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Switch Challenge Practice Questions

  • Four symbols that change order according to an operator.
  • Your task - identify the operator that created the new order from three options.
  • You have five minutes to solve as many progressively difficult questions you can. 
  • Click here for our full Switch challenge guide!


P&G Practice Test Question 1 - Switch Challenge

proctor and gamble free sample 1


What is the correct operator?

Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct operator is 4312 - let's see why. 

In the first sequence of symbols at the top the order is - 1 yellow hexagon ; 2 purple triangle ; 3 blue star ; 4 red rhombus. 

The operators (number sequences) between the two symbol series indicate what the new order will be, i.e. where each symbol will be placed. We need to see if the order in the operator matches the order in the second series of symbols.

We can see that number four (red rhombus) is now first in the second sequence, and since the operator 4312 indicates just that, we can tell it is the correct operator without even checking the rest of the shapes. 



P&G Practice Test Question 2 - Switch Challenge

proctor and gamble free sample 2


 What is the correct operator?

Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

This question is more difficult, and belongs to the higher levels you will reach as you solve more questions correctly.

In this question we need to consider two operators - each one reordering the symbols. To solve this question we need to work in two steps:

First, we need to reorder the symbols according to the first operator, and keep that new order in our mind.

Second, we see if based on the new order, the second operators lead to the order in the second set of symbols.

Let's look at the yellow hexagon: in the first sequence, it is number 4. The green operator then puts the yellow hexagon in third place. When we see that in the second sequence the yellow hexagon is in the number 4 position, we know that the correct operator must have the number three in fourth position - which is why the 4213 operator is correct.

To recap - the yellow hexagon's position in the sequence goes from 4 to 3, and then back to 4.

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Digit Challenge - P&G Practice Test Questions

  • Equations where the left side shows empty spaces connected by basic functions, and a number on the right side.
  • Your job is to select the numbers that could fit into the empty spaces and make the equation true, without repeating any.
  • Keep in mind that there is more than right answer in most cases!


P&G Practice Test Question 3 - Digit Challenge

Find the numbers that make the equation work. Remember - in the real P&G test you will be timed!

proctor and gamble free sample


Reveal the Answer

As mentioned earlier, digit challenge questions usually have more than one answer - especially in the lower level. 

This question is taken from the intermediate difficulty level, and we see that we must find four numbers that can fit into the empty spaces and be equal to 7. 

A number of options: 




P&G Practice Test Question 4 - Digit Challenge

Find the numbers that make the equation work. Remember - in the real Proctor and Gamble assessment you will be timed!


proctor and gamble free sample digit 2


Reveal the Answer

This is a more complex question, taken from the more advanced levels of the digit challenge (it gets more difficult too, don't worry!).

Here we have a three digit number on the right of the equation, and three missing numbers, each connected by multiplication. 

A good way of solving these questions is keeping it simple - use the smallest numbers you can!

In this case, we can think what number multiplied by 2 equals 112, and how to create that number by multiplication. 112 equals 56*2, and 56 equals 7*8.

If so - 7*8*2=112. 


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P&G Practice Test - Grid Challenge Test  

  • Your task - memorize the location of a point on a grid, then answer a spatial orientation question. 
  • You continue alternating between tasks, between two and five times. At the end, you need to identify the locations of the points you were shown. 
  • The spatial orientation section changes, and includes tasks such as symmetry and rotation. 


P&G Practice Test Question 5 - Grid Challenge

proctor and gamble free sample grid 1


Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The two patterns are symmetrical. Imagine folding the image in half right between the two patterns, if both would sit exactly above one another, it's symmetrical. 


Another spatial orientation task you will be given between memorization tasks is called rotation. You need to look at the two images, and say whether the shape is the same only rotated on its side, or different. 


P&G Practice Test Question 6 - Grid Challenge

proctor and gamble free sample grid 2
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The two patterns are the same - the right shape has been rotated by 90 degrees. 

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PEAK Performance Assessment Practice Questions 

P&G Practice Test Question 7 - PEAK Assessment

John is a well-respected manager in the firm. He has a lot of experience and has been with the organization for a long time. Unfortunately, John was recently caught taking refreshments from the snack bar without paying for them. He was warned that he could be dismissed if he continued to behave in this manner. However, someone noticed John getting more refreshments from the snack bar last week before heading home. 

What would you do in this situation? 

Fire John because he stole from the company
Give John another warning and inform him that if his behavior persists, he will be fired
Since John is a well respected and skilled employee, it is best not to intervene
Demand John pays for the refreshment he was seen taking
Talk to John and clarify why it's critical for him to follow company policy and to stop taking refreshments without paying for them
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

This situation is designed to measure your integrity and ownership.

