CBP Test: Ace Your Entrance Exam (2021)

What Is The CBP Officer Entrance Exam?

The Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) Entrance Exam takes 4–6 hours to complete and consists of four different sections: logical reasoning, arithmetic reasoning, writing skills, and work style (personal assessment). Skip to free practice questions

Logical Reasoning Test

The logical reasoning test is designed to measure a candidate’s ability to understand complicated written material and draw conclusions from it.

Each question contains a reading passage followed by a statement or question and five response choices. Candidates are asked to either draw a valid conclusion from the passage or determine that the given statement cannot be validly concluded. This part of the CBP exam requires careful reading and focus.

Although the passages contain information relating to the work of border protection officers or the federal government, candidates are not being tested on their knowledge of the facts, but rather on their critical thinking skills and their ability to draw conclusions from the given material.

Arithmetic Reasoning Test

The arithmetic reasoning test contains basic arithmetic computations, assessing candidates’ skills in mathematical knowledge and reasoning.

The questions consist of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems, as well as the calculation of decimals, averages, percentages, and rate-distance-time.

Certain questions may be presented as text-based word problems instead of math computations. Such questions require candidates to read the sentence/short paragraph and identify the necessary computation.

Writing Skills Test

As a CBP officer, it is crucial to have excellent writing skills. Border protection officers often need to write up reports and assessments that are both clear and concise as well as grammatically correct.

The writing skills test assesses a candidate's ability to structure paragraphs in a logical order, use words in their correct context, and punctuate correctly.

Personal Assessment

Personal assessments are an examination of job-related experiences and achievements.
Be sure to give honest and straightforward answers and to check the job requirements beforehand in case you need to bring assisting or required documents.

CBP Officer Hiring Process

The application process to become a CBP officer is extremely rigorous in order to ensure those selected can carry out the duties expected of them.

Before applying, you must first meet some basic requirements:
  • Be a U.S. citizen
  • Have a valid driver's license
  • Have resided in the U.S. for at least three of the last five years
  • Be eligible to carry a firearm
  • Be under the age of 40
There are nine steps in the hiring process to become a CBP Officer:

Keep in mind that some of these steps may occur in a slightly different order or simultaneously.

  1. Apply
  2. Take the CBP Entrance Exam
  3. Qualifications Review
  4. Background Investigation
  5. Medical Exam
  6. Fitness Tests
  7. Structured Interview
  8. Polygraph Exam
  9. Drug Test


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CBT Test Practice Questions:

Logical reasoning: 

Read and decide if the conclusion necessarily follows from the premises or not.

Within the category of non-disposable appliances, you'd find all personal computers (PCs). Most PCs, and only them, are used to store information.

Only non-disposable appliances are personal computers.

Conclusion follows
Conclusion does not follow
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

If all PC’s are non-disposable appliances, then there cannot be a PC that is not a non-disposable appliance, so only non-disposable appliances are personal computers.

Arithmetic reasoning:

Which of the numbers below are closest to the correct answer?
1. How much are 140% of 630? 

Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

According to the question, we are looking for an approximate number, not the exact value of 140% of 630.

The number we are looking for is greater than 100% (140% to be exact) of the original number, so we are looking for numbers that are bigger than the original. This allows us to automatically eliminate 74 as the answer.

In order to work out the answer we have to add 40% to 630. Working it out quickly, 40% is close to 50% or half of 630, or approximately 300. Adding 300 to 630 brings the total up to over 900.

Therefore the correct answer is 910.


2. 194.6 / 6 = ?

Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

194.6 can be rounded up to 200. 200 / 6 ~ 33. 32.4 is by far the closest number.

Therefore the correct answer is 32.4

Writing practice

In this sentence, there may be a problem with English grammar.
If a problem does exist, select the letter that indicates the most effective change. If no problem exists, select choice D.

"Doctor appointments need to be made in the morning to assure that the rest of the day will be efficient."

A. appointments to appointment
B. need to needs
C. assure to ensure
D. No changes
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

Answer C is correct because assure means to be positive about something or a situation, ensure means to make something successful. In this sentence ensure should be used.

The Benefits of Being a Customs and Border Patrol Employee

A CBP Officer's starting salary is $32,844. Officers receive personal leave days for vacation, family care, and illness, as well as ten paid federal holidays per year.

Officers also receive life and health insurance options, along with a Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS). The FERS includes a Thrift Savings Plan, Social Security, and FERS basic annuity.



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