One of the most popular positions at UPS is the part-time supervisor. Most of the candidates that apply for this position have several months or years' experience at UPS. It means that the interview process for this advanced position is short and that the assessment tests play a significant part in UPS' decision of who will get the job.

In many cases, a part-time supervisor is promoted to a full-time supervisor at UPS. A full-time supervisor generally has more responsibilities and has more experience. In other cases, a candidate applies directly to become a full-time supervisor. This applicant is expected to complete the same assessment tests as a part-time supervisor.

UPS Supervisor Tests

The hiring process consists of three main tests:

Personality Test

The goal of this test is to assess if an applicant's personality is a good fit for the supervisor position. UPS mainly uses the MAPP test, which assesses the applicant's experiences, orientations, and desires. This test is usually used as a career assessment test, but UPS also uses it to evaluate if an applicant has the characteristics necessary to manage and supervise drivers, package handlers, and oversee additional employees.

This test plays the biggest part in the hiring process and it consists of dozens of questions. There are no right or wrong answers, but answering these questions without any preparation can be very confusing. Practice is the best way to overcome this obstacle and ensure your chances of being offered your desired job.

Situational Judgment Tests

The situational judgment test on the supervision assessment evaluates candidates with regard to employee conflicts and what the candidate would do in a certain situation. The applicant will also be asked to handle clientele problems and client-employee conflict

Math Test

Like in many other jobs, supervisors are also required to use basic arithmetic. Thus, UPS wants to assess their applicants' math skills. This test covers basic mathematical skills: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, percentages, averages, decimals, and simple calculation questions. For some applicants, the math test is considered the most dreaded part of the assessment. Practice can help reduce these fears.

UPS Supervisor Test Preparation

JobTestPrep has developed a supervisors' assessment preparation package aimed at your exam success. Our UPS supervisors' preparation package offers you a comprehensive way to practice for your assessment tests. You will be able to take timed practice tests under real test-like constraints as well as practice tests in our step-by-step mode. This mode provides guidance and tips, helping you to understand how to arrive at the right answer.

About UPS

United Parcel Service (UPS) is the largest package delivery company in the world, providing supply chain management solutions all over the globe. Headquartered in Georgia, this global logistics company employs 444,000 employees worldwide.

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