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What is the Hogan Assessment?

The Hogan Assessment (AKA Hogan Leadership Assessment) is the general name of a variety of personality and cognitive ability tests provided by Hogan Assessment Systems. These tests are commonly used by leading organizations to predict future job performance, leadership potential, and how they match organizational culture.

Hogan assessment tests help employers evaluate two types of abilities: cognitive, and personality characteristics. Both cognitive tests and personality inventories are used to predict your potential performance in terms of your strengths, weaknesses, values, problem-solving skills, working style, and attitudes. 

Click on the links below to learn more about each Hogan assessment:

Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) – The most widely used Hogan assessment test that examines how you relate to others and perform when you are at your best.

Hogan Development Survey (HDS) – An additional personality inventory, used to measure character traits that may turn into obstacles in times of stress, such as how you react to negative feedback.  

Hogan Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI) – This Hogan questionnaire measures your core goals, interests, values, and motives for success and is useful to identify if you are a good match with organizational culture.

Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory (HBRI) – A challenging cognitive test used to evaluate your reasoning skills with verbal, logical, numerical, and abstract reasoning questions.

Hogan Judgment Assessment – This Hogan test combines elements found in other Hogan tests to assess the way you make decisions and solve problems.


Other popular personality tests we provide accurate prep for are the Caliper Personality ProfileKorn Ferry Leadership TestPredictive Index (PI), and PI Behavioral Assessment

Hogan Assessments Tutorial Video

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If you're scheduled to take a Hogan Assessment and are wondering what to expect, You can take this free Hogan sample test that we put together in order to demonstrate what it looks and feels like, on a small scale. 

What are the Hogan Assessment Test Types?

Robert Hogan, founder of Hogan Assessments and a groundbreaking psychologist, is best known for his development of the Hogan personality tests HPIHDS, and MVPI. Further down the line, he understood that in order to get a more in-depth understanding of a candidate's abilities an examination of their cognitive abilities is needed - for which the HBRI was developed. 

In this section we will review each one of the Hogan assessments, and answer a sample question to see what it looks like in practice. 


Hogan Personality Inventory HPI 

  • Questions: the Hogan HPI contains 220 questions, and answers are presented on a 4-point Likert scale (From strongly disagree to strongly agree).
  • Time Limit: No time limit, but the exam usually takes about 15-20 minutes to complete.

The Personality Inventory answers the question - Can you do the job?

The HPI measures your day-to-day personality, also known as the bright side. It assesses how you relate to others. Employers use this assessment to determine how well you work with others, whether you lead or follow, and if you will be successful as a leader and as a follower.

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Want to learn more?
Go to our Hogan Personality Inventory Preparation page to get familiar with the HPI scales, important tips, and more Hogan assessment sample questions.

Hogan Development Survey HDS 

  • Questions: The HDS contains 170 questions. Answers are presented on a 4-point Likert scale
  • Time Limit: No time limit, but the exam usually takes about 15-20 minutes to complete.

This Hogan Test answers the question- - What will get in the way?

The Hogan Development Survey measures strengths that turn into weaknesses under stress, also known as “job derailers”. These behavioral tendencies, or dark side personality traits, are traits that greatly affect how you manage relationships and tasks in times of stress.

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Note: Although we do not currently offer Hogan Assessment Practice Tests for the HDS, our Hogan Personality Test preparation includes a study guide to familiarize yourself with this test format– we’ve got you covered! To learn more go to our HDS guide and get familiar with the HDS scales, tips, and Hogan assessment sample questions.


Hogan Motives Values Preferences Inventory MVPI

Questions: The MVPI contains 200 questions. 

Time limit: No time limit, takes approximately 15-20 minutes

This Hogan questionnaire answers two questions:
Will you like the company?
Will you be able to succeed in this work environment?

The Hogan Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory assesses the motives and values that drive your behavior. It measures your values, core goals, drives, and interests so employers learn about what motivates you and in what job, position, and environment you will be most successful.

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Note: We do not currently offer a tailored PrepPack™ for the Hogan MVPI. To learn more about it, go to our MVPI page.


Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory HBRI

  • Questions: The HBRI has 24 multiple-choice questions of three kinds: Verbal & logical reasoning, numerical reasoning, and abstract thinking.
  • Time limit: The HBRI is limited to 30 minutes. Your speed is very important here as the time it takes you to answer each question will be compared to other applicants’ timing.

The Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory (HBRI) is used by employers to assess your reasoning ability, i.e.  your ability to analyze data, come up with solutions, and make effective and detail oriented decisions. On the test, you are presented with complex sets of data in different formats (such as tables, graphs, shapes, number series etc.), and answer questions based on the data.

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HBRI video

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Want to learn more?
Go to our HBRI preparation page to learn what the HBRI measures and how to reach high scores in each section.



  • Questions: Questions are taken from the HPI, HDS, MVPI and HBRI.
  • Time limit: This test has no time limit.

This Hogan Assessment focuses solely on the way you make decisions. It measures both cognitive ability and the personality characteristics that drive decision-making, to evaluate how well can you learn from your mistakes.

Want to learn more?
Go to our Hogan Judgment info page. Although we do not currently offer a tailored practice test for this assessment, learning what abilities this test evaluates is extremely important so that you are aware of what your answers say about you.


How to Pass Hogan Personality Assessment Tests

Many people mistakenly believe that a personality assessment requires no preparation, however, this is a misconception that could prove damaging.

Think of passing your Hogan personality assessment as you would any important test - through accurate practice and meticulous prep, you can make sure you put your best foot forward and let your strengths shine through. 

Free Hogan Assessment Sample Questions

 Check out these Hogan assessment sample questions and answers to get familiar with each test type:


Hogan Personality Inventory HPI Sample Question

I prefer being told what to do than telling others what to do.

