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What Is the Amazon Assessment Test?

The Amazon assessment test is an online assessment given to Amazon’s applicants for a variety of jobs. Usually, you’ll get an invitation for the test after passing the initial resume screening. Amazon’s assessments differ greatly between positions and includes coding challenges, personality tests, work simulations, Virtual Job Tryouts, and more.

70% of candidates are rejected during the Amazon assessment test stage. Ensure that you join the 30% who advance to the next stage by coming fully prepared for the assessment.

Now, here’s a quick navigation list for the most popular Amazon assessments:

Amazon SDE Online Assessment

The Amazon SDE online assessment is a combination of coding and behavioral tests given to candidates for SDE positions - interns, new grads, and experienced roles.

For interns and new grad positions, the online assessment is divided into three: Code Debugging, Coding test and Workstyles (personality test), and Technical Problem Solving (work simulation assessment).

For more experienced SDE roles, you’ll get a coding challenge that includes two coding questions, a coding approach questionnaire, and a Work Style assessment.

Note that Amazon puts a premium on its 14 leadership principles. So, all the behavioral and personality assessments are based around them, and you’re expected to take them into account while choosing your responses.

Learn more about Amazon’s SDE online assessment here >>

Amazon Maintenance Technician Test

The Amazon maintenance tech test is a proctored mechanical and electrical assessment given to candidates for various maintenance jobs. The assessment was developed by Ramsay and is based on their current tests.

The topics you’ll be tested on include the following:

  • Print Reading
  • Power Transmission & Preventative Maintenance
  • Tools, Material and Equipment
  • Pneumatics and Hydraulics
  • Electrical Theory and Control Circuits
  • Test Instruments

Here’s an example of a question type you’ll likely see on the real Amazon maintenance test:

amazon test sample question 1

What is the distance at (c.)?

  1. 825
  2. 925
  3. 770
  4. 715 


See the correct answer and full explanation here:

The distance at (c.) equals:

c (red) = 980 (blue) – [210 (green) – 55 (purple)] = 980 – 210 + 55 = 825.



Get more sample questions and access the complete Amazon maintenance PrepPack™ here >>

Amazon Area Manager Assessment (Manager In Operations)

The Amazon Area Manager assessment takes about 45 minutes to complete and consists of two back-to-back online tests: the Amazon Virtual Job Tryout (Amazon Manager in Operations) and the Amazon Work Style Assessment.

Amazon's Virtual Job Tryout includes five sections:

  • Work Scenarios - a Situational Judgment Test (choose what you'd be Most or Least likely to do)
  • Manage Your Day - prioritize tasks and activities based on their urgency
  • Run Your Area - answer questions using information provided in data reports
  • Tell Us Your Story - describe your background and work experience
  • Describe Your Approach - a personality test in which you'll need to decide which statement is most like you

The Amazon Work Style Assessment is another personality test that includes 38 statements that you need to rate from "strongly agree" to "strongly disagree" (you'll have 5 options to choose from).

Visit our dedicated Amazon Manager In Operations page to access the complete practice pack that offers excellent preparation for both of these assessments.

Here's what of our customers had to say about this PrepPack™:

"Good and practical cases to measure managerial competencies and excellent tests to develop your leadership skills."


Amedee G. | Verified Reviewer

Note that all of Amazon's manager position hiring processes include a behavioral interview, which assesses if you're a good fit for the company and whether your characteristics align with Amazon's 14 leadership principles (unique core values that are extremely important for the company).

Here’s an example for a question type that you’ll most likely see on the Virtual Job Tryout portion:

amazon test sample question 2



Try more sample questions and access the complete Manager In Operations practice pack here >>

Amazon Financial Analyst Excel Test & Interview

To become a financial analyst at Amazon, you must successfully pass a 1-hour financial analyst Excel test and a series of behavioral and case study interviews.

The Amazon Excel test requires you to master the different features of the software. This doesn't mean you won't see any basic or intermediate questions on the advanced level test. They will, however, be the minority.

Thus, most of the questions on this excel assessment will deal with formulas, macro creation, advanced formatting, and document properties.

Additionally, one of your in-person interviews will likely include a case study interview. Usually, this case study will consist of a complex and realistic work situation or conflict that you'll need to resolve while explaining your thought process to your interviewers (sounds annoying, we know).

