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HireVue Interview

The HireVue interview platform has become one of the most common screening tools today. It is used by the biggest organizations, especially banks and insurance and investment firms, such as Morgan Stanley, Point72, and State Farm.

The HireVue interview platform is an AI system that utilizes candidates' computer or cellphone cameras to analyze non-verbal elements like body language, facial expressions, word choice, and voice tone and generate an "employability" score to compare applicants. This method saves both recruiters and candidates time while providing comprehensive insights for the hiring managers.

This is not a traditional face-to-face interview but a one-way interview in which it will be only you and the camera. Unlike traditional on-site interviews, HireVue presents candidates with a customized video presentation tailored to the prospective employer, prompting responses to pre-set questions.

That means the HireVue interview evaluates both the 'hard skills' required on the job and 'soft skills' such as personal traits and behavioral patterns, ensuring that you match the organization’s values and culture.

In the HireVue interview, you’ll be asked questions about past experiences, situational judgment queries, and scenario-based simulations, each designed to gauge your suitability for the role:

  1. Professional experience questions: you'll delve into your professional history, detailing past roles and the obstacles you've overcome.
  2. Scenario Evaluation: you’ll be presented with hypothetical work situations; you'll articulate your envisioned responses and actions.
  3. Performance Simulation: You'll be asked to demonstrate

Most HireVue interviews include between 5 to 8 questions. You’ll be given 30 seconds to prepare your answer to each question, and up to 3 minutes to record it.

Video Interview

With the flexibility to conduct interviews via computer, smartphone, or tablet, you can choose a convenient time and place for your assessment. Although responses cannot be revisited once submitted, HireVue interview’s AI analysis ensures recruiters receive detailed insights into your suitability, covering common interview themes such as experience, motivation, and teamwork.

To administer your HireVue interview, you may be requested to download the HireVue app through Google Play or the App Store.

 5 Most Common HireVue Interview Questions 

  1. Tell me about yourself
    This question sets your first impression and the overall tone of how you present and represent yourself. So, it’s crucial to be concise and highlight how your skills align with the role and the company rather than delving into personal details.
  2. What are your Long-Term Career Plans?
    This indicates whether the position aligns with your future aspirations or if you're likely to leave for a role more closely aligned with your interests. For example, suppose you're interviewing for a customer service position and express a desire to eventually move into sales management. In that case, it may raise concerns about your long-term commitment to the role and whether you'll be fully engaged in it.
  3. Why Did You Leave Your Previous Job?
    This question aims to uncover your past work experience and preferences, shedding light on what environments suit you best.
  4. What are your Strengths and Weaknesses?
    This question ensures the role capitalizes on your strengths and doesn't heavily rely on your weaknesses. Answer honestly but cautiously, showcasing self-awareness without oversharing.
  5. Why Do You Want to Work Here?
    This question assesses genuine interest in the job and company. Focus on specific aspects of the role and organization that appeal to you, demonstrating your enthusiasm and fit for the position.

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The Advantages of the HireVue Interview 

The HireVue interview gives you the opportunity to articulate and showcase yourself in a manner beyond what a mere resume or phone call allows. Through the video interview, your recruiters gain deeper insights into your personality, motivation, and work ethic. This is an inclusive approach that broadens talent acquisition from diverse backgrounds, not limited to Ivy League institutions.

Another advantage of the HireVue interview is flexibility. This enables you to schedule your interview at your convenience within the time frame you were given to submit it.

Finally, the HireVue pre-recorded interview allows you to convey your potential beyond the written experience, leveraging HireVue to narrate your unique stories and demonstrate capabilities beyond what's captured on your CV.

HireVue Interview Score

Your HireVue interview performance is evaluated using specialized artificial intelligence technology that examines nonverbal cues such as body language, facial expressions, choice of words, and tone of voice. Based on the data points you gathered, you are categorized into one of three categories—high, middle, or low—based on calculations that assess your alignment with the company's criteria.

Reaching the high category ensures that you automatically pass to the next step of the hiring process; reaching the middle and low categories means that your HireVue interview will be reviewed by your recruiters or hiring managers.


 HireVue Interview Tips

Maintain Eye Contact
Ensure consistent eye contact with the camera to simulate face-to-face interaction, projecting confidence and engagement

Speak Clearly
Enunciate words clearly, avoid stuttering, and minimize pauses to maintain a poised and responsive demeanor throughout the interview.

Stay Natural
Try to sound natural rather than rehearsed. Adding your personality to your answers can make a good impression, similar to how you would in live or phone interviews.

Dress Professionally
Wear appropriate attire, such as a suit and tie for banking interviews, to convey professionalism and respect for the occasion.

Energize Your Delivery
Infuse slightly more energy than usual to captivate recruiters' attention and maintain interest throughout the interview.

Align Responses with Company Values
Tailor your answers to reflect the company's values and objectives. This can resonate positively with the AI's keyword recognition system, potentially boosting your score.

Prioritize Quality over Quantity
Focus on delivering concise yet impactful responses within the allotted time frame. Quality of content is critical, so avoid unnecessary lengthiness in answers. So, focus on quality over quantity; keep your answers concise.

Ensure High-Quality Audio
Pay attention to audio quality, speak clearly, and limit background noise. The AI transcribes your speech for evaluation, so clear communication is crucial.

