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EIAT Free Practice Test – Numerical Reasoning (Math) Sample Questions


The EIAT math section has 25-35 questions on Basic math, Fractions, and Decimals. You will not be allowed to use a calculator, meaning your math skills will need to be on point.


Elevator Industry Aptitude Test Practice Sample Question #1 (Basic math)

5732 x 0.001 = ?


Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

A quick and simple trick to follow - the decimal point moves an equal amount of places on each side of the product to the opposite direction:

5732 x 0.001 =

= 573.2 x 0.01

= 57.32 x 0.1

= 5.732 x 1

= 5.732

Elevator Industry Aptitude Test Practice Sample Question #2 (Basic math)

142 x 37 = ?


Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

A straightforward calculation is going to take quite a lot of time here. So, let's use shortcut methods instead.

2 x 7 = 14 → The last digit is 4.

Therefore, the answer should be either C (5,244) or D (2,744).

Now, let’s combine this method with the “first digit method”.

In our case:

1(00) x 3(0) = 3(000) = 3,000

Since 142 x 37 > 100 x 30, the result should be larger than 3,000 C (5,254)

Elevator Industry Aptitude Test Practice Sample Question #3 (Fractions and Decimals)

0.55 - 2/10 = ?


Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

0.55 - 2/10 = 55/100 - 20/100

= 35/100

Simplify by dividing 35/100 by 5

= 7/20


Elevator Industry Aptitude Test Practice Sample Question #4 (Fractions and Decimals)

13/4 x 25/7 = ?


Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

This is a classic question for the estimation method.

13/4 x 26/7 ~ 1.75 x 3 = 5.25

Since 26/7 < 3, the final result will be a little less than 5.25, namely 5.

This final result may surprise you at first glance, but you may calculate this and see it for yourself.

To fully master such methods, you must be practiced and experienced with them.



TipIn the Numerical section of the EIAT you are required to conduct quick and accurate calculations without a calculator. To answer as many questions as you can, you need to know some tricks and shortcuts. For example, in question types where you need to calculate decimals, you can think of the decimal numbers as whole numbers plus tenths, hundredths, etc.



The EIAT Test Practice Pack is full of calculating tips and solving shortcuts specifically designed to address the challenges of the numerical reasoning section of the test and elevate the numerical abilities you will need as an elevator mechanic.

EIAT Free Practice Test – Mechanical Aptitude Practice Questions


EIAT Practice Sample Question #5 (Mechanical Reasoning - Gears)

In which direction will the swings tilt?

EIAT Free Test


A – Up; B – Down
A – Down; B – Up
Both Up
Both Down
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

In order to determine in which direction the swings tilt, we will need to determine the rotation direction of each gear that comes in contact with the swing. They are marked in the picture below as gears A and B.

Counting the gears from the red gear to gear A, we see there are 8 gears. Therefore, the red gear and gear A rotate in the same direction – counterclockwise. That rotation will cause the right arm of swing A to tilt downwards (blue arrow), and therefore the opposite side will tilt upwards.

In the same manner, there are 7 gears between the red gear and gear B, and therefore it will rotate in the opposite direction – clockwise. That will tilt the right arm of the swing upwards, causing the left side to tilt downwards.

EIAT Practice Sample Question #6 (Mechanical Reasoning - Force and Torque)

Which cyclist has to pedal harder in order to go up the ramp?

EIAT Free Test


The Same
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

In this question, we are asked which rider would need to pedal harder in order to climb the ramp.

We can see that though the ramps are of different lengths, the height of the logs in both cases is the same. For this reason, we should understand that the shorter ramp will be steeper. As is known from daily life, it is harder to pedal up a steeper incline.

Since in figure B, the length is shorter and the incline is greater, it would be harder to pedal up the ramp. Therefore, choice B is the correct answer.


Tip: The wording of Elevator Aptitude Test mechanical reasoning questions is often intentionally vague and misleading, which can make even basic mechanical reasoning questions tough. In the question above, for instance, you could claim that A is the correct answer, as riding a bike along 15 feet is overall harder than riding it along 12 feet. However, the focus of this particular mechanical comprehension question is on the definition of slope.



Only practicing with tests that simulate the actual EIAT test rules and intentions can help you steer clear of these pitfalls and improve your mechanical comprehension.

EIAT Practice Sample Question #7 (Wheels and Pulleys)

Which tractor has to drive farther in order to bring the boat to shore?

EIAT Free Test


The same
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

Tractor 2 will drive in a straight horizontal heading, in the same direction as the boat is from the shore. This is the shortest line possible.

Tractor 1 will also drive in a horizontal line, but as it is tied to the boat diagonally it will therefore pull the boat over a larger distance. However, tractor 1 will have to apply less force due to the mechanical help from the rock (the same as in a movable pulley).

Becoming part of the national elevator industry isn't a simple task. It requires getting a high score on your pre employment test by proving your mechanical skills, arithmetic computation, reading skills, and passing a tricky tool assessment - all under a stressful time limit.

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EIAT Free Practice Test - Verbal Reasoning Sample Questions

The Elevator Aptitude Test Verbal Reasoning section has 25-35 questions on vocabulary, sentence completion, and reading comprehension.


EIAT Free Practice Sample Question #8 (Sentence Completion)

"Since each person is ___________, collaborating as a team can bring __________ results."


talent … better
unique … superior
identical … inferior
different … continuous
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

Since every person is unique (special), collaborating (working together) as a team can bring superior (better) results.

The first pair of words is not a good match because "talent" is a noun while the sentence calls for an adjective describing the person.

The third pair is incorrect because all people are not identical.

The fourth pair is incorrect because the adjective "continuous" does not make sense in the context of the sentence.

The last pair is incorrect because the word "diversity" is a noun and not an adjective.

Therefore, the correct answer is unique ... superior.

EIAT Free Practice Question #9 (Vocabulary)

Colorful and _____ outfits were worn by carnival participants in the main parade crossing the capital city.


Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

EIAT vocabulary questions assess how well you know the meaning of words.

If you are familiar with the given words, it will be easy for you. However, even if you are not, there are always several clues that can help you eliminate answers.

The word “and” suggests that the missing word should bear the same “spirit” as the word 'colorful'. The words 'dull' and 'somber' are of an opposite spirit to colorful, so they are eliminated.

The missing word should be an adjective as it refers to outfits. By the suffix “-ence” we know that indolence is a noun. Therefore, it is also eliminated.

The correct answer is B – flamboyant.


Tip: Many candidates tend to overlook the verbal section of the elevator aptitude test and neglect preparing for it. But remember that the verbal section has the same effect on your score as the other two, so sharpen those reading skills!


The EIAT PrepPack covers all the different aspects of the English language, including grammar and spelling, vocabulary, and sharpening your reading comprehension. These question types will enable you to thoroughly practice this section of the written test and answer more questions correctly. 

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