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What's Included

  • 2 Full-length Thomas International-style GIA practice tests
  • 6 Numeracy drills
  • 14 Verbal application drills
  • 5 Deductive reasoning drills
  • 2 Checking accuracy drills
  • 1 Deductive guide
  • Money back guarantee – see terms and conditions


The GIA stands for General Intelligence Assessment and looks to identify the following factors within each potential candidate:

  • A person that is thoroughly challenged by the position as is either under or overqualified for the job.
  • One who can problem solve and can adapt to new environments.
  • Candidates with a potential for leadership and innovation.
  • Can not only grasp training but grow as a result.

It is at this point we will get into the specifics of each section, now that you know the general outline, format, and aim of the exam.

GIA Test Format

Before we can discuss the five segments of the test, it is essential first to understand the exam’s format.

  • Number of questions: You will be challenged with 20-50 questions within each segment of the test.
  • Time Limit: Depending on the section, you will be provided with only 2-5 minutes to answer all the questions within that section.
  • Difficulty: The questions will start rather easy and then progressively become more challenging as you progress in the exam.

Answering increasingly difficult questions in such a short time frame will be a severe challenge for which you must prepare. JobTestPrep will help you boost your confidence and zero in on the type of questions that you may be struggling with. Moreover, once you understand what to look for within the questions, it will become that much easier to pass the test and move closer to getting your next big position.


Your Thomas International GIA Practice Sections

Reasoning Segment:

In this segment of the exam, you will be expected to discern and describe the differences between individuals via the description in the provided statement.

Example Question: Christina is heavier than Mary. Who is heavier? (Answer is Christina).


The Perceptual Speed Segment:

The purpose of this section is to see how quickly you can work out problems in your head.

Example Question: You may be given 4 different pairs of letters with each pair located within its box.

  • A – a
  • R - r
  • U - f
  • P - p

How many letter pairs do not match?  (Answer is 1).


The Number Speed and Accuracy Segment:

This segment looks at how fast and accurately you can complete number tasks.

Example Question: 3 numbers will be displayed within a box and you will be tasked with looking at the lowest or highest numerical value furthest away from the remaining value.

Example Question:

  • 4
  • 2
  • 8

In this case, you will want to choose the highest number 8 and not the lowest number 2. The reason is that the number 8 is 4 digits away from 4, while 2 is only 2 digits apart from 4. 


The Word Meaning Segment:

Can you find the odd word out from the pack? In each grouping of words, two will be either synonyms or opposites, while the third will be completely disconnected.

Example Question:

  • Sit
  • Settle
  • Food

The right answer is food because it has no connection to sit or settle.


The Spatial Visualization Segment:

Can you quickly and visually rotate symbols and shapes? Your job will be to ascertain how many symbols on the bottom match those directly above them despite their various rotations. Compare each symbol with the one directly above it.

You will be tasked in showing how many are equal.


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