Free USPS Postal Exam 474-477: Sample Questions & Answers

The Postal Exam is a general name given to a series of four assessments used by the USPS to screen its candidates.

Each batch of positions in the USPS is required to take a separate assessment that evaluates different skills and personality traits.

The sections that are included in these assessments are: Work Scenarios / Work Situations, Check for Errors, Move the Mail, What Drives You, Tell Us Your Story, Describe Your Approach, Verify Customer Information, Help Your Customers, and Work Your Register.

The sample test below has 1-2 sample questions for each of these sections. So, let's dive right into the test:


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Free Postal Exam Practice Test

Work Scenarios

You are delivering packages today. One of the customers is frustrated because he was looking for a specific product in the nearby office but couldn’t find it. He then asks for your help.

What will you most and least likely do?

USPS Assessment Work Scenarios Practice Question


Most likely: B

Least likely: C

This situation measures your customer service orientation, sense of judgment, and overall prioritization skills. You have a busy day ahead full of deliveries, so that means that you probably cannot add extra assignments; nonetheless, you are expected to help the frustrated customer however you can.

Let’s review each answer separately.

Answer A: This response is helpful since you provide the customer with accurate and essential details; however, in the end, the customer has to apply extra effort to receive the product. It is a decent response, but not as ideal as answer B.

Answer B: This response is not the most proactive choice (answer D is the most proactive response), but it is the only helpful and reasonable answer when considering your workload and the situation at hand. In this response, you are not only helping the customer find what he wants, but you are also thinking out-of-the-box to offer him an alternative and available product; with answer B, you can help the customer efficiently get what he needs since you do not have to send him elsewhere. Remember that since you may know the products better, the customer often doesn’t even know that here's an alternative for him! Showing off your product knowledge and suggesting feasible options will simultaneously create a positive customer experience and enhance the office’s reputation.

Answer C: This response has no positive effect – not on you or the office. Answer C shows the customer a real lack of interest and effort in assisting him. By not being offered a potential solution to his problem, the customer leaves with nothing but frustration and more work for him to do. To show the customer that you care, you could have offered to inform the postmaster personally; however, this response only further transfers the responsibility of handling the situation to someone else. This is not an admirable professional trait because employers seek independent problem-solvers.

Answer D: While this option allows you to placate the customer, adding extra deliveries into your already busy schedule is challenging. You should indeed provide customers with the best service that you can, but it should still be reasonable and realistic.


On this question type, you should base your answers on the information provided solely. Do not use any previous information that you have learned in past workplaces, as the USPS has its own unique values and culture.


Work Situations

A customer has approached you to purchase a set of stamps. You price it for her, and she is outraged by the cost, claiming that it is much too expensive for a set of stamps.

What will you most and least likely do?

USPS Assessment Work Situations Practice Question


Most Likely: B

Least Likely: C

This situation is designed to measure your customer service skills by helping an angry customer. It's likely to believe that you cannot do much about the price, but you are expected to try and find a solution to her problem. Also, this situation measures your behavior, so make sure that you are the person who handles the situation.

Let's review each answer separately.

Answer A: Though you probably cannot do anything about the price, it does not sound like you want to address the customer's needs. You do not present her with any alternatives or try to find a solution to her problem. This response demonstrates a lack of effort and thus poor service orientation as you make no effort to ensure the customer's needs are addressed.

Answer B: Here, you demonstrate good customer service skills as you offer the customer a less expensive alternative product that also suits her needs. By doing so, you provide her with an immediate and practical solution to her problem.

Answer C: By this response, you delegate the responsibility to someone else superior to you. Managers seek independent and accountable employees, and this response proves the contrary.

Answer D: This response is passive since you don’t try to help the customer, and she may think you are making up excuses. Perhaps it's true that the stamps are high quality, but that’s definitely not what the customer wants to hear now. This answer is not ranked as "least likely" since you do try to deal with the problem yourself, contrary to answer C, where you don’t even try.


On the actual test, time is not limited but will probably be counted. You are expected to solve these Work Situation questions in approximately 15 minutes, but it is recommended to work quickly.


Verify Customer Information

USPS Assessment Verify Customer Information Sample Question

USPS Exam Verify Customer Information Example


New street: 2438 Cimmaron Rd is the old street. 4239 Wright Ct is the new street.

New state: AL versus AR


Remember that Correct means that all information details are completely identical, while even the slightest difference in the tables means Mistake. Once you complete a question, you cannot go back to it, so answer carefully.


Move the Mail

Envelopes are sorted into mailboxes according to the house number on the envelope.

Packages are sorted into boxes according to the last three digits of the package zip code.

Sort the envelope or package into the correct mailbox or box, according to the above rules.

USPS Assessment Move the Mail Practice Question


Sorting packages into boxes is done according to the LAST THREE DIGITS of the package's zip code, in this case - 720.


Make sure you follow the two rules accurately (envelopes VS packages), as this is the only way to answer these questions correctly.


What Drives You

I'd like to work where...

1. I am solely responsible for my own outcomes, not those of others

2. To complete tasks and goals, I often collaborate with others


I am solely responsible for my own outcomes, not those of others. – ACCOUNTABILITY

To complete tasks and goals, I often collaborate with others. - TEAMWORK

One of USPS's core values is TEAMWORK. This should be your immediate choice. The other option proves your ACCOUNTABILITY and indicates that you prefer independent work.

