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About Ernst & Young

Ernst & Young (EY) is an international professional services corporation based in London, with more than 190,000 employees worldwide. EY provides assurance, tax advising, consulting, financial advising, and legal services to their customers.

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EY Hiring Process

EY depends on its assessment process to select only the top candidates. The application process consists of online and in-person testing.

The first step is an online application. You will need to submit your personal information, career preferences, academic record, and work experience. You will also be asked to complete an EY Writing Assessment, which is often an essay on college success.

Upon receipt of your application, you will receive an email invitation to complete an online Situational Strengths Assessment. You will be asked to read several business scenarios or case studies and respond to them, either by choosing one response or by ranking the responses in a certain order.

This assessment should take between 15 and 30 minutes to complete, though there is no time limit.

Online Aptitude Tests

Within 72 hours of receipt of the strengths assessment you will be notified if you have succeeded and are invited to complete a series of EY advisory writing assessments and online aptitude tests:

  • Numerical Reasoning – This test examines your math abilities through a set of questions using tables and graphs. You will be shown the numerical data needed to answer using basic math functions. These questions will be multiple-choice. You will be evaluated on how accurate your answers are and how long it takes you to respond teach question.
  • Verbal Reasoning – This test assesses your written and verbal communication skills as well as how quickly and accurately you can analyze text. You will be given a series of paragraphs to read and then answer questions. You will have to decide if a statement in the passage is true, false, or impossible to say.
  • Diagrammatic/Logical Reasoning – This section tests your general mental aptitude. You will be given a series of different shapes and patterns. Each question will include a missing step. You’ll be provided with answers to choose from.
  • Situational Judgement – You will be presented with a number of challenging scenarios that you may find in the workplace as well as several possible responses to each scenario. You will choose which one you believe is the best way to describe your reaction.
  • E-tray Exercise – This is an exercise in which you receive emails and must read, prioritize, and process in order to complete a number of tasks. This will assess your written communication, decision-making skills, and ability to multi-task.

Interviewing with EY

Once you have successfully completed these tests, you will be contacted within 72 hours for an interview. The first interview may be a video interview, in which you'll be asked pre-recorded interview questions. Following this interview, a face-to-face interview will be delivered. This interview will last between 25 and 60 minutes. A typical full interview will consist of two back-to-back half-hour interviews, each with a different EY representative. The interview usually consists of the following parts:

  • Introduction – This section, which lasts 2-3 minutes, is designed to put you at ease and establish a rapport.
  • Employer Questions – This section, which lasts 20-35 minutes, is where the evaluation process starts. Through the EY interview questions, the interviewer will evaluate your skills, abilities, and other attributes needed to satisfy the job requirements. These usually focus on your resume and questions that make you assess yourself. Often there will be a case study question as well.
  • Behavioral Interviewing – This phase of the process will focus on bringing out “real life” experiences. By using examples of things you’ve done in particular situations in the past, you will show that you have the specific traits EY is looking for, such as motivation or good communication skills.
  • Evaluation – The interviewer will probably concentrate on abilities and qualities that you may need to complete the job, including technical skills and abilities, client service focus, leadership, flexibility, teamwork, communication skills, and intellectual competence. They will also focus on areas including education, applicable experience, and career goals.
  • Your Questions – Every question you ask should help you get the information you need to make your decision. You should ask about areas of real interest to you. This section should last 5-6 minutes. 
  • Close – The interviewer will ask you if you have any more questions, review what will happen next, and end the interview. This should take 2-3 minutes.

Job Opportunities at EY

  • External Audit Managers – requiring a bachelor’s degree, CPA license, and at least five years as an auditor of a public accounting firm.
  • Cost Communication Managers – need a bachelor’s degree in business administration or a related field, eight years of work experience or master’s degree with seven years of work experience, and previous experience designing operations processes.
  • Information Technology Risk & Assurance Managers – must have a degree in business, accounting computer science, information systems or related areas, at least five years of IT or risk advisor experience for public accounting firms, experience conducting operational audits and SSAE 16 engagements, and Cisco certifications.

There are also positions available in advisory, assurance, tax, transactions, and support services. Since EY is ranked among the top companies in its sector, competition is very strong for any position within the corporation. 

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