Free Civil Service Exam Questions: Practice Tests
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What are Civil Service Tests Needed for?

These tests are employed by governmental organizations on the federal, state, and local levels for a wide range of positions and fields, including: Air Traffic Control, Border Patrol, CIA, FBI, Foreign Service, IRS, Postal Service, Secret Service, TSA, and U.S. Customs. The tests are designed to give the agency a sense of who is and who is not capable of fulfilling the basic duties required of them.

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Competitive VS Non–Competitive Exams

There are two primary types of civil service tests, including competitive and non-competitive. The competitive exam means that you will be judged in relation to other test takers. This means for example, if the average is an 80%, then you will have to score 80%or higher to be considered. Non-competitive exam have a baseline passing score of 70%. Those who pass are eligible , while those who do not reach the minimum fail.

Free Civil Service Sample Tests

Click on the links below to access JobTestPrep's Free Civil Service Tests:

Free Critical Thinking Civil Service Practice Test

Free Memory Civil Service Practice Test

Civil Service Clerical Sample Questions


Why a Good Score is Crucial

As noted above, over the next 10 years, 50% of government employees are set to retire. This creates huge opportunities for you to get the job you want. Government employees enjoy full-time work, paid vacation days, full health coverage, a retirement plan, and more. To make it all yours, you need to score well on the civil service exam.

Civil Service Exam Information

Civil service exams are used across the nation to screen candidates for federal, state, and local government positions. They test for various professions within these agencies.

Bear in mind that the content and the exact structure of the exam usually varies according to the state administering the test and the position the test is screening for.


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