Amazon Assessment Test

Amazon varies greatly in how their application process is formatted in order to fit the different positions available at the company. The two sectors where one applies are either the warehouse or an office position. Most of the candidates apply to the warehouse and packaging aspect of the company due to the vast amount of human capital needed in order to complete the thousands of orders every day.


The applications for these positions are as follows:

  1. Background Questions
  2. Aptitude Test
  3. Situational Judgment Questions
  4. Interview

The aptitude test is short and assesses whether you understand wordings on packaging and can therefore pick the right product for packaging.

Situational judgment test is a bit longer and calculates what decisions you will make in different situations while working in the warehouse. It is important to study for these tests in order to understand what they are looking for and to research what qualities Amazon is looking for.

Interviewing for a warehouse position is in order for Amazon to assess your abilities based on your performances on the assessment test and verify your identification.

Office (White Collar) Positions

If you are applying for an office position then the application process is significantly different in that it involves more interviews and technical aptitude tests in your respective field. Applying for these positions involve online behavioral assessment tests as well as math, coding and finance questions to gauge. During the initial phone interview the interviewer will inform you what subjects to study for their technical assessment questions. These questions are timed and tracked so Amazon can see and can therefore better understand your thought process. Once you pass the technical assessment test you will be asked to take a behavioral assessment test.

The behavioral online assessment test consists of questions in order to see if your personality aligns with Amazon's leadership principles. The test will also measure your responses to situations and if your response is agreeable. It is important to understand and remember the Amazon leadership principles to see if you agree and in order to pass the behavioral assessment test. The Amazon leadership principles are as follows:

  • Customer Obsession –number one goal is the customer
  • Ownership – responsible for your actions
  • Invent and Simplify – make it simple.
  • Are Right, A Lot – that you’re correct most of the time
  • Hire and Develop the Best – the best quality over quantity
  • Insist on the Highest Standards – keep raising the bar
  • Think Big – Think big picture and not only about your job
  • Bias for Action – you take action instead of sitting on the sideline
  • Frugality – Cost-effectiveness is key to a successful business
  • Vocally Self Critical – Other’s need to know you are aware of our faults
  • Earn Trust of Others – Respect is the number key to teamwork
  • Dive Deep – Don’t be afraid to give it your all
  • Have Backbone; Disagree and Commit – If you don’t agree, stick to it. Don’t crumble under pressure
  • Deliver Results – If you don’t show anything for your work, then there is a problem

Following the behavioral online assessment there are 2-5 interviews where you will be asked to come to the place of work you are applying to for a tour, or flown to Seattle, where Amazon is headquartered. Amazon takes their hiring process very seriously when it comes to the offices and the process is very rigorous and can take between 4-6 weeks if not more.

During the interview process the interviewers are what Amazon refers to as “bar-raisers." This is significant because it helps you understand what Amazon is looking for in employees. Amazon would like every new employee to raise the bar even higher and it is important to present yourself as such.

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About Amazon

Amazon is the largest internet retailer in the United States with around 110,000 employees. The online-retail giant has expanded to 133 countries worldwide and has a variety of technical, sales, financial and warehouse positions available.