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What is the P&G PEAK Performance Assessment?

The PEAK performance assessment measures aspects of your personality, work style, and experience to give P&G a comprehensive picture of your compatibility with the position, and the organization in general. To achieve this, the PEAK performance assessment combines situational judgement, personality, leadership and motivation questions. 

The test has no time limit, but it takes most people around 20 minutes to finish and exceeding this number significantly could have an adverse impact on your result. The questions are multiple choice, although the number of answers changes between the different questions types.

The PEAK assessment test is essential to your chances of passing the P&G hiring process, and to maximize your chances of passing it preparation for each part is key. Let's review the main sections of the test, including the situational judgement test, the personality questions, and the PEAK performance factors.

To land the job you're after at P&G, preparing for the PEAK performance assessment will not be enough - you will need to get through the challenging P&G assessment. This unique test includes three cognitive ability tests that you can ace with the right prep - learn exactly how on our P&G Assessment page.

P&G PEAK Performance Assessment Practice Questions

PEAK Performance Assessment Situational Judgement Test (SJT)

A situational judgement test assesses your preferred responses to typical workplace scenarios, and through your answers builds a picture of your workstyle, aspects of your personality, and your compatibility with the organization's core values. 

At P&G, the situational judgement test is incorporated into the PEAK performance assessment and is used to see how close your answers are to the PEAK performance factors. 

Let's go over a practice question together and see what it's all about:

You feel that your work has become repetitive and is no longer challenging you. However, you have also become quite comfortable with the way things are running. You have a review meeting with your manager scheduled in two days.

What would you do in this situation?

After consulting your colleagues and hearing that frustration is simply part of the job, you decide to accept the situation
Research opportunities to become involved in other projects. Present your findings to your supervisor during the meeting and ask for her feedback
You keep your feelings to yourself and keep going with your work
Express your frustration during the meeting and ask to get involved in new upcoming projects
Since this is a relatively comfortable situation, you decide to use the spare time to develop other skills
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The situation was designed to measure your ambition, proactivity, and innovative thinking.

The scenario portrays a situation where you can grow and develop within the company. The question is, do you take that opportunity or stay in your comfort zone? Generally, employers are looking for ambitious people who desire to improve and learn, so it is important that your answer reflects these traits.

The best option is answer B. You show initiative by researching new opportunities as well as motivation to develop and learn. Nevertheless, you don't make decisions independently; rather, you present your ideas to your manager for guidance. This is an effective and proactive response, which shows your ambition and accountability.

PEAK Performance Assessment Leadership Questionnaire  

The Procter and Gamble PEAK Performance Assessment leadership questionnaire is intended to measure your leadership qualities and potential based on your answers to various professional history or preference questions. It is important to keep in mind the PEAK performance factors when answering the PEAK assessment test, and the leadership questionnaire especially. 

This is what a leadership questionnaire question might look like in your PEAK assessment:

How often have other people sought your guidance in the past due to your knowledge or skills?

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This question assesses your ownership and professionalism. It is valuable to show that you are a source of knowledge in your workplace and tend to help your co-workers. When applying to entry-level or team member positions, it is sufficient to demonstrate a developing ability to guide - average or above average. For managers, it is preferable to show an above-average willingness to help others in the workplace.


While the PEAK assessment test isn't timed, the other parts of the P&G assessment not only have a tight time limit, but are also adaptive and gamified - making this test unlike other cognitive assessments you have experience. Learn more about how to manage time and ace the P&G assessment.

PEAK Performance Assessment Motivation Questionnaire

Motivation questions in the P&G PEAK assessment test are intended there to help understand what drives you at work, i.e. what work environment allows you to really enter your element and make your strengths shine. There are different types of motivation, and perhaps the most central distinction is between Intrinsic and Extrinsic. Keeping this in mind, try answering the question below:

What is the significance of engaging with subjects that you are interested in at work?

Not significant
Somewhat significant
Very significant
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The preferred answer is C. Very Significant.

This statement measures your curiosity, which is an internal source of motivation. When you engage in a subject you are curious about, it shows your curiosity and motivation drive you to learn. Being curious about your work also contributes to your initiative and creativity.

PEAK Performance Assessment Personality Test

The Personality test is often used in the recruitment process to better understand the dominant personality traits a candidate possesses. Although many people believe there is no need to prepare for personality tests, this is a misconception. Understanding the personality traits that are required for your position and are valued by P&G can greatly help you reflect your strengths in the best way, and improve your chances of passing this stage. 

In personality test questions, you will be presented with a statement followed by five options indicating how much it applies to you. For example:

There are so many small tasks to be done, on occasion I find it tempting to simply disregard them all.

Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

Self-discipline is the ability to complete tasks and reach goals that have been set, despite various distractions, challenges, boredom or loss of interest.

High scores characterize productive people who tend to do their job faithfully and have the ability to manage themselves and complete their responsibilities on time.

Low scores characterize people who have difficulty completing their tasks, who tend to waste valuable time before getting to work and giving up or jumping on to another task when faced with a difficulty or challenge. 

Get a taste of what it's like to solve P&G assessment questions from the switch challenge, digit challenge, and grid challenge on our P&G free practice page

The P&G PEAK Performance Factors

There is a common thread that connects all the various sections of the PEAK performance assessment - they aim to assess your compatibility with P&G's values and goals, and through that with your potential to succeed with the company. The P&G PEAK performance factors are the five attributes that P&G look for in every employee, especially when applying for management positions that require leadership. They are:

  • Lead with Courage.
  • Innovate for Growth.
  • Champion Productivity.
  • Execute with Excellence.
  • Bring out your Best.

When answering the Procter and Gamble PEAK performance test, you must always keep the PEAK performance factors in mind. Ask yourself - does my answer show that I am innovative? Have I shown that I have strong execution skills? Is this personality questionnaire question looking for me to emphasize leadership abilities?

The Procter and Gamble assessment is much more that just the PEAK performance test - and in order to be sure that you have done what you need to reach the high score you're after on the real thing, practice is the only way to go. 

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 About the Proctor and Gamble Assessment

The Procter and Gamble Assessment is the cornerstone of the P&G hiring process, and one of the more challenging aptitude tests out there. It is in fact a fully gamified combination of three online assessment tests - the Switch Challenge, Grid Challenge, and Digit Challenge, as well as the PEAK personality test.

Together, these give P&G a picture of your cognitive ability, your ability to manage time, what type of work environment is right for you, and basically whether or not you are right for the organization.

The Proctor and Gamble Assessment is based on the Smartpredict platform by psychometric tests company AON. What makes this platform unique is that it's adaptive, interactive, and gamified. This means that the assessments can adapt themselves live in order to get more meaningful insight into the candidate's abilities. At JobTestPrep, we have created a unique set of practice assessment tests that closely simulate the real thing. 

What is the P&G Virtual Job Preview?

Among the aptitude tests used by P&G hiring managers to select candidates is the P&G virtual job preview, which contains six parts that emulate various aspects of the job. If you have been invited to participate in this online assessment, visit our P&G Virtual Job Preview guide to learn more. 


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