To fully understand the TEAMWORK and ACCOUNTABILITY's purpose, please read the relevant sections in the What Drives You Guide.

I'd like to work where...

1. Every day, I take part in many different positions

2. I have a clear set of responsibilities that I follow


Every day, I take part in many different positions. - VERSATILITY

I have a clear set of responsibilities that I follow. - INFLEXIBILITY

VERSATILITY and FLEXIBILITY are both values that USPS appreciate. This question is an easy one – one statement expresses VERSATILITY, and the other expresses INFLEXIBILITY. Therefore the VERSATILITY statement is the preferred choice.

To fully understand the VERSATILITY and FLEXIBILITY's purpose, please read the relevant section in the What Drives You Guide.


'What Drives You' is a motivation test that is designed to reveal what fulfills you in your workplace. Each question is meant to assess the level you relate to two different sources of motivation. You may encounter the same motivation sources in various questions, so to stay consistent with your answers, examine each question thoroughly before you pick an answer.


Tell Us Your Story

If you were a manager, after how many times that an employee missed work (per year) would you deliver a warning?

A. This shouldn't happen at all

B. 1-2

C. 3-4

D. 5-7

E. 8-10

F. 11-15

G. More than 15


The preferred answers are (A) This shouldn’t happen at all or (B) 1–2, since they portray you as a serious employee who arrives every day at work.

This question indirectly measures your diligence and seriousness regarding your job. The question uses a technique that leads you to think like a manager, but it actually measures you: After how many times that you miss work without informing your manager would you be fine with being warned?

People tend not to like being warned, meaning that they may often choose answers that enable them to miss work without notifying a manager. However, this means that they tend to skip work sometimes without notification. Choosing answers A or B indicates that you don’t tend to miss work without informing your manager; this implies, therefore, that you would understand your managers if they warn you after only a few times.

NOTE: Answer A might be placating and radical, therefore we recommend choosing it if you haven’t chosen too many placating answers already; you will encounter a few similar questions throughout this test, so keep that in mind. This is because in the actual test, your answers to all questions are measured against each other and other candidates.

Think of your future at USPS. For how long do you wish to work here?

A. Up to 6 months

B. 6 months to 1 year

C. 1 to 2 years

D. 2 to 5 years

E. 5 to 10 years

F. More than 10 years


The preferred answers are C, 1 to 2 years or D, 2 to 5 years or E, 5 to 10 years.

This question measures your diligence and seriousness regarding your job. As an employee, the company invests money, time, and effort into training you to do the job the best you can. Therefore, they wish to keep their employees for the long term and reduce the likelihood of unexpected turnover.

Choosing answers A and B show that you are not serious enough about the job. On the other hand, answer F is too placating, and it is also difficult to forecast what will happen within 10 years.

NOTE: On the actual test, your answers to all questions are measured compared to each other and other candidates.


Remember to answer each question in relation to work. If needed, recall past events that occurred to you in your previous workplaces. Once you choose an answer, you will automatically advance; so, choose your answer carefully.


Describe Your Approach

The following questions will be given without answers, as they are a part of a wider 62-question personality practice test that provides a personalized summary report at the end. This summary report will outline the personality traits and behaviors that your answers reflected, and will suggest how to modify your answers so that you increase your chances of passing this section.

USPS Assessment Personality Practice Question


Postal Exam Personality Test Practice Question


When answering a question, think about yourself in a work environment. Since most situations are relatively realistic and daily, you will probably be able to identify with one of them quickly.


Check for Errors

Post Office Exam Check for Errors Practice Question


The first row is a match, and the last three rows are with errors.


In the actual test, will be presented with 12 pairs of eight-digit sequences, divided into three screens (4 questions in each screen). This section is not timed, but you are encouraged to complete it as quickly as possible. Candidates usually complete all the questions in this section within two minutes


Help Your Customers

Type of shipment

Time of delivery



Priority Mail Express

The next day



Priority Mail

1-3 days



First-Class Mail

2-5 days



Media Mail

2-8 days


Not available

USPS Retail Ground

3-8 days


Not available


Mrs. Blake shipped her package on Monday via Priority Mail. It’s Wednesday, and she tells you that her client didn’t get the box yet. Therefore, she wants to know where the package is. How would you respond?

A. The package should have arrived yesterday.

B. The package should arrive today.

C. The package should arrive tomorrow.

D. The package should arrive on Friday


The correct answer is C; The package should arrive tomorrow.

Since Mrs. Blake used Priority Mail, her package should arrive within 1-3 days. It was shipped on Monday, meaning it should arrive on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

Since today is Wednesday, if the package hasn't arrived yet, it will arrive by tomorrow (Thursday).


This test section is designed to measure your ability to help your customers, by solving their problems and advising them according to complicated policies and regulations.


Work Your Register

USPS Exam Work Your Register Practice Question


The correct answer is 1 1 1 4 1 0 0 1

The smallest number of coins needed to reach the correct change of $39.26 is adding one $20 bill, one $10 bill, one $5 bill and four $1 bills to reach $39. Add to this one quarter ($0.25) and one cent ($0.01) to reach the correct total of $39.26.

$20 × 1 + $10 × 1 + $5 × 1 + $1 × 4 + $0.10 × 2 + $0.05 × 1 + $0.01 × 1 = $39.26


On the actual test, you will have 3 transactions in a recommended time of 2 minutes (time is not limited but is most likely counted). You are expected to solve all problems in the allocated time; the faster you complete the test, the better. Calculators are allowed on this test.


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