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Hogan is an assessment company that aims to assess a candidate's personality traits to help employers get a better idea of who their future employees really are.

Hogan currently provides five reports, but has recently released a new one, the Hogan Judgment Report. Additionally, Hogan currently offers four assessments (HPI, HBRI, HDS, and MVPI), but has recently released a new one, the Hogan Judgement Assessment. Although seemingly similar, the Hogan Judgment Report is a result of the Hogan Judgement Assessment.  

The Hogan Judgement Score Report is based on the Hogan Judgement Assessment. The Hogan Judgement Assessment is comprised of the Hogan Judgement Model and other features from different Hogan assessments.

Hogan Judgment Assessment

The Hogan Judgement Assessment is comprised of verbal and numerical reasoning, non-cognitive attribute scales that assesses how an individual approaches decisions, and an assessment that measures a person's post-decision reaction and their response to negative feedback.

To analyze these categories, Hogan uses cognitive ability, bright and dark side personality, and values; all of which are features of other Hogan assessments.

The results of this assessment are then compiled on the Hogan Judgement Report.

What's the Hogan Judgment Model?

The Hogan Judgement Model is incorporated in the Hogan Judgement Assessment. The Hogan Judgment Model compartmentalizes judgement into three specific categories: learning, deciding, and adapting.

  • Learning – Assesses how you prefer to learn, whether it be with words, images, or with numbers and symbols. This category measures how quickly you process complex information and the affect it has on your decision making process.
  • Deciding –Assesses how you make decisions. Our decision-making process is affected by our personalities, amongst many other factors, and can create bias when making decisions.
  • Adapting – Assesses how you react to decisions. When making a good or bad decision, because both are inevitable in life, how will you react? Will you take responsibility and accept the results, or push the blame onto others?

Compartmentalizing these three categories, in this specific way, allows candidates to show employers that more than a high IQ is desirable.It showcases the importance of good judgement and sound reasoning.

Hogan Judgement Report

The Hogan Judgement Report provides a detailed description and report about a candidate's results on the Hogan Judgment Assessment. The report covers a candidate's information-processing methods, decision-making process, reaction(s) to feedback, and coaching. All of these segments have been designed to help candidates improve and/or fix their decision-making and judgement processes.

  • Information Processing Style – Measures verbal and numerical levels. Interprets how candidates process words and numbers and their meanings. This can show whether a person might be a better at communicating versus solving complex analytical problems.
  • Decision-Making Tendencies and Style – Measures threat and reward levels, tactical and strategic levels, and data and intuitive levels. Interprets how a candidate might make their decisions and the reasoning for it. This can explain why a candidate has a bias towards one option over another.
  • Reactions to Feedback – Measures defensive and cool headed levels, denial and acceptance levels, and superficial and genuine levels. Interprets how a candidate deals with emotions, coaching, and change.

Prepare for the Hogan Judgment Assessment

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