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What is the Hogan MVPI?

The purpose of the Hogan MVPI is to give employers a better understanding of what makes you tick and drives you to succeed. In other words, this assessment can tell whether you are a right fit for the role/company, while also predicting your level of job satisfaction and potential for success within the company.


Below you will find a general breakdown of the MVPI, the value dimensions and personality scales it is based upon, and what each of these scales can say about you as an employee:


Test Type: Personality

What it measures: Your inner personality through core values, goals, interests, and motivations for success

Number of questions: 200

Time limit: 15-20 minutes to complete

Below you will find the 10 dimensions Hogan uses to determine your inner personality:


Questions pertaining to this trait evaluate your desire for attention, approval, and praise.


This trait can offer details into your desire for success, accomplishment, status, and control.


These questions show your orientation toward fun, pleasure, and enjoyment.


This trait describes your desire to help others and contribute to the improvement of society.


Questions for this trait give insight into your need for and enjoyment of social interaction.


This trait helps illustrate your need for ritual, rules, ceremony, and respect for history and established customs.


These questions detail your need for stability, safety, and risk minimization.


This trait details your interest in earning money, making investments, and finding business opportunities.


Questions concerning this trait describe your need for self-expression and a concern for the quality and appearance of work products.


This trait reflects your interest in rationality, research, technology, and innovation.


The Hogan MVPI also assesses the following five themes that predict how you will fit into the culture of your future workplace:

  • Lifestyles
  • Beliefs
  • Occupational Preferences
  • Aversions
  • Preferred Associates

The MVPI is given as part of a bundle of Hogan tests. The most common tests given with it are the Hogan HPI, the Hogan HDS, and in technical/business positions the Hogan HBRI. In some cases, usually for leadership and management positions, you might also receive the Hogan Judgment Assessment


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How is the MVPI Scored?

Like many other Hogan assessments, the MVPI is generally scored comparing your results to those of a normative group matching your profession. Normative or “norm” scores show where you fall on the spectrum of desirable traits compared to previous candidates. A percentile score is also given for each trait being evaluated to show whether your score is low, below average, above average, or high compared to others who have previously taken the test. For example:

MVPI scores

Hogan Insight MVPI Sample Score Report
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Practicing for your MVPI helps to familiarize you with the concepts and format of the actual test, thus giving you an advantage over other candidates who have not prepared in advance.

How to Pass the Hogan MVPI

If you wish to pass your MVPI test, you must understand the concepts behind it and how to answer each question according to your profession. Our test development team is currently working on a specialized MVPI-style PrepPack™ to help you achieve just that. Starting with an in-depth study guide detailing each of the 10 personality dimensions used in the MVPI, followed by full-length practice tests and single trait practice, you will have the tools to achieve the results needed to land your dream job.

Get a glimpse of what our MVPI PrepPack will look like by answering our sample Hogan test, which features MVPI-style questions.

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