State Farm Pre-Employment Assessment - Updated Guide [2024]

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What Is on the State Farm Pre-Employment Test?

The assessments you take while applying for a State Farm job will depend on your chosen position. Some find themselves sitting a cognitive assessment, but most entry-level customer-facing jobs, such as claims associates, require a call center simulation consisting of two distinct online tests.

These State Farm tests include a data entry assessment and a typing test. Though straightforward and relevant for the job, these tasks are still highly selective and easily root out candidates who lack the necessary skillset.

What Other State Farm Tests Are There?

In addition to the contact center simulation, you may also face the State Farm Behavioral Assessment to evaluate your personality traits, or an oral language proficiency test (AKA the State Farm Video Interview). Let's begin by discussing the data entry and typing assessment tests.


Note: State Farm Aptitude tests used to include the PI Learning Indicator and the KSAO assessment, which stands for Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Other characteristics. The information on this page is more up-to-date.

The Data Entry Assessment

After starting State Farm's hiring process by filling out your candidate profile and CV on the State Farm Careers website, you will receive an invitation for the SF Selection Assessment after about one day. 

The first test is the data entry task. You will listen to a simulation of a customer call. The call can be replayed only once, at the cost of valuable points, so you must pay attention. Listen for relevant information such as billing address, product name, and product size, and fill them into the form as clearly and accurately as you can. The customer will be speaking quickly and will not repeat important information.

Here is an image of the task from our State Farm preparation Pack:

Data Entry Image

The overall exam consists of three such calls. In each one, you will be representing a different company. Though the assessment is not timed, your submission speed may be factored into your overall score.

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TIP: This task measures attention, perceptual acuteness, and response speed. These are all capabilities that significantly improve when you are well-rested.

Make sure you have working headphones before beginning the task. There will be a volume check at the start of the assessment.

The State Farm Typing Test

The second task included in the call center simulation is a simple typing assessment. 

You will see a paragraph onscreen. Your task is to copy it as accurately as you can into a designated box. You will have two minutes to complete as much of the text as you can. After the time is up, the task will end whether you have completed it or not.

Typing Test Image

The score on this test is influenced by your word per minute (WPM) count as well as your overall accuracy. Note that the test is case and punctuation-sensitive

There will be two paragraphs to copy.

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TIP: prioritize accuracy over speed. There is no value in rapid typing if you keep making mistakes. Develop the ability to type cleanly at a speed you are comfortable with. Then, when you feel ready, try increasing your speed incrementally.

Pass Your State Farm Assessment Test and Ace Your Recruitment Process

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You can also keep track of your stats, like WPM, erasures, accuracy level, and more.

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The State Farm Language Proficiency Assessments

Many jobs at State Farm require language proficiency skills. These might include reading and writing assessments, but most often they will be a simple oral assessment requiring you to record yourself answering conversational prompts.

To this end, State Farm utilizes the HireVue Video Interview as one of its pre-employment tests.

Once you have successfully passed your initial State Farm assessment, you will receive an email invitation to complete the interview within a few days. 

What Do the Language Proficiency Tests Assess?

The main aim of this interview is to evaluate the candidate's ability to communicate effectively. The HireVue interview is not a substitute for the real State Farm Interview, which also ascertains the candidate's knowledge of the insurance industry, their motivations, and their drives. Rather, it is an early part of the screening process designed to prepare you for the real thing. You are evaluated for:

  • Your fluency, coherence, and fluidity.
  • Eloquence in describing details, providing examples, and forming cohesive and persuasive arguments.
  • The way you present yourself; the formality of your speech. Your people skills.

How Do I Prepare for a State Farm Interview?

Interviews are a decisive part of the hiring process at State Farm. Whether you are doing the HireVue pre-recorded interview or a live interview with a real recruiter, these basic tips will help you come across as the best version of yourself.


Do Your Research
Make sure you are well informed on State Farm's mission statement, organizational structure, and foundational values. Form an idea of how your skills can match the company's vision and what added value you bring to the table.


Mind Your Environment
Despite video interviews seeming less formal than face-to-face ones, recruiters still expect you to be sitting in a well-lit, neutral, and quiet environment. Make sure the camera frames you from the shoulders up and is on eye level. Consider using books or other objects to prop the camera up.


Dress the Part
The video interview allows you to apply for a job from the comfort of your own home. Don't take this to mean you can go live wearing a hoodie or a tank top, though. State Farm does not require a suit-and-tie, but business casual wear is expected. 

Come Prepared - Utilize Practice Tests

The State Farm online application, interview process, and the State Farm tests allow your hiring manager to glimpse into your knowledge, skills, strengths over other applicants, and ability to provide quality service, enter data, and show a good understanding of the job description.

Make sure to take the pre-employment assessment after sufficient practice, so you can truly boast your skills and ace the tests.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time limit for the State Farm Assessment Test?

Once you receive your email invitation to take the data entry and typing assessments, you will have six days to complete them. If you fail to complete the tasks by that time, your candidacy will be terminated. 

The actual assessment takes about 15 minutes to complete. The data entry section is untimed, and the typing section gives you two minutes per paragraph.

The HireVue interview takes about 20 minutes to complete.

What is the next application stage after the HireVue task?

If you pass your HireVue assessment, you will receive an email inviting you to set up a 30-minute State Farm Interview via phone or web camera.

How long is the State Farm application process?

The application process for State Farm Insurance job opportunities may be lenghty, with some applications left on review for upwards of two months.

If you do not receive word from State Farm within a reasonable timeframe, don't hesitate to contact a recruiter via LinkedIn or the State Farm website.

Can I receive accommodations for the State Farm Assessment Test?

Yes. If you are able to provide verification of circumstances which affect your ability to take the test, you can contact the State Farm recruitment team to request accommodations.

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