ACT WorkKeys Fit Assessment – The Complete Guide [2024]
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What Is the WorkKeys Fit Assessment?

The ACT WorkKeys Fit assessment measures your occupational interests, preferences, and working values to evaluate how well you fit into a certain line of work and how well you are aligned in an organizational culture. 

The test comprises two parts – the ACT Interest Inventory and the Work Values Inventory.

You will have 102 items to address in approximately 20 minutes.

This assessment is administrated only by computer.

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Act Interest Inventory

This section of the test assesses six basic occupational interests –

  • Arts – expressing yourself through creative activities, such as writing, designing, painting, dancing, and singing.
  • Technical – working with instruments such as tools, mechanical gear, and electrical equipment to carry out activities like building, designing, and repairing machinery.
  • Social Services – serving others through counseling, teaching, engaging in the social and political arena, and providing costumer-services.
  • Business Operations – developing and maintaining orderly and accurate accounts, records, and files and following procedures for business activities.
  • Science and Technology – investigating and understanding occurrences in the natural sciences through research.
  • Administration and Sales – persuading, directing, and motivating other people through sales, business management, and supervision.

You will be presented with a list of work-related activities, and you will need to indicate how much you would like to do each of them on a scale of “Like” to “Dislike.”

WorkKeys Fit Assessment – ACT Interest Inventory Sample Question

Rate the following activities:


• Planning a workflow


• Training new employees


• Researching information


• Pitching ideas



As in the Interest Inventory section of the assessment, this is your chance to point out the values that can contribute to your position and organization. As such, in academic, research, and science jobs, Order should be an extremely important value, while Autonomy should be ranked high in managerial positions.

Work Values Inventory

This section of the test assesses 18 common work-related values, among them are –

  • Authority – being in charge and telling people what to do.
  • Precision – being accurate in your work.
  • Creativity – creating new things and finding new methods of doing things.
  • Helping People – improving the lives of other people through activities like mentoring, teaching, and physical assistance.
  • Public Contact – interacting with external customers, vendors, or the public.
  • Intellectual Stimulation – solving complex problems and thinking about challenging concepts.
  • Physical Activity – moving around during work by walking, lifting, bending, etc.

You will be presented with a list of work-related values, and you will need to indicate the importance of each of them to you on a scale of “Not important at all” to “Extremely important.”


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WorkKeys Fit Assessment Tips 


Focus on the career you want
The Fit assessment evaluates your personal tendencies and how they correlate with the characteristics of the position you aim for. Thus, when addressing the questions, consider the job-specific requirements and highlight the traits that are best for the position.


Your Fit goes both ways
This test assesses how fit you are for certain jobs and professions, and both you and your recruiter want you to be the perfect match. So, if you feel that your answers are less intuitive and not necessarily aligned with your personality, it may not be a good career path for you.

noteBe positive
Your answers not only indicate your traits but also your way of thinking. The assessment is actually a form of first impression on your recruiters. Keep that in mind when addressing the questions, and emphasize positive traits, such as friendliness, optimism, calmness, etc.

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