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Korn Ferry Aims and Exams

In the world of executive assessments, Korn Ferry is considered to be the global leader. This company aims to align the specific leadership position requisites with the matching candidate.

Key dimensions of leadership as defined by Korn Ferry include:

  • Traits
  • Drivers
  • Experiences
  • Competencies

In addition to its four-dimensional set of factors, Korn Ferry has identified four primary leadership styles: task-focused, intellectual, participative, and social. Several leadership assessment tests have emerged within the realm of these four styles and dimensions.

Korn Ferry: Global Competency Framework

The Competency Framework is the newest of Korn Ferry offerings. The unique character of this Leadership Architecture concerns its specificity. Utilizing the 4D factors, Korn Ferry has built a test framework around 12 clusters and 38 competencies. The test is designed to support companies in the candidate selection process, management of executive performance, and transition resulting from the succession of executives.

Focused on leadership in the present world, some of the elements highlighted in the Korn Ferry Leadership Architect™ Global Competency Framework include:

  • Traits/Dispositions – patience, logic and reasoning, risk of derailment, assertiveness, risk taking, self-confidence
  • Experiences – leadership-related tasks in employment history
  • Competencies – interpersonal relations, decision-making, work-related skills

The Leadership Architect was developed with a focus on clarity and ease of comprehension.

Korn Ferry Assessment of Leadership Potential

This leadership assessment is designed to identify candidates who possess the highest potential for success in a leadership role. Learning agility is highlighted as the greatest predictor of leadership performance.

Are you adaptable, curious, focused, tolerant of diversity in thought and ethnicity, and able to work well regardless of the uncertainty of job parameters? If these are primary elements of your character, then chances are good you will achieve a high rating on the leadership potential assessment. When answering test questions, keep the learning agility focus in mind.

Other factors highly rated as important in successful leaders include: experience, self-awareness, leadership traits, inherent interest in taking the lead, problem-solving skills, and the propensity to avoid project derailment. Arrive at the Korn Ferry Assessment of Leadership Potential exam knowing that you are a born leader.

Korn Ferry Four-Dimensional (KF4D) Executive Assessment

Within the structure of the four Korn Ferry dimensions that characterize high-performing leaders, the company places a major emphasis on learning agility and personal energy in this most-often-administered assessment. Energy can be measured in terms of many traits such as persistence, assertiveness, drive to achieve, and conscientiousness.

You can expect an aptitude test that assesses skills such as problem solving, mathematical calculations, decision-making, strategic thinking, world view, business comprehension, and interpersonal communication abilities. A personality test is also part of the landscape of the KF4D Executive Assessment.

Korn Ferry viaEdge

As a self-assessment, the viaEdge test is presented in an online, self-administered format. The primary focus of this exam is on learning agility: the essential skills of high-potential leaders to learn from work situations and adapt quickly to new circumstances.

The viaEdge is used as a tool for hiring the best leadership talent, promoting most effectively within the company, and identifying managers who fit the requisites of international managerial positions. While taking this test, expect questions dealing with various types of agility such as mental, change, people, and results. Immediate adaptation to situational changes is necessary for effective leadership. You will find many of the viaEdge items to assess this particular skill.

This is a 30-minute test that secondarily stresses self-awareness. Companies are looking for executives with a clear view of their own strengths, weaknesses, skill sets, and areas that are in need of heightened perception.

Preparing for Korn Ferry Leadership Assessment Test

You can thoroughly prepare for Korn Ferry assessments by working on practice tests, studying Q & A analysis, reading a study guide to arrive at a better understanding of the focus behind questions and the rationale for expected answers, and learning strategic testing tips.

Practicing on sample tests has been found to decrease exam anxiety and increase accuracy and speed. Knowing what to expect before you begin your actual Korn Ferry leadership exam goes a long way toward optimizing your test results. is the site that provides an affordable and thorough Korn Ferry test preparation.

Start preparing for the Korn Ferry Leadership Assessment with our customized preparation package which includes: practice tests, a study guide, test tips, and more. JobTestPrep is here to help you prepare for the Korn Ferry Leadership Assessment, improving your chances of passing the test and landing the job you want.

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