How to Prepare for the Digit Challenge Test
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What Is the Digit Challenge Test?

The Digit Challenge Test is an adaptive arithmetic test, in which you must complete missing numbers in an equation. You are given five minutes to answer as many questions as possible, with the difficulty level rising or diminishing – depending on your answers.

The test measures your familiarity with the order of mathematical operations, also known as BODMAS (Brackets, Orders, Division and Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction). You are given an equation with blank slots and need to complete the equation by filling in the digits that will achieve the defined results, without using any digit twice (Hence the name, Digit Challenge Test). Importantly, you must do this quickly – remember, you only have five minutes for the whole test.

In the following section, we will review some Digit Challenge sample questions, to show you exactly what to expect and how to pass this challenging task.


Digit Challenge Practice Questions

  • Sample Question #1

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What you see here is a question resembling those generated by the test software in the real test.

First, you need to come up with three digits which, multiplied together, produce a number greater than 107, but smaller than 116 (greater than 107since you need to be able to subtract a digit later, but smaller than 116 because you can't subtract a digit larger than 9, making 116 the upper limit).

A possible answer is: (8 x 7 x 2) – 5= 107.

(However, if you manage to find another combination of digits that achieves a similar result, the software will accept it).


The questions themselves might appear simple, but the strict time limit can get even fairly sharp candidates tripped up.

Practicing with JobTestPrep’s algorithm-based P&G prep pack will help you become confident and perform better under time pressure.


  • Sample Question #2

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One possible way to solve this question is to divide 288 by each of the nine digits, working your way downwards, until you can get to something that is divisible. In this case, we can start by dividing 288 by 9.

Dividing 288 by 9 gets you 32, which is a multiple of 8 and 4.

So your answer is: 4 x 8 x 9 = 288.

While the multiplication part appears basic, the real problem is that you will have limited time to solve the problem. Working at speed and under pressure requires practice. Using our prepPack will provide you with an unlimited supply of computer-generated questions that you can practice with under time pressure, just like the real thing.


  • Sample Question #3

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Here, once again, we need to find the divisors for a number, this time 252.

Repeating the process we saw in the previous sample question, the divisors are 9, 7, and 4.

The resulting answer is: 4 x 7 x 9 = 252.

The Digit Challenge’s five-minute time limit combined with the growing level of the questions equals a stern test of your math skills – and to succeed, prep is key.

Our P&G prep pack includes a gamified, computer-adaptive test app that replicates the real thing as closely as possible. It generates new test questions every single time, allowing you to practice until you are confident in your ability to do well on the real thing.


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How to Practice for the Digit Challenge Test?

The mathematics skills that are needed for the Digit Challenge Test are basic ones you learned in school, and you are even allowed to use a calculator.

However, as you answer more and more questions correctly, the questions will become harder and the time shorter – meaning the pressure begins to build and what seems like a simple test at first can become highly challenging. Getting an answer wrong will send you back to simpler questions, which will not award you with the points you need to achieve a high score.

To ensure you don’t get overwhelmed during the actual test and miss out on the score you need, prep is key. It will help you both sharpen your skills and avoid the harmful pressure that many test-takers experience.

Procter and Gamble Assessment

The Procter and Gamble Assessment is a challenging combination of cognitive and behavioral tests, that aim to give P&G an in-depth picture of their candidates’ abilities.

The assessment includes the Digit Challenge, alongside the Switch Challenge and the Grid Challenge, as well as the PEAK Performance Assessment.

Learn more about the Procter and Gamble Online Assessment.

The AON Assessment

The Digit Challenge is also included in AON’s smartPredict Online Assessment. Additionally, the Digit Challenge, the Switch Challenge, Grid Challenge, and Motion Challenge are also included. Between them, they evaluate a broad range of mathematical, planning, and visualization skills.

By the end of the test, you should converge on the difficulty level which best reflects your abilities. This allows your employer to get a more accurate understanding of your skills and can make the test more difficult than it might appear.

You can try out some free sample questions here!

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