To come prepared for these assessments and interviews, we recommend practicing using our thorough financial analyst preparation material (created by test experts). Note that there are dozens of candidates who compete for every open financial analyst position at Amazon, so to beat the competition you have to score high.

Here's what one of our customers says about the preparation pack:

"The PrepPack was just what I needed. I had been out of the workplace for a year and a half. I was also great with Excel, but you can get rusty when not using the program for a while. The PrepPack got me right back into the saddle again. :)"


Kim B. | Verified Reviewer

Learn more about the Amazon Financial Analyst Excel test and interview in our dedicated page >>

Amazon Assessment Test for Warehouse

Candidates for Amazon’s Warehouse associate positions take an online assessment named Amazon Associate Game On Virtual Job Tryout.

The assessment consists of two sections:

Tell Us Your Story: On this part, you’ll get 22 multiple-choice questions asking about your work experience, background, and approach. Here are a few examples of questions you’ll likely see on the assessment:

  • How would your most recent employer rate your attendance compared to others?
  • In your most recent job, how many times per year did you have an unexcused absence?
  • How would your most recent supervisor at work rate your drive to become a top performer compared to others?

You’ll see additional statements in which you’ll need to choose an answer from “Strongly disagree” to “strongly agree.”

Stow Pro: This section includes three games that showcase the type of work you’ll do as a Warehouse associate.

All three games have rules similar to those used in actual facilities.

In this game, you’ll need to place virtual items onto shelves, load packages into aisles, and place grocer items into shopping bags.

We’re currently working on creating an accurate PrepPack for this assessment. We expect to launch it in early 2021

Amazon Work Style Assessment

The Amazon Work Style assessment will assess qualities important to succeeding within Amazon's unique culture. It is usually the final test section given in the Amazon online assessment for various positions.

Amazon's Work Style Assessment consists of 38 questions and it's untimed. However, it takes most candidates about 15 minutes to complete.

On this assessment, you'll be presented with various statements and you'll need to rate the extent to which you agree or disagree with them (5 options given).

To prepare for this test section, we recommend practicing work-related personality test questions, which are the core of this assessment.

Knowing how to answer such questions correctly will skyrocket your chances to pass this section. Thus, we've created a comprehensive preparation for personality tests that simulates the questions you'll likely encounter on this work style survey.

Here's what one of our customers had to say about the personality test PrepPack™:

"It helped me identify areas that I didn't think were an issue. So many times, on these tests you quickly answer and not knowing how the results are affected when choices are "pick which best describes you". Knowing how it changes the results made me be more cognizant of how I answer particular questions."


Christopher W. | Verified Reviewer

Here are a few statements you’ll most likely see on Amazon’s Work Style Assessment:

  • Once I find a solution to a problem, I no longer explore alternative approaches.
  • When I encounter something new, I try to completely understand how it works.
  • If I had to list everything that I felt grateful for, it would be a very long list.

Our Amazon Work Style Assessment preparation pack is under construction and we’ll publish it in early 2021.

Amazon Work Simulation

The Amazon Work Simulation is an assessment in which you experience what it’s like to be an Amazon employee for the position you’re applying. For SDE interns and new grads, this will be the last part of the online assessment (OA 3).

While the assessment’s content varies depending on your desired role, the idea is the same. You’re presented with various scenarios, and you need to choose the best response based on your judgment and Amazon’s 14 Leadership Principles.

Amazon Hiring Simulation

On Amazon’s Hiring Simulation, you’ll get an inside look at the types of challenges commonly faced by Amazon employees.

This simulation assesses your prioritization and multitasking skills, how you work under pressure, and of course – your use of Amazon’s Leadership Principles.

Each scenario will begin with a communication proving context into the nature of the issue you’ll face. When the simulation starts, you’ll be prompted with emails and instant messages from your virtual Team Lead, team members, etc.

Within each scenario, you’ll get more details to help you solve the problem in the form of charts, graphs, spreadsheets, and tables. You’ll then be asked questions and given a set of responses you need to choose from.

Amazon’s Hiring Simulation is used for screening lots of candidates across the world. We’re currently working on creating an accurate prep pack for that, which is expected to launch in 2021.



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