Arrange Your Surroundings
Choose a quiet location with a stable internet connection, good lighting, and few distractions. Remember to ensure that family members, roommates, and pets are not visible on camera.

Prepare in Advance
The HireVue video interviews can be a bit awkward. To avoid discomfort during the interview, practice your digital interviewing skills before the camera beforehand so you can act naturally in real-time. Record yourself responding to practice questions to ensure you feel confident and prepared for your interview.


HireVue Games

 The HireVue games are a series of gamified assessments used by many companies and organizations, including Shell and Unilever.

Similar to other gamified assessments, like Arctic Shores and Pymetrics, The HireVue games offer a unique testing experience, aiming to create a dynamic and engaging assessment environment that is allegedly fair and unbiased for you as a candidate. Though it’s interactive and could even be fun, it doesn’t mean it will be easy.

These HireVue games are aptitude tests designed to evaluate your IQ and EQ through a wide range of traits, competencies, and cognitive and behavioral characteristics, including learning abilities, problem-solving skills, pattern recognition, teamwork, and risk tolerance.

The HireVue games include a catalog of approximately 16 mini-games, but the specific games included in your assessment will depend on your employers' preferences and the requirements of the position you've applied for.

This variability means you may encounter different sets of tests when applying for different positions.

Some of the HireVue games are adaptive, meaning the questions become progressively more complex with each correct answer.

hirevue games



What is in a video interview?

Just like face-to-face job interviews, video interviews aim to assess if you have the qualities and characteristics required for the position you applied for. As such, in the video interview, whether live or pre-recorded interview, you will answer questions regarding your professional experience and expectations from the role. It may also include job simulation tasks, like case studies and role-playing.

What happens in a video interview?

A live video interview is pretty much the same as an on-location in-person interview, in which you and your interviewer both attend the meeting. You will be asked questions about your past experiences and intentions regarding the role you applied for.

In a pre-recorded video interview, there will be only you and the camera, and you will be required to record your answers through an online platform, such as HireVue. This type of online interview usually includes 5 to 8. You will have up to 2 minutes to prepare and up to 3 minutes to record each. Your recording is later reviewed by your recruiters and hiring managers.

What are HireVue games?

The HireVue Games are a series of interactive assessments offered by HireVue. These games aim to create a dynamic and engaging testing experience for candidates while allegedly ensuring fairness and impartiality. The HireVue game-based assessment evaluate your cognitive abilities, personality traits, and problem-solving skills through various online mini-games, encompassing characteristics such as learning abilities, pattern recognition, teamwork, and risk tolerance. With approximately 16 games available, you may encounter different sets of tests depending on the employer's preferences and the job requirements. Some games are adaptive, adjusting in complexity based on your responses.


How does HireVue work?

HireVue utilizes AI-based hiring solutions to screen job applicants for various businesses and organizations. One of its prominent tools is the HireVue interview platform, which employs AI technology to analyze your non-verbal cues, such as body language and facial expressions, generating data points which compiles into your "employability" score. Candidates are prompted to respond to pre-set questions through a customized video presentation, evaluating both hard and soft skills relevant to the job. The HireVue interview typically includes 5 to 8 questions, with each response having a preparation time of 30 seconds and a recording time of up to 3 minutes.

The HireVue Games offer dynamic evaluations of your cognitive and behavioral characteristics. Approximately 16 games are available for assessment, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation tailored to the job requirements.



What to expect from a HireVue interview?

From a HireVue interview, you can expect a dynamic and engaging assessment experience facilitated by specialized AI technology. The HireVue interview process involves answering pre-set questions tailored to your prospective employer, focusing on both hard and soft skills relevant to the position. Through video analysis, non-verbal cues such as body language and tone of voice are evaluated to generate an "employability" score, categorizing your performance into high, middle, or low suitability. In a standard HireVue interview, you will be asked between 5 to 8 questions. Each question allows a preparation time of 30 seconds, followed by a recording time of up to 3 minutes for recording your response.


How do I pass the HireVue test?

To pass the HireVue test, you need to familiarize yourself with the unique challenges and tailor your responses to the job's requirements and the organization’s values and culture. Additionally, ensure your environment is conducive to recording, dress professionally, and practice your interview skills beforehand to optimize your performance.


How does HireVue detect cheating?

As an AI-based technology, the HireVue platform can track and analyze your eye and mouse movements and assess your voice to identify potential instances of cheating.


Is HireVue an actual interview?

Yes, though not a live interview, the HireVue interview is indeed a real interview as it evaluates various aspects, including verbal and non-verbal communication, as well as problem-solving skills and personality traits. It's designed to provide a comprehensive evaluation of you as a job candidate, similar to a traditional face-to-face interview, but with the convenience of being conducted remotely.


Are HireVue interviews hard?

HireVue interviews vary in difficulty, depending on the role and the specific questions asked. While the format provides a unique testing experience, incorporating AI technology and non-verbal analysis, it also presents challenges you should be aware of to excel. These interviews typically consist of 5 to 8 questions covering past experiences, situational judgment, and scenario-based simulations, each designed to gauge suitability for the role. Additionally, you should ensure they maintain eye contact, speak clearly, and keep distractions out of view to optimize their performance.


Are HireVue interviews timed?

Yes, HireVue interviews are timed. The interview typically includes 5 to 8 questions, with candidates given 30 seconds to prepare and up to 3 minutes to record their responses.


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