Civil Service Exam: Free Practice Tests & Info [2022]

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What Is Civil Service

Every government employee in the public sector who isn’t a political appointee or part of the military is considered a civil servant. In the USA there are about 3 million workers in the civil service.


What Is a Civil Service Exam

The Civil Service exam is the major step used to screen the many applicants that apply to civil service. The general types of questions found on the civil service exam are: Cognitive abilities questions, Personality questions, and Situational Judgment questions.

If you know what test you’re taking, it is better to practice for it specifically. If you are not sure, you can get full practice on our all-inclusive civil service examination package.

Free Civil Service Practice Tests

Standard Civil Service Exam

A common civil service examination tests your reading comprehension, basic math aptitude, and data analysis. It is a test you are likely to encounter if you are applying to most civil service jobs.


Civil Service Clerical Position

One of the most typical civil service jobs is the clerk position. This exam tests your ability to spot errors in data, basic math aptitude, filing ability and basic control of the English language.


Police Officers

There are 18,000 different police departments in the USA alone, and each one has its own rules. Nevertheless, they all similar in form to the police exam.


911 Dispatchers

Even though it's a desk job, it's still very intense. Your judgment and ability to gather the right data on time will be crucial factors in your hireability. You can practice with our full 911 dispatcher pack, along with our specific package for the CritiCall Test, data entry, and more. We offer sample questions, info, and a complete preparation package at the moment.


Fire Fighters

The Firefighter exam is not only physically difficult but also mentally challenging! On this test you are likely to face situational judgment and personality questions, basic mechanical, math and reading aptitude questions.


FBI Special Agents

You’d be surprised that you can actually practice in advance for such a secretive job. You are welcome to be one of the thousands that use our preparation pack to be an FBI special agent each year.


New York State Exams

NYS and especially NYC are hot spots for civil service jobs and are known for the pride they take in their civil service careers. You can get different preparations for the different jobs offered.


New Jersey State Exams

NJ is also famous for its own civil service organizations it has. Due to the high number of applications, the process is very competitive. Practicing in advance is the key to passing.


California State Exams

California is the nation’s most populated state which means there are many openings each year. Getting familiar with the CA civil service exams is a huge advantage.

How to Pass Civil Service Tests

There are a few steps that are in common to most civil service exams:

1. Search for the date of the exam you want to take and apply by either mail, in person, or online.

2. Check that you have all the requirements for the job on hand, such as an updated driver’s license and high school certification (note: some positions require different credentials).

3. Pay the application fee- There are different fees for different exams, which vary between states and counties.

4. If you’re entitled to veteran’s credits, you’ll need to show a copy of your DD214 military discharge when applying. This will get you an advantage over other test takers.

5. Practice towards your exam- Most civil service tests are difficult and require thorough preparation prior to taking them. Use practice tests to familiarize yourself with the content and format. That way, you’ll improve your ability to answer correctly with flying colors.

How Hard Is the Civil Service Exam?

Because there are so many different civil service exams, the answer really depends on the one you’re taking. A police officer doesn’t take the same test as an accountant or a clerk. What makes the civil service test so difficult is its competitive process.


Competitive VS Non–Competitive Exams

There are two primary types of civil service tests- competitive and non-competitive. In the competitive exam, you will be evaluated in relation to other candidates. A Non-competitive exam has a baseline passing score of 70%, which only a few manage to surpass (at around 15 percent!). That is why it is crucial to practice in advance in both cases.

Working as a Police Officer

Being a police officer is one of the most coveted jobs in the civil service. That isn’t surprising when you consider the cultural impact the force has on society.

Police officers often enjoy a flexible schedule (shifts), life insurance, overtime pay, optional early retirement packages, educational programs, union membership, health coverage, and much more. In NYC police officers can earn 100K annually.

For all these reasons, the process is very competitive, and it is challenging to pass the Police Entry-Level Exam. We advise you to study in advance and learn more before taking a police exam.

Working in the Fire Department

Firefighters enjoy a wide spectrum of government programs and benefits as well. They are often regarded as heroes in the eyes of the public and need to be courageous with great communication skills. Oh, and in populated areas firefighters can make between 80-110K a year.

It is no secret that the physical tests for firefighters are extraordinarily tough. But without a great score on the Cognitive abilities, Personality and Situational Judgment test, you cannot get accepted. You can find a tailored pack and more information here for the test you are likely to encounter when applying for firefighters’ jobs.


The civil service exam comes in many forms and changes between states, counties, departments, and positions. Before taking an exam, you should look for details such as the date, fees, and the qualifications necessary. Then, address the exam itself by practicing in advance.

That is the surest way to pass a civil service exam and join the ranks of the many employees who enjoy government benefits and culture.

Good luck on your civil service exam!