P&G Online Assessment Prep: PEAK, Switch, Grid, Digit [2022]


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What is the P&G Online Assessment?

P&G assessment test is a group of tests that job applicants applying to P&G have to go through during their recruitment process. The P&G assessment includes three interactive game-based challenges and the “PEAK performance assessment” that examines various aspects of your personality and behavior.

Here Are the Main Differences Between the Exams:


Name of Test Time Adaptive Main Skill Tested Interactive
PEAK Performance About 20 minutes No Background
and Experiences
Switch Challenge About 6 minutes Yes Logical Reasoning Yes
Digit Challenge 5 minutes Yes Calculation
Skills and
Grid Challenge 9 minutes No Memory tasks
and Spatial

Check out the video below for more information about the P&G Switch, Digit, and Grid challenges (example questions included)


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 P&G Switch Challenge Test

The AON deductive-logical reasoning test, AKA the Switch challenge measures logical-abstract reasoning.

In each task, there are four symbols that change position according to a specific rule.

This assessment test measures deductive-logical thinking. Your job is to choose the correct operator (out of three alternatives) that changed the order of the symbols according to that rule.

In this section, you’ll have 5 minutes to answer as many questions as possible.

Sounds difficult? Take a look at this question from our PrepPack™:

switch challenge sample question


Answer & Explanation

The correct answer is (4132).

In this question, there are two rows of symbols and a missing operator. The operator changes the order of the symbols in the upper row to a new order in the lower row. The digits of the operator represent the symbol according to its position in the upper row before it was changed by the operator.

Take a look at the first operator – (2314). The first digit is 2. If that is the right operator, that means that the second shape on the top row – the purple triangle – should become the first shape on the bottom row.

But as we can see, the first shape on the bottom row is the pink rhombus. Now we can know that the first operator is not the correct answer, and we can rule out this option.

Now, take a look at the last operator (4312). The first digit is 4, which means that if this operator is the correct one, the last symbol on the top row – the pink rhombus – should become the first symbol on the bottom row. And that’s true!

But note, you cannot be sure this is the correct answer as long as you don’t check the other digits (or rule out the middle operator). This case is a bit tricky, as the second and third operators begin with the same digit.

If we continue with the third operator, and check the next digit, 3, we can see that this operator is not the right one. If it were the right operator, we’d expect the yellow hexagon to appear as the second symbol on the bottom row.



Now, at first glance, these questions might look like a no-brainer. Well, they are not.

With a tight time limit - and increasingly difficult levels – you need to practice. A LOT.

Take a look at a more difficult question:

switch challenge sample question 2

The right operator is (4231)

You can find the full explanation (along with harder questions) in our full PrepPack™

Did You Manage to Spot the Correct Operator?

The best tip I can give you to help you improve your Switch Challenge skills is to practice different levels with the same time limit as the actual test.

As put by one of our customers:


P&G online assessment preparation


Start practicing today and get immediate access to infinite Switch Challenge practice tests.



P&G Digit Challenge

This assessment test is an interactive numerical reasoning test.

This section of the Procter and Gamble assessment examines your ability to perform numerical calculations quickly and accurately.

You will be given an equation with missing numbers.

Your task is to find a combination of digits to replace the empty spaces and make the equation correct.

Take a look at this sample question:


Digit Challenge practice question


Check out the full explanation here

Take notice of the order of operations, or BODMAS (Brackets, Orders, Division and Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction). Therefore, you should start with multiplication by thinking about the numbers that will best advance you toward the predefined result. The quotient of the first two digits must be lower than 27, because you need to be able to add two digits later.

For instance, if you choose 4 and 5, you’ll get 4*5=20.

Then, you’ll need to find the other digits that’ll get you to 27. That is, two digits with a sum of 7 (the difference between 27 and 20).

Note: you can’t use the previously used digits (in our case, 4 and 5).

Therefore, A possible correct answer is (4*5)+6+1.

Of course, there are other combinations of digits that’ll get you the correct result, and as long as you answer correctly, there is no difference between them.

You might want to know that in the highest levels, you may get a calculation of more than 500, for example (_ * _ * _ ) - 2 = 502 (the answer is "7", "8", "9").

So, to ace this part of the test, you will need to not only know the multiplication table, but also use the calculator correctly and quickly.


Just like the Switch Challenge, the time limit is five minutes, and you need to answer as many questions as you can.


In our PrepPack, you’ll find more tips and tricks to help you solve more complicated questions, and infinite Digit Challenge questions with a time limit, just like the real thing.


P&G Grid Challenge

The P&G Grid Challenge is a spatial reasoning test. This Challenge measures your short-term memory, your cognitive ability, and your spatial orientation skills.

The questions on this challenge are a mix of spatial and memory tasks:

1. Each question begins with a grid - a map of dots. One of the dots will light up and you will have just a few seconds to memorize its position:

P&G Grid Challenge sample question 1

2. Following this question, the grid disappears, and you are presented with a spatial orientation question. There are three types of spatial orientation tasks: Symmetrical, Rotation and Combination.

