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DDI Test Types

The most common DDI assessments are the Career Battery, Skills Test, Readiness Assessment, Insight Inventory, and Adaptive Reasoning Test.

DDI Adaptive Reasoning Test (ART)

DDI’s Adaptive Reasoning Test (ART) is a short online test of 15 questions. The ART is a visual test with no words, presenting a series of shapes with patterns you must solve using what DDI calls “figural reasoning.”

The ART is currently taken by more than 200,000 people per year across more than 90 countries and is typically used to screen applicants for jobs that demand learning new information quickly. The ART adjusts the difficulty of each question, providing more difficult questions after correct responses, and less difficult questions after incorrect ones. Because of this, each test-taker receives a unique series of questions. Prepare for the ART test at JobTestPrep.

DDI Career Battery test

DDI Career Batteries are employment personality tests designed to screen a large number of job applicants, and in some cases to streamline promotion of those already hired. This DDI test is typically used in high volume hiring scenarios, where employers aim to assess job applicants as quickly as possible.

Career Batteries test the 3 following personality traits:

  • Self-management & teamwork - You are asked if you agree or disagree with statements about behavior in the workplace.
  • Judgment & decision making - You are presented with challenging work scenarios and asked to judge effective problem-solving solutions from ineffective problem-solving solutions.
  • Personal experience - You are asked to choose from a selection of responses that best describe your prior experience in the career field.

JobTestPrep offers practice personality tests and expert tips that will help you pass the DDI Career Battery test or any other personality test you might take.

  • For tips on how to pass employment personality tests - Click Here.
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DDI Readiness Assessment

The Readiness Assessments serve as DDI’s personality tests for leadership and sales positions. They provide a full picture of your strengths and weaknesses in the workplace. The Readiness Assessments measure your potential for job success, and are used primarily in organizational and corporate development.

Some DDI Readiness Assessments are:

  • The Leader Readiness Assessment Test for management positions
  • The Sales Readiness Assessment Test for a variety of sales positions

DDI Insight Inventory

DDI Insight Inventories provide insights into your personality traits and abilities in the workplace, highlighting areas for improvement rather than screening for compatibility.

  • Leader Insight Inventory - For mid-level managers and supervisors
  • Sales Insight Inventory - For sales positions
  • Professional Insight Inventory - For professional jobs staffed by college graduates

DDI Skills Test

DDI also offers the Skills Tests. DDI testing covers concrete skills in the Accounting, Finance, Food Service, Legal, Retail, Software, and Medical industries.

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