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What is the FBI Test?

The Special Agent Selection System (SASS) is an intensive and challenging recruitment procedure, which ensures the selection of only the most capable candidates. The Phase I FBI assessment test is an online exam that is performed in a proctored setting and involves five assessments. These entrance exams evaluate applicants’ logical and figural reasoning abilities, as well as their critical thinking skills and personality traits. Administering the FBI competency test process ensures that only the best candidates are hired for the FBI career.

Watch the following video for sample questions and information about the FBI Phase 1 Test.


Start Practicing with our Free FBI Test Online

With JobTestPrep, you can receive a free FBI test as a teaser of our all-inclusive PrepPacks™. If you like what you saw, be sure to continue practicing with our FBI aptitude test PrepPack™, which is filled with simulated FBI exams, practice materials, and answer explanations. Our two customized online FBI practice tests are designed to help you prepare you for your exams. Start preparing today to get your dream job with the FBI.


What Does the FBI Test Include?

The FBI Special Agent Exam (also called the Phase I test), consists of cognitive, logical reasoning, and behavioral tests which are performed during a three-hour period.

This test process is made up of 5 assessments:

The FBI Logic-Based Reasoning:

This exam contains FBI test questions based on provided passages. This exam measures your ability to assess your attention to detail, make decisions, and evaluate information. You will have a 90-minute time limit for 40–50 questions.

The FBI Figural Reasoning:

This exam includes 9 FBI test questions and evaluates your problem-solving and reasoning abilities when asked to identify relationships and patterns between shapes and images.

The FBI Personality Assessment:

This FBI test online includes 100 questions and is used to assess your personality traits and positive characteristics that are needed to be an FBI agent.

The FBI Preferences and Interests:

This FBI agent test assesses your attitudes, likes and dislikes by evaluating the answers you gave in response to the 37 questions provided.

The FBI Situational Judgement:

This test measures how you relate to others, make decisions, and maintain a positive attitude. Questions are asked about how you handle certain scenarios. Your answers will be compared so being consistent is important.


How Can You Prepare for the FBI Test?

You can easily prepare for the online FBI test to achieve a high score by practicing with our customized PrepPacks™. Not only will you gain FBI test examples and a better understanding of the tools you need to pass, you will also receive timed tests, practice resources, and a biodata inventory study guide to make sure you land your dream career with the FBI.


FBI Test Tips to Help You Succeed

    • Get a good night’s rest before the test day.
    • Make sure to look up the location and the amount of time it will take to get there, so you arrive on time.
    • Relax, breathe, and allow yourself to focus on one step at a time.
    • Come to the test with a positive attitude.
    • Read the instructions carefully so you don’t misunderstand something important.
    • Read every question, as well as all the answer options fully before answering.
    • Pay close attention to keywords, such as “not”.
    • Don’t overthink too much since the questions are not meant to trick you
    • Look over your answers at the end of the exam if you have time left.
    • Lastly, keep calm and be confident, after all, you did use JobTestPrep’s FBI test prep to prepare!



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