3. Take a look at this symmetrical question - now you need to quickly determine whether the right and left grids are symmetrical:

P&G Grid Challenge sample question 2

4. Then, you’ll see the same grid that you saw at the beginning of the question, only now a different dot will light up and you’ll need to memorize it (and still remember the old dot that appeared).

P&G Grid Challenge sample question 3

5. Again, the grid disappears, and you will be presented with a different spatial orientation question.

P&G Grid Challenge sample question 4

6. And again, the grid comes back with another dot that lights up.

P&G Grid Challenge sample question 5

7. Again, another "is it symmetrical" question:


P&G Grid Challenge sample question 6

8. At the end of the question, you’ll be presented with the initial grid, and you’ll need to click on the dots that appeared throughout the entire question:


P&G Grid Challenge sample question 7


Important note: the number of memorization sections can range from two to five (the same is true for the number of spatial orientation questions).


What is the P&G PEAK Performance Assessment?

The PEAK performance assessment is used to measure skills and abilities that don't always come across in an interview.

The PEAK assessment is a type of Situational Judgement Test, that helps employers better understand your compatibility with the company and your prospective position.

While this test is not timed, the candidate generally needs about 20 minutes to finish it.

On the PEAK Performance Assessment, you will face two kinds of questions – multiple choice questions and rating questions:

The rating questions are fairly simple - In these questions, you are presented with statements that you need to rate:

  • Very Untrue.
  • Somewhat Untrue.
  • Somewhat True.
  • Very True.

Peak Performance Practice

Each multiple-choice question will be presented with a scenario and four options on how to proceed. Let’s see an example from our PrepPack:

You are doing a performance evaluation for Janet, your team supervisor.

Which of the following should you avoid doing during the review?

A - Examine her ability to manage time and resources.
B - Keeping your negative feedback as general as possible.
C - Ask her about her own career goals.
D - Talk about how she responds to your authority as a manager.
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

In the question, you're asked what solution to avoid.

It focuses on how to train and supervise employees and on the best methods for providing feedback.

Tip: In order to make a decision, you must organize each evaluation category by level of importance.

Core competency: encouraging employees’ development

Secondary competencies: supervising performance, effective communication

Employees’ ability to manage time and resources (response A) contributes to work effectiveness.

Hence, addressing this aspect of their work by providing feedback and suggesting strategies could improve their work and efficiency.

Avoiding hurting employees’ feelings (Response B)

Implies that since receiving negative feedback could feel uncomfortable, it’s better to choose a neutral response.

The problem, general feedback is less effective – it’s vague, might be less coherent, and can be misunderstood easily.

Employee’s career goals (response C) are a relevant topic for discussion.

One of your goals as a manager is to help employees develop professionally.

Both for the benefit of the organization and the employee.

Discussing your employee goals enables you to establish shared goals.

Which you can use to direct their development such as:

Tasks they would be assigned to, professional courses they may take, etc.

Employees’ ability to accept authority (response D) is essential for their ability to work under management.

Differences of opinion and disagreements can erupt.

If handled appropriately, they could add value in the form of new perspectives and ideas.



Pro Tip: While taking situational judgment tests, it is essential to consider Procter and Gamble’s PEAK Performance Factors, which are defined by P&G's integrity-driven PVP (Purpose, Values, and Principles).

These factors are as follows:

  1. Lead with courage.
  2. Innovate for growth.
  3. Champion productivity.
  4. Execute with excellence.
  5. Bring out your best.


Worried you won't show the required personality traits during the evaluation?

Prepare yourself with the JobTestPres Prep Pack.

It includes 7 P&G PEAK Performance tests as well as a full personality exam that will help make sure you’ll ace the test.



P&G Online Assessment Practice

As you can see, the P&G Candidate Assessment is unlike any other pre-employment assessment test.

Here are some unique characteristics of the test:

  • The Test Is Adaptive. the better you are, the harder it gets. That means it is super important to ace the first questions of every reasoning test you’re taking - once you get a question wrong, you are demoted to less difficult questions.
  • Tight Time Limit. You need to answer correctly and fast. The Switch and Digit challenges are limited to 5 minutes, during which you’ll be required to answer as many questions as you can.
  • Unique Question Types – These questions do not resemble anything you’ve encountered in high school or college, or even on other psychometric tests. The solving techniques are different and you need to know how to approach every question correctly.

Our test experts developed a product that provides you with everything you need to prepare for what's coming your way.

  • The timed practice tests will make you sharp and quick.
  • The accurate preparation material will get you familiarized with the format and structure of all P&G assessment questions.
  • We offer the only gamified P&G online preparation that allows you to practice infinite questions.

Our goal is to help you learn how to crack the P&G online assessment, so you can achieve high scores, and eventually get hired.




What is the P&G Recruitment Process?

