Practice for Capitec Bank's Assessment

Succeeding in the Capitec Bank's recruitment process can be challenging. With the assistance of JobTestPrep's preparation PrepPack™, you can significantly improve your skills and increase the chances of getting that long-awaited job offer at the best bank in the world. We have brought together in our exclusive PrepPack™ various tests that will improve your numerical reasoning, reading comprehension, and ability to read graphs and do arithmetic calculations. To further facilitate your learning process, we have also added to our materials answer keys and step-by-step study guides. They will enable you to track your progress, identify your weak points, and redouble your efforts to hone your skills to perfection. Prepared by JobTestPrep, you will be able to secure for yourself a desired position at Capitec Bank.


Capitec Bank's Pre-Employment Assessment Tests

JobTestPrep has collected in the Capitec PrepPack™ different tests designed to prepare you for the Bank's pre-employment assessment. In addition to study guides, answer keys, and interview practice, we have included in the package also tables and graph tests, word problem tests, number series and algebra tests, and reading comprehension tests, each of which is made to guarantee that, if you practice, your name will appear at the top of recruiters' hiring list.

Capitec's Table and Graph Test

Depending on the position you have applied for you may be required to take a pre-hire mathematical reasoning test. These tests are used by (COMPANY) to gain an understanding of your numerical abilities. The areas tested can range from the simplest of mathematics to more in-depth calculations and critical reasoning depending on your job level.

In a table and graph based test you are presented with numerical data in the form of tables and graphs. After carefully analyzing the information, you must choose the correct answer from several different options. There is often more than one question per data set. There are generally between 20 and 30 questions, and you have approximately one minute to answer each question. The test covers a wide range of basic mathematical concepts, such as percentages, ratios, and the four arithmetic operations. Calculators are typically allowed. Questions assess your ability to extract information, draw conclusions, and apply data analysis skills—all under strict time constraints.

Capitec Bank Interview 

There are several types of interviews you may be expected to participate in prior to being offered the job you have applied for; they are:


  • Phone Interview: This type of interview will last anywhere from 10-30 minutes. You should expect to be asked about your availability, salary expectations/ requirements, your prior work history and experience, as well as what you know about the company and the position being offered.
  • Video Interview: The popularity of this type of interview is growing. You will either complete your interview during a Skype session, or by following a link to an interview platform provided to you by the company.
  • Pre-recorded Video Interview: a format that requires you to record your answers to predetermined questions.

Case Interview: In this type of interview you will be posed a question, challenge, or situation that you will be expected to solve. These types of interviews are either conducted individually or in groups.

  • Puzzle Interview: Challenging puzzles and riddles are often part of the recruitment process for some companies. You will be expected to think creatively and outside of the box in order to pass this type of interview successfully.
  • Lunch Interview: This type of interview can be very casual and allows interviewers the opportunity to get to know an applicant’s background, qualifications, and personality in a more relaxed environment.


Preparing for each type of interview beforehand will give an undeniable advantage with regard when answering questions posed to you by your interviewer, as well as the types of behaviors you should exhibit.

What is Capitec Bank's Numerical Tests Designed to Measure?

Depending on the job and profession you are seeking, you may encounter a pre-hire math test, also known as a numerical reasoning test, a quantitative reasoning test, or a numerical test. This is the most common type of aptitude test applicants can face. Test takers are assessed on their ability to understand and make decisions based on numerical data. The exam may be administered as part of an online job application, at the job site, or during an interview. However, it's important to note that there are no standard pre-employment math tests.

What Is a Mathematical Reasoning Test?

Mathematical reasoning tests, or pre-hire math tests, are the generic terms for number-based assessments that range from basic mathematics or arithmetic tests to high-level mathematical reasoning assessments. The test types corresponds to the job level, including high-ranking senior management positions, graduate or managerial jobs, and administrative and sales roles.

Do I Need to Come Prepared for Capitec's Tests?

JobTestPrep is dedicated to offering high-quality services to prepare you for your upcoming online aptitude tests and interviews. Start practicing now with our practice tests and improve your chances of being selected to work at Capitec Bank.

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