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Applying for a new job is an increasingly metric-based process. Many employers rely on quantitative factors when making hiring decisions. One popular assessment is the numerical reasoning test. Numerical reasoning tests are the most common aptitude tests available. They evaluate candidate's math and analysis abilities, and the way in which they extract information from numerical data. Read on to learn about the different numerical reasoning tests that employers use and how you can prepare for your pre-employment assessment.

What Is a Numerical Reasoning Test?

Numerical reasoning tests, or mathematical reasoning tests, are exams which assess candidate's quantitative numeracy skills. They range in difficulty from basic arithmetic tests to higher-level exams which evaluate critical thinking skills in a number-based context. The length of the test also varies depending on the assessment company that created the test as well as the needs of the employer. Some tests are timed and take between 20 to 90 minutes, while others are untimed. Some tests can be completed at home, while others are done in-person at the company's offices or at an assessment center.

These tests are used in the hiring process for jobs in a variety of professions, including finance, accountancy, retail, and public service.

How Can I Prepare for a Numerical Reasoning Tests?

JobTestPrep offers a range of practice resources that can help test takers improve their numerical skills and problem-solving abilities. Taking practice tests before attempting the real tests allows you to get a feel for the timing of the questions, understand the material, and discover your strengths and weaknesses. You can also access study guides that will help you bridge any gaps in your knowledge. While the specific questions on your test may vary, practicing ahead of time will allow you to prepare for whatever the test contains.

What Skills Do Numerical Reasoning Tests Evaluate?

Numerical reasoning tests assess skills used in a variety of employment contexts, such as the ability to perform basic operations, analyze graphs, understand percentages and ratios, and comprehend tables.

Major Assessment Companies

The following companies create popular pre-employment numerical reasoning tests. The exams are similar in content, but their length, format, question style, and time limit differ.


Kenexa Wonderlic PLI
Human Systems Technology (HST) Criteria Pearson

Prepare for Your Pre-Employment Numerical Reasoning Math Tests Online

JobTestPrep can help you prepare for any pre-employment numerical reasoning exam. Our Numerical Reasoning PrepPack™ includes dozens of practice tests, comprehensive study guides, and detailed answer explanations. 

Practice is the key to your success on a numerical reasoning test. Since you may not have encountered this type of test in many years, becoming familiar with the kind of questions used in tests and developing your understanding of basic mathematical reasoning principles will help you feel prepared for your test. Review concepts that you already know and brush up on your math skills with our study resources.


If timing is an issue for you, practice for your exam using the timed mode which simulates the actual exam, allowing you to learn how to budget your time for each question. 

JobTestPrep's numerical reasoning practice materials are accessible online so you can study whenever and wherever is most convenient for you. Start getting ready for your test and be chosen for the job that you want.

What's Included

  • Eight numerical tests that cover basic math skills, such as percentages, four operations, fractions, and more.
  • Seven word problems tests, that cover similar math skills, but in the common format of a word problem.
  • Four number series tests, that require a higher level of numerical reasoning and logic.
  • 15 tables and graphs tests, that require you to engage with numerical information organized in diagrams and tables.
  • Four study guides for different subjects.