In this situation, one of the managers was dishonest for an extended period, violating the company's policy. Therefore, it is best to respond with an active action, however not too drastic, as he is a senior manager.

The best option is answer B. In this option, you take an active step to ensure that this behavior will not continue, indicating that the integrity of the employees is of the highest value. The fact that John is a respected manager should not prevent you from dealing with his actions. On the contrary, a manager should set an example for the other workers, making it even more important to address his behavior and clarify the consequences of his acts.


Let’s review the other options separately:

Answer (A): Firing the manager is a severe disciplinary action. It shows that you are not willing to compromise on the integrity of your employees, but at the same time, it might be too drastic. John was warned that he might be fired, so it seems reasonable to give him another opportunity before termination, especially since he is valued. In addition, it might be somewhat exaggerated to define the manager’s actions as “stealing.” For these reasons, answer B seems better than A.

Answer (C): This response is the equivalent of doing nothing, which is rarely the correct answer in SJT questions. It is always recommended to choose answers that involve your active decision unless all active actions are causing more harm than good (which is rarely the case). By selecting this response, you indicate that you do not see the severity of the manager’s actions and do not believe that integrity is a critical component in a workplace. Furthermore, it shows little ownership of what is happening around you in the company. P&G is looking for people who accept accountability and treat the company’s assets as their own.

Answer (D): Making John pay for the refreshments will not ensure that he will refrain from his actions in the future. By giving this punishment, you acknowledge that there has been a violation of trust, and you offer John a way to take accountability for his actions. However, it may imply that these actions are forgiven as long as you pay, so it does not address the central issue of violating the confidence that was given to you.

Answer (E): By talking to John and explaining why he should stop acting the way he does, you respect the company's values and want to do the right thing. It is positive to use your communication skills to try and persuade the manager to change his ways. Still, it might not work as he is well aware that his behavior is problematic and is against company policy. For this reason, it is not the best option even though it has positive aspects.


P&G Practice Test Question 8 - PEAK Assessment

Henry is working on a significant company project. He puts in long hours and makes crucial progress. In the team meeting, Anne, Henry’s boss, asks him to work on a new project, saying it is more vital. Henry realizes that the new project will take most of his time.

How would you most likely handle this situation if you were in Henry’s place?

You would talk to Anne and tell her that you reached a critical point in your project, and you think it would be best if someone else could take on the new project
You would explain that your project is at a crucial stage and that you think that it is preferable if work on it proceeds, even though the second project should start too
You would make sure Anne understands this change's influence on your current project before you start working on the new one
You would understand that the new project is probably more critical for the company than your current one, so you would set aside your present tasks and start working on the new project
You would want to make sure that you could efficiently return to work on your current project when time permits, so you would request a short time frame to record the details of your project and then start your new one. 
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The situation was designed to measure your organizational thinking and ownership.

In this situation, you encounter a conflict between the need to work on your project and the company’s need to start another project with a higher priority.  

The best option is answer E. In this option, you show ownership of your project by ensuring that you will be able to continue your work efficiently. In addition, you understand the bigger picture and the organization's needs, so you agree to the transition. Nevertheless, you are active in finding a way to secure the success of your former project, and you strategically plan your work. 


Let’s view the other options separately:

Answer (A): You show care and responsibility for your project, but you do not adapt to the organization’s priorities. You don’t make an effort to find a solution that will enable you to step up and help the company’s vital tasks. It might seem as if you only care about your projects without considering the company's needs.

Answer (B): In this response, you show that you understand the company's interests and explain the importance of your current project. You comprehend the situation's complexity, but you do not actively find a solution to enable both projects to continue like option E.

Answer (C): You communicate the difficulty of leaving your current project before taking the new one. This act shows your commitment to your project, and it also shows you can adapt to new circumstances. However, it is more passive than option E. You do not actively take ownership of your work and pass the responsibility to your manager.

Answer (D): You agree unconditionally to start working on the new project. You demonstrate organizational understanding by placing the company’s needs as a top priority, but you lack independent critical thinking and accountability. Note that your project was not canceled, so it is up to you to make sure that the progress you have made will not be impaired.

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 About the Proctor and Gamble Assessment

The Procter and Gamble Assessment is the cornerstone of the P&G hiring process, and one of the more challenging aptitude tests out there. It is in fact a fully gamified combination of three online assessment tests and a personality test, that together give P&G a picture of your cognitive ability, your ability to manage time, what type of work environment is right for you, and basically whether or not you are right for the organization.

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