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What Is the SAEE?

The Special Agent Entrance Exam (SAEE) is a paper-and-pencil exam that must be taken in order to become a Secret Service agent. This exam consists of multiple-choice questions and is made up of five separately timed sections. These sections include logic-based reasoning, experience inventory (parts 1 and 2), language usage, and detail observation sections which are described below:

  • Section 1: Logic-Based Reasoning – This section contains 12 passages, each of which describes a set of facts. Each passage is followed by between one and four questions that are conclusions based on the set of facts presented in the passage. There are 30 questions that need to be answered in 40 minutes.
  • Section 2: Experience Inventory, Part 1 – This section contains statements describing situations that applicants may or may not have encountered before. There are 64 questions that need to be answered in 20 minutes.
  • Section 3: Language Usage – This section contains two types of documents: memoranda and summary reports. These documents contain errors, and your task is to identify the errors in grammar, syntax, punctuation, usage, and/or structure. You have 40 minutes to answer 25 questions.
  • Section 4: Experience Inventory, Part 2 – This section contains statements that describe different situations and opinions. You must choose the response option that best reflects the extent to which your past supervisors and/or teachers would agree that the statement describes you. You have 30 minutes to answer 96 questions.
  • Section 5: Detail Observation – In this section, you are presented with a series of photographs. These photographs depict images that may be seen when working as a special agent. After viewing the photographs, you must answer a series of questions unrelated to the photographs. You then need to answer a series of questions about what appeared in the photographs. You are not allowed to view the photographs while answering these questions. This section contains three photographs and three sets of accompanying questions, and it takes approximately 40 minutes to complete.

When practicing in order to pass each of these test sections, our Special Agent Entrance Exam PrepPack™ offers everything you need, with 43 practice tests covering English grammar, logical reasoning, and memory. It also includes two video tutorials. Finally, it features four study guides that offer tips and solving methods.


SAEE Practice Questions


Secret Service Special Agent Exam


The correct answer is A.

There are no spelling mistakes in line H.



All Secret Service Special Agents hired in the last 7 years received foreign language training.
Only Secret Service Special Agents can receive the foreign language training.
Some Secret Service Special Agents have not received the foreign language training.
Herman was hired last year as a Secret Service Special Agent.
Ingrid has received the foreign language training.

Indicate whether the statement is True, False, or if there is Insufficient Information to draw a conclusion.

Secret Service Special Agent Guide


The correct answer is "Insufficient Information to Decide".
According to the fifth statement, Ingrid has received the foreign language training.
According to the second statement, only Secret Service Special Agents can receive the foreign language training.
Since Ingrid has received the foreign language training and only Secret Service Special Agents can receive the foreign language training, Ingrid must be a Secret Service Special Agent.
According to the first statement, all Secret Service Special Agents hired in the last 7 years received foreign language training.
However, no information is provided about whether any Secret Service Special Agents hired more than 7 years ago also received foreign language training.
Therefore, the correct answer is Insufficient Information to Decide.

SAEE Test Tips

Make sure to get a good night’s rest before Eat a good breakfast to give you energy Wear a watch to keep track of the time Arrive at the examination venue with time to spare before your test Make sure to read through the exam instructions well Read the test questions until the end Answer questions, even when in doubt, because you won’t be penalized for wrong answers Don’t focus on one question for too long Make sure to check whether the answer sheet column hasn’t shifted Take a deep breath, stay calm, and concentrate on answering to the best of your ability.

The Secret Service Hiring Process

To become a Secret Service Special Agent, you must undertake a two-phased hiring process. Phase I is referred to as the Competency phase. It consists of six steps:

  1. Job Opportunity Announcements Posted on USAJobs
  2. Qualifications/Resume Review
  3. Written Exam (SAEE)
  4. Applicant Physical Abilities Test (APAT)
  5. Interview
  6. Conditional Job Offer

Phase II is referred to as the Security phase. It consists of five steps:

  1. Security Interview/Credit Checks
  2. Polygraph Exam
  3. Medical Exam/Psychological Exam
  4. Background Investigation
  5. Hiring Panel


What Does the Secret Service Agent Job Position Entail?

An agent protects current and former US presidents, vice presidents, their families, leading candidates for those offices, visiting heads of state, and other high-profile government officials. Secret Service agents also investigate crimes that affect the federal government, such as financial and technological fraud, money laundering, and technical attacks that hack into government systems.

What Are the Benefits of Scoring High on the Secret Service Test?

By scoring high on the exam, you increase your chances of becoming a Secret Service special agent. In addition to federal employee benefits, special agents also receive an annual leave of 13 to 26 days per year, 13 sick days per year, and paid holidays. They also receive low-cost life insurance and retirement benefits.

What Are the Challenges of Getting a High SAEE Passing Score?

The Secret Service employs approximately 3,200 special agents. To become one of these 3,200, you need to succeed on the entrance exam. Only those who excel on the test move on in the hiring process, so it is essential to prepare and do well.

Prepare for the SAEE Exam with JobTestPrep

JobTestPrep's SAEE PrepPack™ helps you to thoroughly and extensively prepare for the exam. By reviewing our Special Agent Entrance Exam study guide, you will gain familiarity with the overall format of three of the test sections. In addition, six different PDF and video study guides can train and hone your skills to help you get the best results. The practice tests included in the pack come with Q&A analysis geared to specifically upgrade subject matter competency and establish a facility with the types of questions presented. This helps to increase both speed and accuracy. 

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