The P&G recruitment process could be a bit exhausting. Therefore, each step needs to be considered carefully and delicately to help you beat the competition:

1. Online Application Process
The first step of the P&G hiring process is filling out the Online Application Form. which you can find by submitting a request in the P&G careers(258) area.

This is your chance to show off your strengths, and highlight relevant skills to the position you apply for.

Read the job requirements and skills needed and answer the questionnaire accordingly.

Remember companies that seek interns view this test as the ‘p&g internship assessment test’ it’s their way to screen potential candidates that possess the characteristics they are looking for.

2. Online Assessment Test

After submitting the online application form, you’ll probably get an invitation to take one or more of the P&G online aptitude tests.

It is essential to practice for this step with accurate prep material. Unfortunately, the internet is packed with practice questions that are not similar to the actual exam.

3. P&G interview

The Procter and Gamble final interview stage is the final step of the hiring process, just before the job offer. It is your chance to demonstrate every skill relevant to the position and to ask questions about the position, managers, culture, values, etc.

The P&G interview could be a panel or one-on-one interview and could be held via phone or online (that varies between countries).

4. Job Offer

Click here for more info about the hiring process.


How Long Does It Take for the Company to Send The Official P&G Assessment Test Results?

Well, there’s no clear answer to that. Most candidates get a pass\fail message within a week, while some will receive an online notification more than a month later.

If you don’t get a message in the first week after the test, don't worry.

I personally know a candidate that got a positive answer after 34 days.


Is P&G Online Assessment Hard?

The P&G candidate Assessment is pretty unique. The gamified challenges are not basic high school questions, as they require skills that you may have never practiced.

That’s why it is critical not only to practice before the live test but to use accurate practice materials so you won't be caught off guard.


Is there a P&G reasoning test passing score?

There are passing scores for the different P&G reasoning tests but they are not public; the candidate will only get a fail or pass response from the company, and the p&g assessment test results will remain confidential.

According to a P&G worker:
“The score is not public, and most employees don’t know it; I can only tell you that it is much lower than most people would expect; there are wide gaps between passing scores of applicants across regions and countries”


How Long Does the P&G Assessment Take?

The P&G aptitude test as a whole takes about 50 minutes.

The interactive part which includes the digit, grid, and switch exams requires 30 minutes to complete while the PEAK Performance test takes about 20 minutes.

Is There a Deadline for Taking the Assessment Once the Link Is Received?

The missing deadline of the P&G Online Assessment is a known issue. This is a question I hear a lot, and Procter and Gamble are not very clear on it.

I recommend taking the test within 10 days after you receive the exam invitation. Some candidates mentioned you can do it in 30 days, but I wouldn't recommend that.

There is only one problem you should be aware of: There is a chance that if you wait too long, the position will already be filled, and your application will be canceled.

However, if by some chance your application is canceled, you can apply for other positions and take the test then.

The only thing that’s really problematic about the P&G online assessment, is that once you fail the test you must wait a whole year before you can retake it. But if you didn’t even do the test, there’s no problem reapplying right away.


How Do I Know if I Passed the P&G Online Assessment Test?

You will get an email from the company inviting you for an interview.

If your score on these exams is high enough, HR will set up a phone interview, and then an in-person interview.


What Does the 30 Days Message Mean?

Basically – nothing. Some candidates get an Email right after they finish the test, and some don’t. It is not a sign of rejection, and many of the candidates who received the email went on to the next step in the hiring process.


What Is a Sales Virtual Job Preview?

The Sales Virtual Job Preview assessment examines your sales-related knowledge, skills, and experience. The information will be used to determine whether your qualifications and abilities meet the specific requirements of the position you have applied for.

For more information about the Procter and Gamble Virtual Job Preview Test click here.


How Do I Prepare for A P&G Interview?

Do Your Research

Learn how the job you’re applying to fits into the larger P&G goals and strategy. Examine the company’s Hiring Process and watch videos for a glimpse into the daily life of a P&G worker.

Gather Supporting Materials

That can shed more light on your value as a worker whether through online portfolios, successful product launches, or community efforts demonstrating your commitment to success, at work and in your personal life.

Gather information with specific examples of projects you've done, and prepare to show them to the interview team.

Speak with Confidence and Ask Questions

You’ll be asked about your experience as it relates to the particular need of the company. Make sure you discuss your experiences in a concise, descriptive, and confident manner.
The best way to do that is to prepare your responses and questions in advance.


Where Can I Get the P&G Assessment Test Results?

You'll receive a message via email or mobile notification.


Is P&G a Psychometric Test?

The Cambridge dictionary defines a psychometric test as: “a test that is designed to show someone's personality, mental ability, opinions, etc., often used by companies when they are deciding whether or not to employ someone” by that definition the P&G online assessment can be considered as a psychometric test.


switchChallenge vs. Switch Challenge: What's the Difference?

The switchChallenge is one of several tests created by AON(also known as the cut-e tests).
AON is a global provider of psychometric tests, talent consulting, and recruitment services.

For the AON switchChallenge test practice, click here.





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