Full Guide To The ChatAssess Test [2024]
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Fulfilling the application requirements for your potential employer will initiate the sending of an email that includes a link to the ChatAssess test. This assessment is designed to assess your compatibility with the position and also gives you a glimpse of the responsibilities and interactions you can anticipate as a team member.

What Is the ChatAssess Test?

The AON cut-e ChatAssess introduces an innovative test format aimed at evaluating your reactions to workplace scenarios, particularly focusing on the key competencies essential for your role.

This assessment comprises around 15 to 20 brief questions, presented to you in a conversational format. During the assessment, you will receive inquiries and tasks from team members, peers, and supervisors, and your ability to respond effectively will be evaluated.

As an example, here is a question adapted from the real test:

Deloitte graduate program assessment sample

Why Is It Important to Prepare?

While ChatAssess may appear informal, it essentially utilizes a widely used and classical behavioral evaluation method known as the Situational Judgment Test (SJT).

SJT assessments construct a profile of your individual and behavioral characteristics based on your reactions to various scenarios. It's important to bear in mind that the correct response in an SJT may not align with your personal preferences but rather with what is expected from an employee.

Psychological research has demonstrated that developing the ability to empathize with others and respond in a manner contrary to your own beliefs and tendencies can be challenging. Whether in daily life or a testing setting, this skill requires practice to attain mastery.

The ChatAssess Structure and Content

ChatAssess Fact Sheet

No. of questions (messages) 15-20
Allotted time 30 minutes
Recommended time 15-20 minutes
No. of correspondents 4-7
No. of options per question 3-5

The "Inbox" Structure

Your home screen will take on the appearance of an inbox, where you will receive text messages from 4-5 individuals within your organization. Typically, these messages will contain various types of requests, such as seeking advice from a colleague or assisting a manager from a different department.

Your sole responsibility is to provide a response to each situation, specifying the course of action you intend to take. You are not obligated to solve any issues.


Conflict Resolution

Please be aware that the situations outlined in the message typically involve some form of conflict. For example:

deloitte graduate assessment sample question


Understanding the appropriate conduct for an employee is crucial. Striking a harmonious equilibrium among different modes of action is key, including:

1. Assisting colleagues while managing your own time effectively.
2. Demonstrating independence, yet seeking guidance from superiors when required.
3. Ensuring thoroughness and high-quality work while adhering to schedules.
4. Displaying respect for co-workers and addressing any issues in their work.

Correspondent Profiles

Another aspect to consider when taking the ChatAssess test is the role or position of the individual to whom you are providing responses.

Each contact in your inbox will come with a concise profile that includes their name, job title, and additional remarks. Below is an example profile, modified from the real test:

deloitte graduate program sample profile

In a professional job context, just as you would take into account the individual's role and standing within the company when formulating a response, it is equally essential to factor this into the evaluation process. It is generally more appropriate to politely decline a request from an intern compared to declining a request from the department manager.

Preparing for the ChatAssess

The ChatAssess serves as an essential screening tool for many prestigious companies in the UK and Ireland. Don't allow inadequate preparation to prevent you from seizing the opportunity to join their teams. Even if you believe in your ability to provide strong answers, it's crucial to gain experience with situational judgment tests and understand the behavior your prospective employer values.

Please be aware that the practice tests are not an exact replica of the ChatAssess. Instead, they are situational judgment tests tailored for graduate positions, aiming to instruct you on the principles of crafting effective responses for diverse situations.


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