Free Numerical Reasoning Example Questions and Answers 2024

Free Numerical Reasoning Practice Questions


Basic Math Sample Question 

1. Convert 310/50 to a decimal.

Choose the correct answer:

A. 15.1

B. 6.2

C. 3.1

D. 0.62

E. 6.1

When converting a fraction to a decimal (and vice verse) it is always simpler to use 10, 100, 1000 as a basis for the conversion.

Hence, it is a good idea to rewrite 310/50 using 100 as a denominator:

310/50 = (310x2)/(50x2) = 620/100 = 6.2

Another way to solve this item is by separating the large number into components:

310 = 300 + 10

Hence  310/50 = 300/50 + 10/50

From here we can simplify both fractions:

300/50 = 30/5 = 6.
10/50 = 1/5 = 0.2

310/50 = 6 + 0.2 = 6.2


When solving decimal questions it's important to understand decimal place values. Each digit in a decimal number has a different value depending on its position. Boost your basic math skills and secure your dream job with the JobTestPrep Numerical Reasoning preparation pack.

You can find basic math questions in a variety of tests, including the SHL Calculation Test, and the Optiver Test.


Word Problems Geometry Sample Question 

2. There is a circular outdoor ice skating rink. The machine that prepares the rink for skating at the start of the day prepares 600 square feet of rink every hour. If the circumference of the rink is 200 feet, approximately how many minutes does it take the machine to prepare the entire rink for skating at the beginning of each day?

A. 5.

B. 32.

C. 64.

D. 318.

E. 3183. 


The correct answer is approximately 318 minutes.

C = 2*π*r. If the circumference of the rink is 200 feet, then the radius of the rink is 100/π.
A = π*r2, therefore the area of the rink is 10000/π.
If the machine prepares 600 square feet every hour, then it takes (10000/π)/600 = 50/3π hours in order to prepare the entire rink. Multiply this result by 60 to convert from number of hours to number of minutes: (50*60)/3π = 1000/π. 
Since π≈3.14, the correct answer must be 318 minutes.



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Number Series Sample Question 

3. 30 | 37 | 46 | 58 | 74 | 95 | ?

What is the next number in the series?

A. 122.

B. 27.

C. 111.

D. 126. 




When solving Number Series questions look for patterns. Try to identify a pattern in the way the numbers are increasing or decreasing, the difference between consecutive numbers, or the relationship between numbers. Impress your future employer with your mastery of Number Series and other Numerical Reasoning questions, found in the JobTestPrep preparation pack


 Statistics Drill - Probability Sample Question 

4. In a group of 25 teenagers, 12 enjoy playing sports. What is the probability that a teenager chosen at random enjoys playing sports?

A. 0.48.

B. 0.12.

C. 0.37.

D. 0.52.


The correct answer is A. Since there are 12 teenagers who enjoy playing sports and 25 total teenagers, the probability is 12/25 = 0.48. Therefore, the correct answer is A.



When solving Probability questions consider the different types of probabilities: classical, empirical, and subjective. Make sure you understand the difference between these types and use the appropriate one for the problem you are solving. Get the confidence you need to succeed on your Numerical Reasoning test with the JobTestPrep preparation pack.

Algebra Sample Question

5. Please choose the correct answer. If none of the options are the correct answer please choose answer choice e, "N".

A. 30.

B. 11.16.

C. 8.9.

D. 62.

E. N.


The correct answer is (A) - 30

This question deals with a single variable equation. 
When solving a single variable equation, the goal is isolating the variable (mostly called x) in order to find its value.
The way to do that is by gathering all variable-expressions of the equation (one or more X-expressions) on one side and all numerical members of the equation on the other side. This is done by using the four operations (+, -, *, /) in the equation, as needed.
Important! Any numerical operation must be applied on both sides of the equation.
On this case, to isolate X apply the following operations to both sides of the equation:
1. Subtract 0.27
9.6/X + 0.27 - 0.27 = 0.59 - 0.27
9.6/X = 0.32
2. Multiply by X to eliminate the denominator
X*(9.6/X) = X*0.32
9.6 = 0.32X
3. Multiply by 100
100*9.6 = 100*0.32X
960 = 32X
4. Divide by 32
960/32 = 32X/32
30 = X

*Note that solving tip #1 was used in step 3, to ease the calculation process.

Solving tip #3: Re-arranging the data often helps solving the problem, without needing a calculator; e.g.:

9.6 = .32X                         / changing the way the data is presented
96/10 = (32/100)X             / :(32/100)
(96/10) / (32/100) = X       / re-arranging the data
(96x100) / (32x10) = X      / re-arranging the data (see solving tip at the end of the explanation)
(96/32) * (100/10) = X      / cancel down by 32 and 10
3 * 10 = X
=> X = 30

Solving tip#4: Dividing two fractions is equal to multiplying the nominator fraction by the inverse denominator fraction:

(a/b) / (c/d) = (a/b) * (d/c)



When solving Algebra questions try to isolate the variable on one side of the equation by using inverse operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. You can find more Algebra practice questions in the JobTestPrep Numerical Reasoning PrepPack


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