Full Raven's Progressive Matrices Test Practice Guide [2024]

What is the Raven's Matrices Test?

Raven's Matrices Test (and mostly, Raven's Progressive Matrices Test) measures unique cognitive abilities – mostly logic, pattern recognition and induction. The questions include different figures in matrices – with multiple answering options. It is crucial to review many examples of different figures, and recognize a variety of common patterns (such as clockwise movement, changing of shapes and increasing/decreasing numbers).

Let's look at a single example before practicing our Free Raven's Matrices Test:

raven matrices q1

Choose the correct answer:


raven matrices q1 o1
raven matrices q1 o2
raven matrices q1 o3
raven matrices q1 o4
raven matrices q1 o6
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

Answer: The correct answer is:

raven matrices q1 a1

The second image in the first two rows is the result of removing a small square from the bottom rectangle in the first image and the third image is the result of removing another small square from the bottom rectangle in the second image. Thus, the third image in the bottom row must be the result of removing a small rectangle from the bottom line of the second image.

Matrices Tip: Recognizing Various Patterns

In dealing with spatial reasoning challenges, particularly with progressive matrices, it's essential to swiftly and accurately identify various patterns. Given the time constraints and potential increase in question complexity, it's vital to not only prepare through practice but also to become adept at noticing common patterns.

These patterns often involve shapes (like circles, triangles, rectangles), rotational movements (clockwise or counter-clockwise), the orientation of lines, and shifts in colors (predominantly black and white). In Raven's Assessments, there is typically a consistent pattern across the rows and a different one across the columns.

Pass the Raven's Matrices Test

Our comprehensive Raven's Matrices Assessment PrepPack includes:

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