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What Is the WorkKeys Business Writing Test?

The ACT WorkKeys Business Writing Test assesses your writing skills, and ability to produce an original, coherent, and eloquent response to work-related situations.


You will be presented with a workplace scenario, and you will need to write a response letter in which you will need to demonstrate skills such as grammar, sentence structure, word usage, tone and word choice, development of ideas, and focus and organization.

View examples of common business writing errors.

The test is scored using 5 "difficulty levels", ranging from 1 to 5. You are evaluated on each score level by displaying additional writing competencies than the previous levels.

You will have one prompt to write in 30 minutes.

This assessment is administrated only by computer.

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WorkKeys Business Writing Practice Questions


  • WorkKeys Business Writing Practice Question #1

At your company, employees are allowed to work remotely and according to their own schedule as long as they attend frontal or online meetings.

However, your manager says the employees never show up to the office and never see each other face to face.

She wants all employees to arrive at the office three days a week.

Write a letter to your manager explaining whether or not you are in favor of this requirement and why.

  • WorkKeys Business Writing Practice Question #2

Your company works with clients from other countries in different time zones. By definition, your working hours are between 09:00 AM and 09:00 PM.

Because of the time differences, your team is required to work from 11:00 AM to 07:00 PM. 

Write a letter to your manager explaining why you either support or are against this new requirement.

  • WorkKeys Business Writing Practice Question #3

You work for a tech startup in Georgia, but you need to move to Texas in order to attend to family matters

You want to apply for another position in technology, but because of the competition within the industry, you were asked to sign a non-compete agreement that prevents you from working for another tech company until a year has passed since your resignation.

Write a persuasive letter to your manager to release you from the agreement so that you may apply for your desired position.


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ACT WorkKeys Business Writing Score

The WorkKeys Business Writing test score ranges between 0 and 5; each has a set of criteria that need to be met.

Score 0 –

•   The text was off-topic, too short to evaluate, or written in a language that is not English.

•   May include offensive or inappropriate language.

Score 1 –

•   Frequent grammar and mechanic errors

•   Contains little or no support or development

•   Construction error

•   Poor choice of words

•   Tone or style that is inconsistent with business writing

Score 2 –

•   Grammar and mechanic errors

•   Tone or style that is inconsistent with business writing

•   Slightly developed ideas or support

•   Little or no transitions

•   Simple or repetitive sentences

•   Lack of construction

Score 3 –

•   Correct grammar and spelling

•   Adequate but limited idea development

•   General supporting examples

•   Irrelevant or repetitive details

•   Organized writing but unfocused

•   Simple transitions

•   Clear word choice that may be informal or repetitive

•   Tone and style that is consistent with business writing but may be too casual

Score 4 –

•   Correct grammar and spelling

•   Developed ideas with relevant examples and supports

•   Organized and consistent writing

•   Effective transitions

•   Sentences varied in length and complexity

•   Varied and precis word choice

•   Tone and style that is consistent with business writing but may be too casual

Score 5 –

•   Correct grammar and spelling

•   Well-developed ideas with elaborated and relevant examples and supports

•   Well-organized and consistent writing from beginning to end

•   Varied and effective transitions that create a flow of ideas

•   Sentences varied in length and complexity

•   Varied and precis word choice

•   Tone and style that is consistent with business writing but may be too casual


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WorkKeys Business Writing Test Tips



Stay focused
When reading the prompt, mark or write the central theme you need to address in your response. Don’t let your eyes or mind wander off it, so that it remains the primary issue of your argument and examples.


Bring backup
Though your thoughts and opinions are important and even crucial if you want to be persuasive, they're not enough. It would be best if you backed your cause with examples, case studies, and supporting arguments.


Define your goal
When thinking about what you want to write in your response, you should consider several factors – what is your role in the scenario, who is the recipient of your letter, which genre of writing is appropriate for this situation, and what are you trying to achieve in writing this letter.


Build a structure
Your letter needs a strong structure that includes a beginning, middle, and end. This will assist you in presenting your idea, developing it, and summarizing it coherently and fluently.

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