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About JobTestPrep

JobTestPrep has been working with recruitment consultancies for years. We have helped over 500,000 people prepare for their psychometric testing. As this part of the hiring process becomes more prevalent, our PrepPacks™ and related services can add value to your business in multiple ways.

Advantages of Partnering with JobTestPrep

We can provide you with online access to our testing system so that your candidates can prepare themselves for the test. This ensures that your candidates never go into an assessment day blind, and are always among the highest level applicants at every interview. You can offer our services at a discount. You can offer these services as an addition to what you already offer your clients. You can also become an affiliate. Whenever an applicant receives an invitation to test for a position, you can send them a link to that test through us, and receive a commission in the process.

Once your applicant prepares sufficiently, he or she will score higher on the test than originally expected, raising the chances of them getting the job, and you receive another generous commission.

We offer you coupon codes so you can tell your candidates that because they are working through you, they are entitled to a discount to their PrepPack™.

Recruiter Advantages

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