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What is the UPS Pymetrics Assessment

The UPS Pymetrics Assessment is an online cognitive assessment comprised of 12 games that aim to measure 91 personality, cognitive, and behavioral traits. Each game takes 3 minutes to complete, and while the test varies in length, it is approximately 30 minutes long in total. 

While playing the games, your every action is being monitored and recorded. All that data is then compiled and the system assembles your personality profile, which is compared to the UPS benchmark. If you pass the desired score, you continue on to the interview. If not - your application is terminated.

The UPS Pymetrics Assessment is the first and often only stage in the UPS package handler hiring process. Since you can take the test only once a year, don't miss your one chance to get it right!

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UPS Pymetrics Assessment Sample Questions

Arrows Game

In this game, you will be presented with sets of flashing arrows in different colors. For some of them, you will have to press the arrow on your keyboard that points in the same direction as the middle arrow in the set. For other colors, the direction is that of the side arrows.

Pymetrics Arrows Game

During the game, you will have to do this 135 times, without stopping or resting for a second!

Digits Memory Game

In the UPS Pymetrics Digits Game, you are asked to memorize as many digits as you can. The digits will flash quickly on your screen, and once finished you will have to recall and type them in the correct order.

In each round, the number of digits will increase by one, which will make it harder and harder to memorize as you progress.

It will be similar to this simulation:

Pymetrics Digits Game

This game is designed to measure another important cognitive ability - short-term memory. Again, like in the arrows game, the higher you score, the better your chances to beat your competition and get the job.

A solving strategy is important to do well in this game. For example, you can practice memorizing by reading out loud the numbers as they flash on your screen. Your memory performs better when you are active and not passive.


To do well in these games and others you have to accumulate as many correct answers as possible, more than your fellow candidates. The only way for you maximize your score is to practice with accurate simulations.


How Hard are the Pymetrics Games?

The UPS Pymetric Assessment games appear simple, but in reality they are hard - especially if you take them unprepared.

For example, one of the main traits UPS is looking for in their package handlers is the ability to stay focused for a long period of time. You handle many packages, and you need to keep your head in the game so you do not make crucial mistakes that will lead to a faulty delivery.

JobTestPrep's preparation is the ONLY available practice that lets you play the games in the exact same way as you will have to do in the real UPS online assessment. At the end of each practice run you will get a full report analyzing your performance, accompanied by solving strategies and tips. You can practice again and again, until your performance has improved significantly.

How to Pass the UPS Pymetrics Assessment Test?

As you might have understood already, the games are not that easy, and are actually challenging and competitive. To get that much-needed edge over your competition your best bet is to practice with accurate and interactive simulations, solving guides, and tips - just what our PrepPack offers.


UPS Package Handler Information

  • UPS package handlers are responsible for sorting and grouping packages according to the destinations, and loading them to the correct delivery vehicles. This is a physical position, which includes lifting, lowering, and sliding a large number of packages in each shift.
  • Each package weighs between 25 and 35 Lb. and can weigh as high as 70 Lb.
  • Shifts can last a few hours, and some of them are also overnight shifts.
  • The pay is hourly and is averaged at around 15$ per hour. In some cases, it can get to 21$ per hour.
  • The position can be part-time, or full-time.
  • Benefits may include a health plan, weekly pay, and money for college in some locations.


For more information and open jobs visit the UPS jobs website.


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