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What Is the Blackstone Pymetrics Assessment?

The Pymetrics Test or Pymetrics Assessment is a collection of 12 online games designed to assess 91 cognitive, social, and behavioral traits.

Similar to other gamefied assessments, like HireVue, this AI-based games are quickly gaining popularity in the pre-employment testing world, especially in the finance, banking, and consulting industries.

Below you will find a brief description of these games.

Pymetrics Balloon Game

Pymetrics' Balloon Game

The 12 Games Used in the Blackstone Pymetrics Assessment

Blackstone uses the 12 standard Pymetrics Games as the first stage of its screening process:

  • Balloon Game – Pump balloons to earn money and collect it before the balloon explodes.
  • Tower Game - Rearrange three towers with the least moves.
  • Money Exchange Game #1 – Perform mutual transactions with another AI-based player.
  • Money Exchange Game #2 -Same as Money Exchange Game #1, but with different rules.
  • Keypress Game – Press and stop pressing your space key based on the instructions.
  • Hard/Easy Task Game – Choose between two tasks based on their probabilities of success.
  • Digits Memory Game – Memorize a sequence of digits.
  • Stop Game – Recognize shapes and colors based on given rules.
  • Arrows Game – Determine the direction of quickly flashing arrows.
  • Lengths Game – Notice slight differences in two nearly-identical images.
  • Cards Game – Recognize patterns in a deck of cards to maximize your gains.
  • Faces Game – Recognize the emotion conveyed in a person’s face.


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Why Is Blackstone Using Pymetrics?

Like many employers in the finance industry, Blackstone is a very lucrative employer with high demand and low acceptance rates. According to Business Insider, the average acceptance rate for an analyst position at Blackstone is around 0.5%.

As such, Blackstone incorporates Pymetrics as an online assessment tool to substantially narrow down the candidate pool.

Cruel, but effective.

What Does Blackstone Look for in Your Pymetrics Assessment?

That question really depends on the position you apply to.

The 12 Pymetrics Games measure around 90 traits in 9 categories:

  • Attention
  • Decision Making
  • Effort
  • Emotion
  • Fairness
  • Focus
  • Generosity
  • Learning
  • Risk Tolerance

When taking the Pymetrics Assessment with Blackstone (and when preparing from them), think of the position you are after and what combination of traits would be best for it.

Each game on the Pymetrics Test assesses a different combination of these trait categories, so your performance on the games should be accordingly.

Here are three examples:

  • Analyst – Learning (Balloon & Tower Game), Attention (Arrows Game)
  • VP – Decision Making (Easy/Hard Game), Risk Tolerance (Balloon & Money Exchange Game)
  • Strategic Partners – Effort (Easy/Hard Game), Emotion (Faces Game)

Can You (and Should You) Prepare for Your Blackstone Pymetrics Test?

Here are the two most common misconceptions about Blackstone’s Pymetrics Assessment:

  • Since these are just games, they are pretty simple, and you shouldn’t prepare for them – WRONG.
  • Since there are no right or wrong answers in these games, there is no way of preparing for them – WRONG.

Firstly, the games on the Pymetrics Assessment are anything but simple. On the surface, they may appear plain, but a sophisticated AI algorithm operates behind the scenes, monitoring and recording your every action to create your profile for Blackstone.

Secondly, Pymetrics is an assessment tool, so while there are indeed no “right answers” in the traditional meaning, there are definitely more suitable outcomes for playing the games.

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The Pymetrics Interview

If you successfully pass the Pymetrics Games, you will be requested to take the Pymetrics Interview. It is a one-way digital interview (similar to HireVue), in which you are presented with pre-recorded interview questions and record your response.

Pymetrics Interview Questions

The actual questions on your interview may differ between jobs, but since Pymetrics aims to create a standard interview structure for all candidates, you can expect many similar questions in the video interviews.

Here are several questions you may be asked in the Pymetrics Interview:

  • Why this position?
  • Tell me about a recent challenge you have faced and how you handled it.
  • What is your biggest strength?
  • What is your biggest weakness?
  • Tell me about a time you dealt with complexity.
  • Tell me a bit about a recent piece of financial news.

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