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What Is the Thomas International GIA Test?

The Thomas International General Intelligence Assessment (GIA) is a speed test that measures your ability to quickly learn, comprehend and retain information.

The test has 5 sections, each taking 2-3 minutes:

  • Perceptual Speed
  • Reasoning
  • Number Speed and Accuracy
  • Spatial Visualisation
  • Word Meaning

Each section has a single, very distinctive type of question. Below you can find a sample question of each section, showing real-test time constraints.

The Thomas GIA is the most well-known of Thomas International, a pre-employment test provider. Other pre-employment assessment providers are cut-e, Cubiks, Pymetrics, AON, and many more.

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Thomas GIA Test Style
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The 5 Thomas GIA Test Sections + Sample Questions


Perceptual Speed

The perceptual speed section of the Thomas GIA test examines your ability to quickly process visual data.

You will be presented with 4 pairs of upper- and lower-case letters and have to decide how many pairs contain the same letter.


How many pairs contain the same letter?

Thomas GIA Perceptual Speed Sample



The reasoning test section assesses your short-term memory and your ability to make quick and accurate logical conclusions.

In each question, you will be given a statement describing a relationship between individuals or objects. Then, the statement is replaced with a question, and you need to choose the correct answer choice based on the statement.


Thomas GIA Reasoning Sample


Number Speed and Accuracy

This test assesses your ability to perform simple numerical tasks quickly and accurately.

In each question, you will be presented with three numbers. Identify the lowest and highest numbers, and then calculate their differences from the third (median).

Your task is to choose the number furthest for which this difference is maximal.


Which number is farthest from the median?

Thomas GIA Number Speed and Accuracy Sample


Spatial Visualisation

This GIA test section examines your ability to mentally rotate objects.

In each question, you are given two pairs of rotated shapes (letters). You need to decide how many of the boxes contain the same shape (mirror images are not considered the same shape).


How many pairs contain the same letter? (mirror image excluded).

Thomas GIA spatial Visualisation Sample

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Word Meaning

This GIA test section requires you to identify words that have a similar meaning or are related in some way.

In each question, you will be given three words. Two of the terms have something in common, and the third is the odd one out.


Which word is the odd one out?

Thomas GIA Word Meaning Sample

Thomas GIA Test Scoring

Here is the Thomas GIA scoring method in a nutshell:


Each Section is Scored Separately

While the GIA Test has a final score, it is calculated based on your score in the 5 test sections.


Wrong Answers Reduce Points

The Thomas International GIA test is scored based on both your correct and incorrect answers. Correct answers gain you points, and incorrect answers reduce points.
Each correct answer gains 1 point, and each wrong answer reduces points, depending on the section:

  • Reasoning – 1 point reduced for an incorrect answer
  • Perceptual Speed – 0.25 points reduced
  • Number Speed and Accuracy – 0.5 points reduced
  • Spatial Visualisation – 0.5 points reduced
  • Word Meaning – 0.5 points reduced

Here’s an example from a Thomas International score report showing just that:


Thomas GIA Test Score Report


That is why you shouldn’t simply storm through the questions to answer as many as you possibly can, and also shouldn’t be too careful, on the other hand.
Finding the balance between speed and accuracy is crucial for a high score on the Thomas GIA test.


Scoring Is Based on Percentiles

All your scores will be presented as a percentile score (of what percent of past test-takers your score is higher). For instance, if you have scored in the 75th percentile, you have scored higher than 75% of test-takers.

The Thomas International GIA Test score percentiles are defined:

  • Low – 4-15 percentile
  • Below Average – 16-34 percentile
  • Average – 35-65 percentile
  • Above Average – 66-85 percentile
  • High – 86+ percentile

How to Practice and Pass the Thomas International GIA Test

The Thomas International GIA Test is a very unique and challenging test due to three main reasons:

  • Unique Question Style – the Thomas GIA test contains questions you will see in no other test.
  • Elaborate Instructions – the GIA test has VERY specific instructions. If you fail to fully comprehend the task, you will likely fail the entire test section.
  • Unequal Performance in Sections – the GIA test sections are very different from one another, and you need to excel in them all for a high score.

To pass the Thomas International test and get the job you want, you need to practice the exact, actual test experience.

What Employers Use the Thomas GIA Test?

A wide variety of employers are using the Thomas International GIA Test, here are the most popular:

  • Canonical – this UK-based software company uses the Thomas GIA Test for multiple positions across various departments, especially for programming and management positions.
  • Siemens – Siemens uses the GIA Test to screen candidates mainly for mid-management and engineering positions.
  • Version 1 – an Irish company dealing with software development, asset management, and consulting, uses the Thomas International GIA Test predominantly for business analysts, but also more technical positions may be requested to go through it.
  • Metro Bank – this bank, operating in the UK, uses the Thomas GIA for nearly every position.
  • CBRE – CBRE uses the Thomas International test mainly for screening candidates applying to its graduate scheme. 

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