a specific programming language, such as Java, Python, Ruby, C#, Haskell, and others.

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HireVue Interview Assessments

 The pre-recorded interview is the most common HireVue assessment, which can be taken on its own or together with the coding and gamified assessments.

During the interview, you will encounter pre-recorded questions and will need to record your answers.

This interview format, unlike many others, utilizes HireVue's AI technology. This system analyzes various non-verbal elements such as body language, eye contact, facial expressions, voice tone, pitch, and overall mood. These aspects augment the data from your resume and job application, offering a more comprehensive assessment. This approach streamlines the screening process, saving time and effort for both recruiters and candidates.

The interview questions are custom-tailored for the specific role you're applying for and fall into three categories:

1. Questions about Past Experience: Here, you'll discuss your professional background and challenges you've encountered in previous positions.
2. Situational Judgment Questions: You'll be given hypothetical work scenarios and asked to explain your potential reactions and actions.
3. Scenario-Based Simulations: Similar to situational questions, but you're required to act out your response to a given work scenario.

Typically, the interview includes 5 to 8 questions. For each, you'll have 30 seconds to prepare and up to 3 minutes to record your response.

The interview can be taken via a computer, smartphone, or tablet, at any place and time convenient for you within the specified completion period.

You have the option to pause the interview and resume recording later. However, once a response is submitted, you cannot revisit the question. Upon completion, your responses are uploaded and analyzed by HireVue's AI, with the results and the interview itself forwarded to the recruiters.

Like a face-to-face interview, the exact questions are unknown until the interview begins. Common themes include experience, motivation, prioritization, integrity, and teamwork.

Common HireVue interview assessment questions include:

1. Could you share some details about your background and experiences?
2. Can you recount an instance where you had a disagreement with a colleague?
3. What were the reasons behind your decision to leave your last job?
4. What makes you a strong candidate for this position?
5. Can you explain your understanding of the role you're applying for?
6. What information have you gathered about our organization?
7. What are some of your hobbies and interests outside of work?
8. What are your career aspirations for the next five years?
9. Can you describe an experience where you were involved in a project that did not succeed?
10. What would you consider to be a personal area for improvement?

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HireVue Interview Assessments Tips

Here are some expert tips for achieving maximum success in your HireVue Video Interview:

Be Prepared
Certainly, here's a rewritten version: "Familiarize yourself with the job requirements, conduct thorough research on the company, and reflect on how your skills and past experiences align with both the role and the company's culture.

Be Formal
Approach it as if it were a one-on-one face-to-face interview. Dress appropriately, ensure your environment is neat and organized, and eliminate any potential disruptions such as pets, children, or other distractions that could disrupt the interview.

Be Equipped
Ensure that your equipment is in good working order. Prior to your session, assess the functionality of your camera and microphone. Verify the strength of your internet connection, ensure your device's battery is fully charged, and update Adobe Flash on your computer or the latest app on your smartphone if required.

Be Aware
Be mindful of your behavior, including how you speak, your tone, the words you use, your body language, and your facial expressions. Maintain eye contact with the camera as if you were engaging with a real person, and remember to wear a friendly smile..

Be Yourself
Ultimately, you are a reflection of yourself. Authenticity and sincerity consistently create the most favorable initial impression.

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HireVue Assessments Results

While the HireVue coding and game-based assessments determine results based on the number of correct answers and task completion success, the HireVue interview assessments involve a more intricate evaluation process.

In this context, the company you've applied to has established average scores for each essential trait related to the position. Your objective is to showcase these traits and attain scores surpassing the established averages.

HireVue's AI technology analyzes your non-verbal cues and language usage while also scrutinizing the presence of keywords from the job description. Additionally, it pays attention to consistency; for instance, if you speak about your charisma and leadership abilities with a monotone voice, the AI will take notice and may question your authenticity.

After you've completed the assessment, the data is processed and presented in an Insights report. Depending on the assessment, the HireVue Insights report typically comprises one to three sections: Working Style, Personality and Interpersonal Skills, and Handling Information.

The recruiter will make decisions regarding your progression in the hiring process based on the insights derived from this report.

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