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Were you asked to complete an AON assessment test via G.A.T.E. portal? When faced with a job aptitude or personality test, preparation is the key. JobTestPrep is developing AON assessment sample tests and other study materials to help you pass the exam.
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AON Assessment Tests

Over 10 million job applicants take an AON pre-employment test annually. These aptitude tests involve situational judgments, work styles and personality assessments. AON exams cover all levels of employment, from entry level through executive. AON tests are administered at hundreds of large global companies, spanning a whole host of industries from restaurants to financial services to public sector entities.

Global Assessment and Talent Engine (G.A.T.E.)

G.A.T.E. is an online portal by which AON administers its recruitment tests.
You are the applicant - Your G.A.T.E. score will determine which rung of the hiring ladder you will proceed on, as you progress through the application process. Those who fall below the passing threshold will short-circuit their application efforts.
In order to soar to the top of the candidate pile, studies have consistently proven that practicing is essential. JobTestPrep will soon provide not only G.A.T.E. practice tests, but also a thorough analysis of the questions and testing purpose of each exam topic, along with helpful strategies that are focused on the enhancement of scoring results.

AON Test Format

AON G.A.T.E. tests can be taken on internet-accessible personal computers, tablets or mobile platforms. The administration of the test begins as soon as you enter the portal, and the results are also given instantaneously. Therefore it is essential that you avail yourself of test preparation prior to signing into the system.
A multi-lingual feature of G.A.T.E. yields a bilingual-friendly test, presented in a wide variety of languages.

Content of AON Online Aptitude Test

You can expect to see questions that are structured to measure competency and motivation. The specific assessments encompass abilities, skills and personal attributes, all of which combine to form a prediction of job performance, position fit and retention probability.
The three main topics involve:
  • Ability Test
  • Work Styles Questionnaire
  • Personality Assessment

Ability Test – The ability test is based on Situational Judgement Tests (SJTs). You can expect to find real job scenarios taken from the daily experiences of employees. Out of five possibilities, chose the one course of action that you would most likely take to solve the dilemma presented in the scenario.
A portion of the exam consists of math problems. Keep in mind that the math contained in the G.A.T.E. is basic and easy, unless the job itself requires actuarial, financial or bookkeeping skills.

Work Styles Questionnaire – Working conditions are spelled out in each statement presented. You choose the response that most closely reflects your reaction to the situation.

AON Personality Assessment – Your character traits, values and ethics are the subjects of the behavioral test questions. Choose the response that contains the degree to which a given statement represents your views and behaviors.

G.A.T.E. Pre-Employment Test Preparation

Practice tests provide a familiarity with question types and an understanding of the employer’s perspective. The goals of exam preparation consist of your testing comfort, confidence and success.
G.A.T.E. presents a holistic picture of each applicant. Candidates are shortlisted on the basis of test scores. You have the affordable opportunity to optimize your testing picture through the preparation program developed by JobTestPrep.

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"..really impressed, wasn't sure what to think beforehand but using the site feels worth the money....The type of problems, length, subjects and time pressure were all slightly harder than the actual test. I was able to refresh on all of the concepts that I needed to and passed with no problem"  
Christopher (POSS Bundle Pack), October 2014 
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