Strongly Disagree | Disagree | Agree | Strongly Agree


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Answering ‘disagree/strongly disagree’ here indicates you’re ambitious and energetic, which is great for management and leadership positions.

However, for positions that require working in a team and being more attentive rather than leading, answering agree/strongly agree would be a better fit.


Hogan Development Survey HDS Sample Question

I like taking risks. 

Strongly Disagree | Disagree | Agree | Strongly Agree


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Questions on the HDS are tricky, since a very high score in one trait flags as a “risk” behavior.

Answering ‘disagree/highly disagree here indicates you are likely to be cautious, avoid possible risks and any chance of failing. For certain organizations that are more conservative and steady this tendency may be great. However, this tendency may hold you back if you’re a broker in the stock market, or in any other position that requires taking risks on a daily basis.


Hogan Motives Values Preferences Inventory MVPI Sample Question

The right way to live life is enjoying food, drinks, and fun experiences. 

Agree | Disagree | Undecided

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This question assesses whether you value fun, open-minded, and entertaining work environments, or prefer professional and more formal work environments. To make sure your preference fits the organization you’re applying for, read about the organization, contact people who work there if possible, and try to understand the work environment you’ll be stepping into.



Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory HBRI

Your company recently hired new employees. All the new employees are tech savvy. All the IT personnel in your company are tech savvy. Are all the new employees IT personnel?

Insufficient information 
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

Well done!

The key to this question is in understanding that a sentence that begins with "all", like “all the IT personnel in your company are tech-savvy”, does not translate to the opposite. All IT personnel are tech-savvy, yet not all tech-savvy people are necessarily IT personnel. It is possible that there are tech-savvy people who work in other departments.

If this is the case, then you cannot know if all the new employees are IT personnel, even though they are all tech-savvy. There is a possibility that they are, but at the same time, they can all work in different departments, since, as established, even though they are tech-savvy, they are not necessarily IT personnel.

How to pass the Hogan Assessment Tests

Here are a few tips that will get you ready to take your Hogan Assessment:

  1. Understand Which Qualities Are Required for the Position

    Since the Hogan Assessments are used to predict your ability to succeed on the job to do well on it you should first figure out what these required qualities are.
    You can do this by reading the job description thoroughly and talking to people who already work in the same position.

    To make this information accessible and clear, our full preparation provides Hogan personality assessment feedback for your specific job, describing the traits you’ll be expected to exhibit on the test.
  2. Learn What the Test Measures

    Before taking one of the Hogan assessment tests, read about their scales and relevant sample items. This will help you become aware of what your answers say about you.
    This is provided on each of our Hogan test pages, and in further detail as part of our full prep pack. This includes study guides with explanations and tips about the test scales and related questions.
  3. Take Online Practice Tests

    Take the most precise Hogan Assessment practice tests, so that you’ll be ready to answer any question type you’ll see on the actual test.
  • Personality –Trying Hogan Personality assessment test questions is important to start actively thinking about your strengths, weaknesses, and preferences and to ensure your answers reflect qualities required for you to come out as an ideal candidate!
  • Aptitude/ Cognitive – Taking practice tests for the HBRI is crucial both to familiarize yourself with its unique variety of questions and to improve your ability to solve any question quickly and accurately so that you can outscore other candidates.


With JobTestPrep's accurate all-inclusive Hogan PrepPack, you will gain access to online practice tests for every element of the Hogan assessment, giving you the keys to success. 


Hogan Assessment Results

Each Hogan Assessment test provides the employer with a report of your personality, comprised of the personality traits it measures. On each trait scale, you’ll be scored according to your responses to related questions, whilst being compared to others in the same position. It is important to note that a low score isn’t necessarily “bad” since the scores for each scale indicate different characteristics. To learn more about the Hogan scoring:

View an HPI sample report 

View an HDS sample report 

View an MVPI sample report 

View an HBRI sample report 


Is The Hogan Assessment Hard?

The Hogan Assessment is a complex evaluation, as each of its tests has unique challenges. Passing Hogan tests is hard, mostly because there are no obvious answers to personality questions, and it is difficult to know what’s expected of you.

Can I See My Hogan Assessment Results?

Your employer may choose to either share your Hogan test results with you or simply let you know if you passed to the next level of the hiring process. Since the Hogan test can only be administered by a certified user, your employer would likely receive meaningful feedback about your test results. Therefore, you can always try and ask for that feedback.

Which Employers Use Hogan Assessments?

The Hogan Assessment tests are used in organizations in more than 50 countries to ensure candidates are a good fit to the high standards they require. These organizations may be from different industries, including the financial sector, hospitals, airlines and more. Here are some of the major companies that use Hogan assessments:





Americal Airlines Johnson & Johnson United Airlines

Delta Airlines




In What Languages Is the Hogan Assessment Administered?

Hogan provides assessments around the globe on its online platform. These are available in 43 languages, you can find the full list on this Hogan languages PDF file.

How Long Does the Hogan Assessment Take?

Each of the Hogan Assessment tests takes 15-30 minutes to complete. The Hogan Personality Assessments are not timed, however, the HBRI is timed to 30 minutes.

What Is Hogan Leadership Assessment?

Assessing leadership skills for management and executive positions is one of the main goals of the Hogan Assessment Tests. Both for selecting and developing potential leaders, Hogan offers employers a designated leadership forecast series. The Hogan leadership assessment includes the HPI, HDS, and MVPI, and is mostly meant for executives.

What is the Hogan Raven test?

Raven's Advanced Progressive Matrices (APM-III) is a highly common cognitive assessment that measures the ability to identify shape patterns. The official provider of the Raven Assessment is Pearson PLC, but it can also be provided by Hogan (under license from Pearson Inc.), often combined with other Hogan personality assessments.

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